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Enuo is a secret boss in the Advance and the now defunct mobile and Steam versions of Final Fantasy V. He is fought at the end of the Sealed Temple, in the farthest reaches of the Lethe Court area. Defeating him awards the Necromancer job.

Defeating Enuo in the now defunct mobile/Steam version earns the "The Void" achievement.







The battle has two parts. Enuo's first form has three parts: the LHand and RHand use a separate AI script from the main part, and only the main part can be targeted. Enuo's hidden parts effectively allow him to pseudo-triplecast spells. While the hidden targets can still be damaged with attacks that hit random targets, each part shares the same 60,000 HP. The second part of the battle is another 60,000 HP, albeit only with one target.

The first form is vulnerable to Slow and Stop, but with his high Magic Evasion (120%), neither Slow nor Stop spells will ever hit. Slow Cannon from the Cannoneer's !Combine skillset works, as does Deep Freeze's Stop effect if the Necromancer class or !Dark Arts Lv2 have been hacked into the game, though neither will last long due to Enuo's Heavy type.

Upon losing 60,000 HP, Enuo will switch to his second form, losing the hidden arms and Stop and Slow vulnerabilities. Enuo gains inherent Protect and Shell. This is accompanied with the text "The power of the Void is increasing!"

Enuo's Dimension Zero will likely kill whoever it hits, as it ignores Defense. If the victim survives, the Sap status is added to them.


It is best to use single-target attacks, such as Holy, Flare, or even regular attacks if the player has the strongest weapons, such as Apocalypse, Murakumo, or Ultima Weapon if Neo Shinryu has already been defeated. Damage can be boosted with using "Dragon Power" mix on the attacker.

The background changing color foreshadows Enuo casting the dreadful spells Meltdown or Deep Freeze. While these attacks cannot be reflected, damage can still be avoided with the Reflect effect.

After losing enough HP, Enuo loses his untargetable arms. This is the perfect time to use Flare Spellblade along with Rapid Fire.



エヌオー (Enu Ō?) is the transliteration of the English letters "N" and "O" into Japanese.

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