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The Eorzea Cafe (エオルゼアカフェ, Eoruzea Kafe?) is a Final Fantasy XIV-themed cafe located in Tokyo's Akihabara district.

Modeled after the in-game location, the Carline Canopy, and named after the realm of Eorzea, where the game takes place, the cafe is the result of a collaboration effort between Square Enix and the entertainment company Pasela.

Located on the 2nd floor, the cafe opened on the 31st July, 2014. The cafe's décor includes replicas of items from the game, such as weapons, armor, and moogles, as well as a giant map of the game world. The cafe also has computers where patrons can play the game. The food and drinks served at the cafe are Final Fantasy XIV themed; the menu has 35 articles of food, and 55 articles of drink. Some of the drinks are named and presented after alchemy recipes familiar from the game.

Patrons receive a stamp card for visiting and collect stamps by ordering menu items, with each giving one stamp. Fully filled stamp cards may be exchanged for exclusive Final Fantasy XIV related merchandise, such as coasters.

Menu items[]


Eorzea Café interior

Many of the English names for dishes are misspelled and grammatically incorrect on the official menu. Descriptions have been translated from Japanese. Prices are listed in gil, but valued in Japanese Yen with taxes included.


Monster menu[]
  • "Marinated Orthros ~Genovese style~" (オルトロスノマリネ~ジェノベーゼ風~, Orutorosu no Marine ~Jenobīze fū~?, lit. Marinated Orthros ~Genovese style~) - 730gil
    Orthros, lover of many. Regretfully defeated and then marinated. However, even after being cooked, his mind still continues to be filled with thoughts of his "bro"...*(恋多きオルトロス。無念にも討伐され更にはマリネにされてしまいました。しかし調理されてしまっても彼の頭の中にはいつも”アニキ”が・・・)
  • "Cured hum platter of Eorzea monsters" (エオルゼアモンスターの生ハム盛り合わせ, Eoruzea Monsutā no Nama Hamu Moriawase?, lit. Cured ham platter of Eorzea monsters) - 750gil
    Meats one might imagine include that of the Dodo, Coeurl, Aldgoat, Antelope, and etc... We have attempted to arrange a wide variety of meats on a platter. Adventurers such as yourselves ought to have no trouble figuring out which monsters they belong to?!*(お肉と言えば、ドード-にクアール、アルゴートにアンテロープ等々・・・沢山のお肉を生ハム盛り合わせにしてみました。冒険者の皆さんならどれがどのモンスターのお肉か分かるはず?!)
  • "Sandwich of bagel like Mandragora" (マンドラゴラのベーグルサンド, Mandoragora no Bēguru Sando?, lit. Mandragora Bagel Sandwich) - 480gil
    A Mandragora recreated with a bagel. Please enjoy this dish with some black tea.*(マンドラゴラをベーグルで再現。紅茶とご一緒にお召し上がりください。)
  • "Green Salada of Malboro" (モルボルのグリーンサラダ ~臭い息ソース~, Moruboru no Gurīn Sarada ~Kusai Iki Sōsu~?, lit. Morbol Green Salad ~Bad Breath Sauce~) - 730gil
    If you eat this with the purple bad breath sauce, then perhaps your breath will become as smelly as that of Toxic Tamlyn, the giant morbol you encountered on that Guildhest...?*(紫色の臭い息ソースを混ぜて食べるとあなたもギルドオーダーで遭遇した巨大モルボル、トキシック・タムリンのような臭い息に・・・?)
  • "Deep fride chiken of Dodo" (ドードーの唐揚げ, Dōdō no Karāge?, lit. Deep Fried Dodo) - 630gil
    A deep fried plump Dodo. Add lemon for zest.*(まるまるとしたドードーを唐揚げに。レモンで爽やかに。)
  • "Croquette of bomb style" (自爆~ボムの爆弾コロッケ~, Jibaku ~Bomu no Bakudan Korokke~?, lit. Self-Destruct ~Bomb's Bomb Croquette~) - 730gil
    A recreation of a flaming Bomb. Inside is an ultra spicy piece of camembert cheese!!*(メラメラと燃えるボムを再現。中には激辛のカマンベールチーズが!!)
  • "Honey toast of Demon Wall" (デモンズウォールのハニトー, Demonzu Wōru no Hanitō?, lit. Demon's Wall Honey Toast) - 680gil
    THAT Demon Wall in honey toast form!? Be wary of knockbacks and area attacks and defeat (consume) this Demon Wall before you run out of ground!*(あのデモンズウォールがハニトーに!?吹き飛ばしや範囲攻撃に気を付けつつ、逃げ場が無くなる前にデモンズウォールを討伐(完食)せよ!)
  • "Cake of Colibri" (コリブリのまんまるケーキ, Koriburi no Manmaru Kēki?, lit. Colibri's Round Cake) - 600gil
    A cake made in the pretty pink of the much adored Colibri. Its large, beady eye is made of heavenly, super sweet chocolate. Please enjoy it with this tropical mango gelato.*(みんなが大好きなコリブリの可愛いピンクのケーキ。大きな目は甘~ぃチョコでとろけちゃいます。トロピカルなマンゴージェラートと一緒にどうぞ!)
  • "Parfait of Gold Saucer" (ゴールドソーサーパフェ, Gōrudo Sōsā Pafe?, lit. Gold Saucer Parfait) - 580gil
    The Gold Saucer—a place for all to indulge in transient dreams. This parfait embodies the glamor of it all. Enjoy the many flavors provided by the fruits and sauces!*(全ての人がうたかたの夢を見る所・・・ゴールドソーサー。そのきらびやかな見た目をイメージしたパフェとなっております。フルーツやソースの様々な味をご堪能あれ!)
  • "Squid ink pasta of Spriggan" (スプリガンのイカスミパスタ, Supurigan no Ikasumi Pasuta?, lit. Spriggan Squid Ink Pasta) - 980gil
    The charming, signature piece of rock that they always carry has been replaced by a spicy cut of chicken that has been baked to perfection! You can safely eat it!*(チャームポイントのいつも持ち歩いている岩を見立てているのは、こんがり焼いたスパイシーチキン!安心して食べられます!)
  • "Chocolate parfait of Spriggan" (スプリガンのチョコパフェ, Supurigan no Choko Pafe?, lit. Spriggan Chocolate Parfait) - 630gil
    A Spriggan in the form of an adorable chocolate parfait! The base features spongecake and whipped cream layered like bedrock, reminiscent of places such mines where their kind dwell.*(スプリガンが可愛いチョコパフェに!下部は鉱山等で生息している彼らのイメージに合わせて地層のようにスポンジやホイップが重ねられています。)
Character menu[]
  • "Chocobo's salad ~Jar style~" (チョコボのギサール風ジャーサラダ, Chokobo no Gisāru Fū JāSarada?, lit. Chocobo's Gysahl Style Jar Salad) - 730gil
    A most important companion can be found in your Personal Chocobo! This visually stunning jar salad that features an arrangement of seasonal vegetables was created for those adventurers who wish to sample their Chocobo's favorite treats.*(大切な相棒、マイチョコボ!そんなチョコボの大好物を自分でも食べてみたいという冒険者さんの為にアレンジして季節の野菜使った見た目でも楽しめるジャーサラダニ)
  • "Bagna cauda ~Sylvan style~" (シルフ族の森の地野菜バーニャ・カウダ, Shirufu-zoku no Mori no Jiyasai Bānya Kauda?, lit. Sylvan Forest Indigenous Vegetable Bagna Cauda) - 750gil
    Indigenous Sylvan vegetables, previously rumored to be unappealing, have been transformed by our Eorzea Cafe's special bagna cauda dipping sauce! Now everyone else can enjoy their fabulous produce!*(美味しくないと噂のシルフの野菜が、エオルゼアカフェ特性バーニャカウダディップソーソでおいしく変身!シルフ族以外の皆様でも美味しくいただけるようにしました!)
  • "Nasah's rice ball ~Bomb style~" (ナシュの爆弾おにぎり, Nashu no Bakudan Onigiri?, lit. Nashu's Bomb Rice Ball) - 780gil
    Rice balls wrapped in meat inspired by the bombs that Nashu used in the detective quest series!! Defuse (eat) them before they explode...!*(ナシュが事件屋クエストで使用していた爆弾をイメージした肉巻きおにぎり!!爆発する前に爆弾処理(完食)せよっ・・・!)
  • "Escalope of Gilgamesh" (ギルガメッシュのエスカロップ, Girugamesshu no Esukaroppu?, lit. Gilgamesh's Escalope) - 900gil
    We find a bearer of many weapons in Gilgamesh. This is a dish featuring pork cutlet with demi-glace sauce, and a wide variety of ingredients including bamboo shoots and corn.*(多数の武器を持つギルガメッシュ。カツとデミグラスソース、筍やコーンなど多数の食材を入れた一品です。)
  • "Soup of Haurchefant" (騎士オルシュファンのとてもイイ・・・!鍋, Kishi Orushufan no Totemo Ii...! Nabe?, lit. Knight Haurchefant's very wonderful...! Hot Pot) - 1,580gil
    A recipe treasured by the famous FF14 NPC, Haurchefant of the Silver Sword! After the Seventh Umbral Era, Coerthas was engulfed by blizzards. What became ideal for warming frozen bodies all the way to the core was... yes, hot pot! Having hot pot while surrounded by groups of seasoned adventurers is... fantastic! Simply fantastic!*(FF14名物NPCこと銀剣のオルシュファンの秘蔵レシピ!第七霊災後、吹雪に閉ざされたクルザス。凍えたからだを芯から温めるには・・・、そう鍋!屈強な冒険者と共に囲む鍋・・・イイ!実にイイ!)
  • "Mini pan cake of Mogli" (ミニパンケーキモーグリ, Mini Pankēki Mōguri?, lit. Mini Pancake Moogle) - 680gil
    Pint-sized pancakes perfect for little Moogles. Fun to look at, and to eat, perhaps...*(小さいモーグリにピッタリな小さなパンケーキです。見るのも食べるのも楽しいかも・・・)
  • "Curry rice of Fat chocobo" (でぶチョコボヘッドカレー, Debuchokobo Heddo Kare?, lit. Fat Chocobo's Head Curry) - 850gil
    This is a curry dish inspired by the Fat Chocobo that everyone has come to use as a mount! Please enjoy it while having a staring contest with its lovely!? face.*(皆さんもマウントとして利用しているでぶチョコボをイメージにしたカレーです!その愛らしい!?お顔とにらめっこしながらお召し上がりください。)
  • "Ice creams of triple alliance" (三国同盟アイス, Sankokudōmei Aisu?, lit. Triple Alliance Ice Cream) - 480gil
    This dessert designed to show off characteristics of each nation features: a scoop of salted vanilla ice cream resembling the very Limsa Lominsan-esque Rhotano Sea, ice cream reminiscent of Ul'dah's prized medicinal Mulled Tea, and refreshing chocolate mint ice cream representing the foliage rich Black Shroud.*(リムサ・ロミンサが浮かぶロータノ海をイメージさせる塩バニラアイス、ウルダハの健康茶であるマルドティー風アイス、黒衣森の樹々に抱かれたような爽やかなチョコミントアイスと各国の特色を活かしたデザートです。)
Primals menu[]
  • "Leviathan's cold blue noodle" (水神リヴァイアサンの冷やし大海嘯麺, Suijin Rivaiasan no Hiyashi Daikaishō Men?, lit. Water God Leviathan's Chilled Tsunami Noodles) - 1,080gil
    A dish inspired by the Water God, Leviathan. The blue soup reminiscent of a raging Rhotano Sea, and the rich flavors conjured up by the abundant array of fresh seafood will hit you like a Tsunami!*(水神リヴァイアサンをイメージした一品。荒れ狂うロータノ海をイメージした青いスープと海鮮たっぷりの具が織りなす味が、大海嘯の如く襲いかかる!)
  • "Cremet d Anjou of Shiva ~no-bake cheesecake~" (氷神シヴァのアイシクルインパクトダンジュ, Hyōjin Shiva no Aishikuru Inpakudo Danju?, lit. Ice Goddess Shiva's Icicle Impact D'Anjou) - 650gil
    A dish inspired by Ice Goddess, Shiva's Icicle Impact attack. For some reason, 'that' snowman is nestled in the lone corner of the battlefield (plate) where shelter may be taken...?*(氷神シヴァのアイシクルインパクトをイメージしました。唯一回避できるはずのステージ(お皿)の隅になぜか例の雪だるまが・・・?)
  • "Big hamburger of Titan" (岩神タイタンの大地の怒りバーガー, Iwagami Taitan no Daichi no Ikari Bāgā?, lit. Earth God Titan's Gaia's Wrath Burger) - 900gil
    A burger reminiscent of the imposing Titan, packed to the brim with goodness. Eat it adventurer style by holding it firmly in place before taking a big bite. Place it under the weight!*(重厚なタイタンをイメージした具沢山のバーガー。崩れないよ重みを重ねてプレスして、食らい付くのが冒険者スタイル。過重圧殺!)
  • "Bahamut's fried chees like earth shaker" (バハムートのアースシェイカーフライ, Bahamūto no Āsu Sheikā Furai?, lit. Bahamut's Fried Earthshaker) - 750gil
    This dish inspired by the Earthshaker featuring red curry in a red dish, topped by crispy fried, red hot cheesy jalapenos♪ Careful not to let them sit in the curry for too long!!*(アースシェイカーをイメージし、赤いお皿に赤いカレー、その上にカラッと挙げたピリ辛のハラペーニョチーズフライ♪カレーにからませ過ぎ注意です!!)
  • "Steak of Ifrit with sour spicy sauce" (焔神イフリートの地獄の火炎ステーキ, Enjin Ifurīto no Jigoku no Kaen Sutēki?, lit. Flame God Ifrit's Hellfire Steak) - 1,280gil
    We tried to grill a steak using the flames of hell, but they were much too powerful, and everything became obscured by a cloud of smoke. However, when the smoke cleared, we were greeted by something that was cooked to perfection... Please enjoy it with this tangy, spicy sauce.*(地獄の炎でステーキを焼こうとしたら火力が強すぎて目の前が煙でモクモクに。しかし、煙が晴れるとそこに丁度良い焼き加減のものが・・・少し酸味の効いたスパイシーなソースでお召し上がりください。)
  • "Pizza of Ifrit with hot sauce" (極イフリートの光輝の炎柱ピザ, Goku Ifurīto no Kōki no Hobashira?, lit. Ifrit Extreme's Radiant Plume Pizza) - 1,080gil
    A pizza loaded with salami to symbolize Flame God, Ifrit's Radiant Plume. Drizzle on our ultra spicy sauce to your liking!*(焔神イフリートが放つ光輝の炎柱をイメージしたサラミが、ふんだんに盛りつけられたピザ。お好みで激辛ソースをどうぞ!)
Job class menu[]
  • "Eggs benediction" (エッグベネディクション, Eggu Benedikushon?, lit. Eggs Benediction) - 800gil
    A cast of Benediction dished out by our trusty purveyors of healing, the White Mages!... No, not really, but we're sure this refreshing, easy-to-eat Eggs Benediction will serve to fully recover your HP!!*(ヒーラー御用達の白魔道士のベネディクション!・・・ではないけれど、さっと食べて元気の出るこのエッグベネディクションでHP全回復です!)
  • "Dragoon's pasta ~Sakura style~" (桜花狂咲 ~フィールドに舞う桜~, Ōka Kyōshō ~Fīrudo ni Mau Sakura?, lit. Cherry Blossom Lunatic Blooms ~Sakura Petals Dancing in the Field~) - 980gil
    A plate of pasta inspired by the flashes of pink in fields of green left by the "Dragoon's" Cherry Blossom ability. A Dragoon's spear has been thrust into this mix of fresh spinach pasta, cherry blossoms, and sakura shrimp!*(緑のフィールドにピンクの閃光が光る「竜騎士」の桜花をイメージしたパスタです。ホウレンソウの生パスタに桜、桜海老を散らし竜騎士の槍が刺さっています!)
  • "Fish and chips of Mahi-mahi" (マヒマヒのフィッシュ&チップス ~3種のアタッチメントソース~, Mahimahi no Fisshu & Chippusu ~San shu no Atacchimento Sōsu~?, lit. Mahi-mahi Fish & Chips ~Three Types of Attached Sauces~) - 680gil
    Instead of pan frying this freshly caught mahi-mahi, we have elected to do this fish & chips style! A dish for you to enjoy with 3 varieties of sauces carefully selected by the Eorzea Cafe.*(釣り上げてすぐの新鮮なマヒマヒをつかって、揚げ焼きではなくフィッシュ&チップスに挑戦してみました!エオルゼアカフェで厳選した3種のソースでお召し上がりください。)
  • "Sausages platter of Gladiator" (剣術士のソーセージ盛りソード&オニオンシールド, Kenjutsushi no Sōsēji Mori Sōdo & Onion Shīrudo?, lit. Gladiator's Sword & Onion Shield Sausage Platter) - 850gil
    Gladiators fight by drawing attention to themselves. Defend yourself with your onion shield and slice up those sausages!!*(魅せる戦いが求められる剣術士。オニオンシールドを盾に、ソーセージを切り刻め!!)
  • "Roast beef of monsters ~hunted by Marauder~" (斧術士の仕留めたモンスターのローストビーフ, Fujutsuhi ga Shitometa Monsutā no Rōsuto Bīfu?, lit. Roast Beef Made from Monsters Defeated by a Marauder) - 680gil
    Wild beasts hunted by the rock-shattering Marauder done roast beef style. Lather up your opponents in bloodbath sauce and smite them down!*(岩をも砕く斧術士が仕留めた野獣をローストビーフに仕上げました。ブラッドバスソースに浴びせて、敵を打ち倒しましょう!)
  • "Ratatouille" (ラタトゥイユ, Ratatuiyu?, lit. Ratatouille) - 580gil
    An assortment of vegetables cut into large slices and stewed. A must-see dish for Gatherers hoping to harvest in Akihabara.*(数種類の野菜を大きめサイズで煮込みました。秋葉原で収穫を狙うギャザラー必見の料理です。)
  • "Hot stone soup" (ストーンスープ, Sutōn Sūpu?, lit. Stone Soup) - 480gil
    Piping hot soup in a scorching stone bowl. Careful not to get scalded as a result of the resolve this dish evokes within you.*(灼熱の焼石を入れた熱々のスープ。湧き上がる闘志に火傷ご注意です。)
  • "Mashed popoto" (マッシュポポト, Mashu Popoto?, lit. Mashed Popoto) - 530gil
    While it is made to look like a popoto, this is actually cheese! Enjoy this rich cheese with with crackers.*(ポポトとみせかけて実はチーズ!濃厚なチーズをクラッカーと共に。)
  • "La Noscea toast with La Noscea's orange sauce" (ラノシアトースト ~ラノシアオレンジソース~, Ranoshia Tōsuto ~Ranoshia Orenji Sōsu?) - 480gil
    A menu item from The Drowning Dolphin. Accompanied by prized La Noscean Oranges grown under the rays of the Summerford sun.*(溺れた海豚亭メニューが登場。サマーフォードの日射しが育んだ、ラノシア名産のオレンジを添えて。)
Special menu[]
  • "Rhitahtyn sas Arvina Special" (極(食)リットアティン完食戦, Goku (Shoku) Rittoatin Kanshokusen?, lit. Rhitahtyn Extreme (Meal) Eatathon) - 3,000gil
    A dish made both in consideration of those looking to enjoy a large feast together with others and as an answer to adventurers disappointed that there wasn't an extreme version of 'that' boss they laid to waste. We believe there is enough here to send a group of unwary adventurers home saying "Ugh...".*(大人数で食べられる大皿料理があれば楽しいなというのと冒険者に蹂躙されるあの人の極こなかったなーという二つを混ぜたこの1品。ナメてかかった冒険者一行が「うわあ・・・」となるようなボリュームを目指しました。)

    Note: This dish has no official English name and is only available to order at 7:00pm.



Non-Final Fantasy themed drinks, including soft drinks, cocktails, and other alcoholic beverages are also available at the establishment.

Primals menu[]
  • "Drink of Odin" (闘神 オーディン, Tōshin Ōdin?, lit. War God Odin) [Alcoholic] - 750gil
    A drink created in the image of the Black Shoud's wandering ancient primal, "Odin". A potent alcoholic drink complete with Zantetsuken.

    [Blavod Vodka + Grape Syrup + Tonic]*(黒衣森を彷徨う古の蛮神「オーディン」をイメージした一品。斬鉄剣を添え、一刀両断級のアルコール・ドリンクに仕上げました。

  • "Drink of Ifrit" (焔神イフリート, Enjin Ifurīto?, lit. Flame God Ifrit) [Alcoholic] - 750gil
    A drink portraying the scorching flames emanated by Ifrit. The added raspberry sauce depicts the flickering of the flames.

    [Raspberry Sauce + Lychee Liqueur + Blood Orange Juice]*(イフリートの放つ灼熱をイメージしたドリンク。炎の揺らめきを中のラズベリーソースで再現!

  • "Drink of Shiva" (氷神 シヴァ, Hyōjin Shiva?, lit. Ice God Shiva) [Non-Alcoholic] - 650gil
    A drink resembling the freezing cold ice primal. The stirrers are topped off with Shiva's tears...

    [Passion Fruit Collagen + Chardonnay Concentrate + Water + Blue Curacao (float)]*(凍てつく氷の蛮神を模したドリンク。マドラーにはシヴァの涙が・・・。【コラーゲンパッション+シャルドネコンク+水+ブルーキュラソー(フロート)】)

  • "Drink of Ramuh" (雷神 ラムウ, Raijin Ramū?, lit. Thunder God Ramuh) [Alcoholic] - 750gil
    Collect the lightning balls inside the drink and brace for Shock Strike!

    [Lejay Cassis + Grapefruit Juice + Ginger Ale]*(ドリンクの中の雷球を求めて、ショックストライクに備えよ!

  • "Tropical non-alcoholic cocktail of good King Moggle Mog XII" (善王モグル・モグXII世のトロピカルパイン討伐戦, Zen'ō Moguru Mogu Jūni-se no Toropikaru Pain Toubatsusen?, lit. Good King Moggle Mog XII's Tropical Pineapple Battle) [Non-Alcoholic] - 1,280gil
    A drink created in the image of King Moggle Mog XII featuring a whole pineapple! Perhaps his vassals are lurking within!?

    [Pineapple + Colorful Tapioca + Fruit Cocktail + Mango Juice + Guava Juice]*(パインアップルを丸ごと使って善王モグルーモグXII世をイメージ!家臣のモーグリたちが中に潜んでいるかも!?

  • "Drink of Bahamut" (龍神 バハムート, Ryūjin Bahmūto?, lit. Dragon God Bahamut) [Alcoholic] - 750gil
    A representation of the ability "Akh Morn", meaning "Circle of Death" in the language of dragons. Possibly traumatic for tanks and healers!?

    [Lemon Syrup + Black Pineapple Liqueur + Soda]*(ドラゴン族の言葉で「死の輪」を意味する技「アク・モーン」を再現。タンクとヒーラーにはトラウマのドリンク!?

  • "Drink of Leviathan" (水神 リヴァイアサン, Suijin Rivaiasan?, lit. Water God Leviathan) [Non-Alcoholic] - 650gil
    A carbonated drink with Water God "Leviathan" in mind! The edge of the glass is made to look like a Tidal Wave.

    [Blue Raspberry Syrup + Soda + Grapefruit Juice + Lychee Syrup]*(水神「リヴァイアサン」をイメージした炭酸ドリンク!グラスのふちはタイダルウェイブをイメージしました。

  • "Drink of Garuda" (嵐神 ガルーダ, Ranjin Garūda?, lit. Storm God Garuda) [Alcoholic] - 750gil
    A Japanese-style cocktail for Storm God "Garuda" called forth by the Ixali. Mixing the drink with a stir stick conjures up a storm in your glass!

    [Yoshinogawa Sake + Umeshu + Lemon Concentrate + Gomme Syrup + Tonic + Shiso Leaf]*(イクサル族が呼び降ろした嵐神「ガルーダ」の和カクテル。マドラーで混ぜると、ガラスの中で嵐が吹き荒れる!

  • "Drink of Titan" (岩神 タイタン, Ganshin Taitan?, lit. Earth God Titan) [Non-Alcoholic] - 650gil
    Chunks of caramel ice represent Titan's hulking crag-like form. May you be at peace, like the mild-mannered Titan, as you partake in this beverage.

    [Caramel Syrup + Coffee + Milk + Caramel Ice]*(ゴロゴロした岩のような体をキャラメルアイスで再現!温厚なタイタンのように、この一杯で安らぎを。

Job menu[]
  • "Frash of Knight" (ナイト”フラッシュ”, Naito "Frasshu"?, lit. Knight "Flash") [Non-Alcoholic] - 650gil
    A Paladin leads his party in battle! Grab hold of the enemy's attention with Flash and protect your allies!

    [Pear Syrup + Apple Juice + Water]*(パーティの先頭に立って戦うナイト!仲間を守るため、フラッシュで敵視を集めろ!

  • "War cry of Warrior" (戦士”ウォークライ”, Senshi "Wōkurai"?, lit. Warrior "Warcry") [Alcoholic] - 750gil
    A wine cocktail designed with the ferocious and robust Warrior in mind! Conceal your wrath and unleash powerful attacks!

    [Gomme Syrup + Red Bear Energy Drink + Red Wine + Soda]*(猛々しく屈強な戦士をイメージしたワインガクテル。ラースを潜めて大技を放て!

  • "Doton of Ninja" (忍者”土遁の術”, Ninja "Doton no Jutsu"?, lit. Ninja "Doton") [Non-Alcoholic] - 650gil
    A drink symbolizing the Ninjutsu comprised of three earthen Mudras. Perfect for those long, draining battles.

    [Blueberry Syrup + Collagen Jelly + Cola]*(地の三つ印を組み合わせた忍術をドリンクで表現しました。じわじわと体力を奪う長期戦にもってこいの術!

  • "Dragon dive of Dragoon" (竜騎士 ”ドラゴンダイブ”, Ryūkishi "Doragon Daibu"?, lit. Dragoon "Dragon Dive") [Non-Alcoholic] - 650gil
    The Dragoon... defeater of dragons, in the form of a vibrant, purple energy drink! No more calling him a "loldrg".

    [Energy Concentrate + Grape Syrup + Soda]*(竜を屠る者・・・竜騎士を鮮やかな紫色のエナジードリンクで再現!もう「リューサン」とは呼ばせません。

  • "Strawberry milk of White Mage" (白魔道士のストロベリーホイップミルク, Shiromadōshi no Sutoroberī Hoippu Miruku?, lit. White Mage's Strawberry Milk) [Non-Alcoholic] - 650gil
    A drink created with the White Mage garb in mind. The strawberry topping represent the sleeves, and is meant to look cute.

    [Strawberry Syrup + Milk + Whipped Cream + Strawberry Sauce]*(白魔道士の衣装をイメージしたドリンク。ストロベリーで袖部分を表現して、見た目もかわいい感じに。

  • "Cure of White mage" (白魔道士”ケアル”, Shiromadōshi "Kearu"?, lit. White Mage "Cure") [Alcoholic] - 800gil
    Let the White Mage, healer of her allies, cast Cure upon an adventurer such as yourself, too! You'll feel power welling up within you in no time.

    [Yogurito + Red Bull (on the side)]*(仲間を癒す白魔道士が冒険者のあなたにもケアルを!たちまちパワーがみなぎります。

  • "Drink of Summoner" (召喚士”サモン”, Summoner "Summon"?) [Alcoholic] - 750gil
    The Summoner harnesses the power of the primals in the form of "Egis". When you place your glass on the magic glyph coaster...!? Don't forget to order something to your liking from the primal menu!

    [Chardonnay Concentrate + White Whine + Soda]*(蛮神の力を我が物にし「エギ」として使役する召喚士。グラスを魔方陣を置くと・・・!?蛮神メニューのセミオーダーも忘れずに。

  • "Drink of Black mage" (黒魔道士”フレア”, Kuromadōshi "Furea"?, lit. Black Mage "Flare") [Alcoholic] - 700gil
    The Black Mage's ultimate spell! We recreated the flaming Flare spell using purple ice. Careful not to pull hate off the tank when nuking groups of monsters!

    [Grape Syrup + Red Bear Energy Drink + Water + Kyoho Grape Ice]*(黒魔道士、最大の魔法!紫の氷で燃えるフレアを再現しました。まとめ狩りの時はタンクのヘイトに注意!

  • "Drink of Monk" (モンク”疾風迅雷”, Monku Shippu Jinrai?, lit. Monk "Lightning Speed") [Non-Alcoholic] - 650gil
    When you think of a Monk, you think Greased Lightning! The colors of the three layers—red, yellow, and blue—represent Fists of Fire, Earth and Wind.

    [Grenadine + Pineapple Juice + Soda + Blue Curacao (float)]*(モンクと言えば疾風迅雷!赤・黄・青の3層の色は紅蓮、金剛、疾風の構えです。

  • "Drink of Bard" (吟遊詩人“賢人のバラード”, Ginyū Shijin "Kenjin no Barādo"?, lit. Bard "Sage's Ballad") [Non-Alcoholic] - 650gil
    "The drink version of "Mage's Ballad", the ability used to restore your allies' mana. Highly recommended for parties with many mages!

    [Peach Collagen + Milk]*(仲間の魔力を回復する「賢人のバラード」をドリンクで再現。ソーサラーの多いパーティに是非オススメです!
    【コラーゲン もも+牛乳】)

  • "Drink of Scholar" (学者”生命活性法”, [missing rōmaji]?, lit. Scholar "Life-Force Renewal Method") [Non-Alcoholic] - 650gil
    A refreshing lime drink recreating the Scholar's special instantaneous health recovery ability. Keep an eye on your remaining Aetherflow charges.

    [Green Mint Syrup + Gomme Syrup + Lime Juice + Soda + Mint Leaf]*(ミント香るさわやかなドリンクで、体力を瞬時に回復する学者の秘技を再現しました。エーテルフローの残量には注意です。

Character menu[]
  • "Toast drink of Dutiful Sisters of the Edelweiss" (エーデルワイス商会の乾杯エール, Ēderuwaisu Shōkai no Kanpai Ēru?, lit. Edelweiss Company's Toasting Ale) [Alcoholic] - 700gil
    This tastes somewhat different from your typical ale!? Fancy trying this ale favored by the thieves of the Dutiful Sisters of the Edelweiss?

    [Lemon Syrup + Soda + beer]*(普通のエールとは一味違う!?エーデルワイス商会のシーフ達が好んで飲むエールをアナタもいかが?

  • "The Scions of the Seventh Dawn" (暁の血盟, Akatsuki no Ketsumei?, lit. Blood Oath of the Dawn) [Alcoholic/Non-Alcoholic] - 700gil
    The "Scions of the Seventh Dawn", a group that adventurers often cross paths with on their travels. The "dawn" is represented by a tequila "sunrise". The password is "wild rose".

    [Grenadine + Tequila + Orange Juice]*(冒険者の度に大きく関わる「暁の血盟」。「暁」にちなんでテキーラ”サンライス”です。合言葉は「のばら」。

  • "Happiness of Gegeruju" (ゲゲルジュの至福, Gegeruju no Shifuku?, lit. Gegeruju's Bliss) [Alcoholic] - 750gil
    The coconut-based cocktail favored by the Gegeruju, the NPC from Costa del Sol. A truly perfect tropical blend befitting of the region!

    [Grenadine + Mailbu Rum + Mango Juice]*(コスタ・デル・ソルのNPC・ゲゲルジュが好きなココナッツベースのカクテル。その地にぴったりなトロピカルな味わい!

  • "Drink of Hildi brand" (事件屋ヒルディブランド, Jiken'ya Hirudiburando?, lit. Detective Hildibrand) [Alcoholic] - 750gil
    A mature, dark cocktail inspired by THAT detective. Complete with his trademark, a single rose.

    [Blueberry Syrup + Blavod Vodka + Ginger Ale]*(あの!事件屋をイメージした大人な黒いカクテル。トレードマークである、一輪の薔薇を添えました。

  • "Drink of Materia IV" (禁断のマテリガ〜錬精薬漬け〜, Kindan Materiaga ~Renseiyakudzuke~?, lit. Forbidden Materiga ~With Spiritbond Potion~) [Alcoholic] - 750gil
    A drink created with materias and spiritbonding in mind. This is a forbidden meld so there are 5 Materia IV's inside.

    [Umeshu + Lime Concentrate + Soda]*(マテリア錬精をイメージしたドリンク。禁断なので、マテリアが5個入りです。

  • "Gridanian berry drink" (グリダニアン・ベリー, Guridanian Berī?, lit. Gridanian Berry) [Alcoholic/Non-Alcoholic] - 750gil
    This drink's smooth sweetness and adorable appearance has made it a huge hit amongst ladies from across all of Eorzea! A must-try item from the Carline Canopy tavern! Lately, it seems to have gained popularity amongst professional crafters weary from the day's work—they claim that the tangy fruit juices are most effective for alleviating fatigue...

    [Framboise Liqueur + Cranberry Juice + Soda]*(甘くて飲みやすく、キュートな見た目も相まってエオルゼア全土の女の子に大人気!カーラインカフェ一押しのメニューです!最近はその果汁の甘酸っぽさが疲労回復にも最適!と、仕事終わりのプロクラフターの間でも流行っているらしい・・・

  • "Limsa Lominsa Cooler" (リムサ・ロミンサ・クーラー, Rimusa Rominsa Kūrā?, lit. Limsa Lominsa Cooler) [Alcoholic/Non-Alcoholic] - 750gil
    A sweet orange taste and refreshing fizziness give this drink its appeal. This beverage is popular amongst visitors of Limsa Lominsa.

    [Blue Curacao + Cointreau + Tonic]*(オレンジの甘さと炭酸のスッキリ感がポイント。リムサ・ロミンサに訪れる観光客の間で人気の一品。

  • "Ul'dah private iced tea" (ウルダハ・プライベートアイスティー, Urudaha Puraibēto Aisutī?, lit. Ul'Dah Private Iced Tea) [Alcoholic/Non-Alcoholic] - 750gil
    A cool drink perfect for the Ul'dahn heat! While this is a cocktail of the common folk, it seems that even high-class ladies order the beverage in secret.

    [Tiffin Tea Liqueur + Lemon Juice + Soda]*(熱いウルダハにピッタリの冷たいドリンク!庶民的なカクテルですが、上流階級のご婦人もこっそり飲みにくるらしい。

  • "Drink of the Ultimate weapon" (アルテマウェポンの究極幻想カクテル, Arutema Wepon no Kyūkyoku Gensō Kakuteru?, lit. Ultima Weapon's Ultimate Illusion Cocktail) [Alcoholic] - 750gil
    A cocktail version of the ultimate enemy, Ultima Weapon. Mixing the vibrant red and blue produces an ominous color...!

    [Grenadine + Bols Blue + Parfait d'Amour + Soda]*(最強の敵、アルテマウェポンをイメージしたカクテル。鮮やかな赤と青が混ざると禍々しい色に・・・!

  • "Drink of Catoblepas" (カトブレパスの石化ドリンク, Katoburepasu no Sekka Dorinku?, lit. Catoblepas' Petrified Drink) [Alcoholic] - 750gil
    A cocktail created to represent the Catoblepas, a petrifier of many adventurers. Is that an already petrified piece of ice in there?!

    [Plum Wine + Soda]*(数々の冒険者を石に変えてきたカトブレパスをイメージしたカクテル。中には既に石化してしまった氷が?!

  • "Drink of Buscarron's Druthers" (俺たちのバスカロンドラザーズ!, Oretachi no Basukaron Dorazāzu!?, lit. Our Buscarron's Druthers!) [Alcohol] - 700gil
    A shandygaff that ruffians who gather at the Buscarron's Druthers would chug from their mugs.

    [Ginger Ale + Beer + Frozen Beer Foam]*(酒房バスカロンドラザーズに集まる荒くれ者達がジョッキで飲んでいそうなイメージのシャンディガフです。

  • "Casis Sabotender" (カシス・サボテンダー, Kashisu Sabotendā?, lit. Sabotender Cassis) [Alcoholic] - 700gil
    A recreation of the cocktail from the Gold Saucer's Entrance Square!

    [Crème de Cassis + Guava]*(ゴールドソーサーのエントランススクウェアにて登場するカクテルを再現!

  • "Bloody cocktail of Edda" (エッダちゃんのブラッディーカクテル, Edda-chan no Buraddī Kakuteru?, lit. Edda-chan's Bloody Cocktail) [Non-Alcoholic] - 650gil
    The woman you reunited with in the Tam-Tara Deepcroft had been driven to madness... On top of this dark red drink sits a "certain someone's" skull.

    [Framboise Sauce + Cherry Syrup + Blood Orange Juice]*(タムタラの墓所で再開した彼女は、狂気に満ちていました・・・。血を表した赤黒いドリンクには”誰か”のドクロが浮かんでいます。

  • "Chocobo's fruit milk" (チョコボのフルーツミルク, Chokobo no Furūtsu Miruku?, lit. Chocobo's Fruit Milk) [Non-Alcoholic] - 650gil
    Spread your wings and run! Fly! Then, drink this fruity, nutrition-filled beverage, and try competing in a Chocobo race!

    [Fruit Cocktail + Mango Juice + Milk]*(羽を広げ、走る!飛ぶ!フルーツ入りの栄養豊富なドリンクを飲んで、チョコボレースに挑もう!

  • "Juice of Sabotender" (サボテンダーの果肉ジュース, Sabotendā no Kaniku Jūsu?, lit. Sabotender's Pulpy Juice) [Non-Alcoholic] - 650gil
    A tropical drink created in the image of an iconic FF character, the Cactuar. We've even included its most charming(?) characteristic, the needles.

    [Blue Curacao + Banana Collagen + Pineapple Juice + Orange Juice]*(FF名物サボテンダーをイメージしたトロピカルドリンク。チャームポイント(?)のトゲもしっかり再現!

  • "Special medicine tea of Tataru" (タタル特性薬茶, Tataru no Tokusei Yakucha?, lit. Tataru's Special Medicinal Tea) [Non-Alcoholic] - 550gil
    The specialty medicinal tea brewed by the Scions of the Seventh Dawn's talented receptionist, Tataru, reproduced in the form of a herbal tea. Sure to soothe the hearts of tired adventurers.

    [White Orchard (herbal tea)]*(暁の血盟の有能なる受付、タタルさん特性の薬茶がハーブティーとして登場。お疲れの冒険者の心を癒やします。

  • "Hair grow drink" (フサフサトニック, Fusafusa Tonikku?, lit. Tufty Tonic) [Non-Alcoholic] - 650gil
    The mysterious tonic created by the Eastern Thanalan NPC, Helmhart, using ingredients such as blood of Phurbles. He hasn't grown any hair yet, so it's not actually going to give you any hair.

    [Grenadine + Guava Juice + Tonic]*(東ザナラーンのNPC・ヘルムハートさんが、ファーブルの血液などで作った謎のトニック。彼にいまだに毛が生えていないので、本当に毛が生えてくることはありません。

Alchemist menu[]

(錬金術士のクラフトレシピ, Renkinjutsushi no Kurafuto Reshipi?, lit. Alchemist's Crafting Recipe) 

  • "Elixir" (エリクサー, Erikusā?, lit. Elixir) [Non-Alcoholic] - 650gil
    A potion that restores health and mana! Use in case of emergency!

    [Peach Juice + Grenadine + Grapefruit Juice]*(体力と魔力を回復させる水薬!ここぞというときに使いましょう!

  • "Hi-elixir" (ハイエリクサー, Hai Erikusā?, lit. Hi-Elixir) [Non-Alcoholic] - 650gil
    A superior elixir. Use it to turn the tables!?

    [Blue Raspberry + Collagen + Tonic]*(上位エリクサー。これを使って逆転!?

  • "Eter" (エーテル, Ēteru?, lit. Ether) [Alcoholic] - 750gil
    An effective mana restoration potion.

    [White Sangria + Banana Collagen + Grapefruit Juice + Sliced Lemon + Kiwi]*(魔力回復の効能がある水薬。

  • "Ex-eter" (エクスエーテル, Ekusu Ēteru?, lit. X-Ether) [Alcoholic] - 750gil
    A mana recovery potion and the high-grade version of the ether! Use this to prepare for battle!

    [Red Sangria + Blood Orange + Sliced Strawberry + Sliced Orange + Sliced Lemon]*(魔力回復の水薬、エーテルの上位品!これで戦いに備えましょう!

  • "Potion" (ポーション, Pōshon?, lit. Potion) [Non-Alcoholic] - 600gil
    An effective health restoration potion. Recovers 32% of your health!

    [Blue Curacao + Lemon + Orange Juice + Soda]*(体力回復の効能がある水薬。体力を32%回復!

  • "Ex-potion" (エクスポーション, Ekusu Pōshon?, lit. X-Potion) [Non-Alcoholic] - 600gil
    A superior potion. Please treat your injuries with this.

    [Peach Collagen + Apple Juice + Soda]*(ポーションの上位品。これで傷ついた体を癒してください。



Behind the scenes[]

The cafe is open between 11:30 to 22:00 and customers are invited to dine during four time intervals: 11:30-13:30, 14:00-16:00, 16:30-18:30 and 19:00-22:00. Due to limited space, patrons may have to book in advance to gain entrance into the cafe. The restaurant's Twitter account announces daily seat availability.

Square Enix has prior experience with Final Fantasy-themed catering from their Cafe Artnia, located outside the official Square Enix building in Tokyo, that sells food and cocktails and other goods such as merchandise.

The cafe occasionally pops up temporarily for events in other parts of Japan, such as Osaka and Yokohama.

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