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FFD Enwater

Enwater in Final Fantasy Dimensions.

Enwater (エンウォータ, Enwōta?) is a recurring spell in the series. It usually gives the Enwater status, either adding a set amount of additional Water-elemental damage, or the elemental status, to a target's attack.


Final Fantasy XIEdit

MP 12
Effect Adds Water damage after melee attacks.
Duration 3 minutes
Casting Time 3 seconds
Recast Time 10 seconds
Magic Type Enhancing Magic
Element Water
Jobs RDM 27

Enwater is an Enhancing Magic white magic spell. When under the effect of Enwater, the user will deal slight Water magic damage following each melee attack. Ordinary melee attacks cannot have a specific element, and Enspells do not change this.

For example, a player attacks the Eft for 30 damage, the Eft takes 12 additional water damage.

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

Add water attribute to target's COM, RAV, SEN, or SAB attacks.


Enwater is a spell available to the Synergist role, accessible by Sazh (stage 4), Lightning (stage 7), and Hope (stage 7).

It adds the Water elemental property to physical attacks, and is thus particularly valuable against enemies that are weak to the element but strong against magical attacks.

Cast on Commandos, who get a bonus to physical damage, it is superior to the Aquastrike used by Ravagers, if the time taken to cast it does not outweigh that consideration, such as in short battles.

Ravager party members with En-Spells will do additional damage to all enemies within a short radius, similar to Blitz, Watera, etc, when they perform the corresponding element of Strike.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

Enwater is available to monsters—specifically, Sahagin—but not to players at present. It gives the target additional water-element damage on their physical attacks.

Final Fantasy DimensionsEdit

Enchants all allies' attacks with the power of water.


Enwater is the level 14 ability of the Magus class, requiring 340 AP to learn. At the cost of 18 MP, the user will make the party's physical attacks Water-elemental.

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

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World of Final FantasyEdit

Enhanced Water is a passive ability that raises water ability damage. It can be used by Cenchos, Elasmos, Lann (Tidus's Champion Jewel), Leviathan, Leviathan★, Sea Snake, Sea Worm, and Ultros★.


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