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Enstone II is an Enhancing White Magic spell in Final Fantasy XI, serving as the second tier of the Red Mage's Enstone spell.


Scrolls of Enstone II can be purchased from Macchi Gazlitah in Ru'Lude Gardens once achieving rank 3 with her shop. In addition, Magic Flagons in Ro'Maeve have a chance of dropping its scroll.

Enstone II scrolls can also be possible rewards from Campaigns in the Shadowreign versions of the Crawler's Nest and Rolanberry Fields, however due to low amount of players participating in the Wings of the Goddess events, obtaining it this way is ill-advised.


When used, Enstone II grants the Enstone status to the caster's attacks, dealing an extra attack to the user's auto-attacks, while also increasing the user's earth-elemental damage potency and reduces the target's resistance to wind with each successful attack with the status on.

Only the caster's initial attacks convey the Enstone status on the target. Dual Wielding or Double Attacks will only have the first attack carry the Enstone status.