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A player character attacking under the effect of Enthunder in Final Fantasy XI.

Enthunder (エンサンダー, Ensandā?) is a recurring status effect. Generally granted by the Enthunder ability, this buff either causes the affected character's physical attacks to deal Lightning-elemental damage, or adds a set amount of additional Lightning damage to those attacks.


Final Fantasy XI[]

The Enthunder status grants a character's auto-attack additional Lightning-elemental damage on hit.

Final Fantasy XIII[]

The Enthunder status is represented by the affected character's weapon glowing purple and emitting visible threads of lightning. It is only able to be inflicted by the Enthunder ability. It adds the lightning attribute to the target's Commando, Ravager, Sentinel, or Saboteur attacks.

Lightning-elemental Ravager abilities under Enthunder will deal x1.3 damage. When using Sparkstrike, the animation for Thundara will display.

Attacks unaffected by Enthunder include Full ATB skills (aside from Death), most Eidolon abilities, and some special attacks like Smite. 

Final Fantasy XIII-2[]

Enthunder functions similarly to Final Fantasy XIII.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII[]

Enthunder is bestowed by specific auto-abilities, equipment, accessories and items. It lasts 30 seconds.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Enthunder status icon.
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