FFXI wiki iconFFXIII wiki icon Enwater (エンウォータ, Enwōta?) is a recurring status effect. Units under the Enwater status will gain a set amount of additional Water-elemental damage, or the elemental status to their physical attacks. Usually, the only ability that imparts this status is the Enwater ability.


Final Fantasy XIEdit

Enwater grants a character's auto-attack additional Water-elemental damage on hit.

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit


The Enwater status is represented by the character's weapon glowing blue. It is only able to be inflicted with the Enwater ability. It adds the water attribute to the target's Commando, Ravager, Sentinel, or Saboteur attacks.

Ravager party members with En-Spell will do additional damage to all enemies within a short radius, similar to Blitz, Watera, etc, when they perform the corresponding element of Strike.
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