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Enrage is a mechanic in Final Fantasy XIV used in certain battles that is designed to prevent undergeared or poorly performing players from clearing content. The most common form of enrage is a hard enrage timer, usually starting from the moment the battle begins. If the battle is not beaten before the time is up, the party will wipe either instantly or in a matter of seconds. Some battles have a soft enrage as a part of the battle mechanics, or possibly both.

Types of Enrage[]

Hard Enrage[]

A hard enrage is designed to wipe a group if the battle is not beaten fast enough. The purpose of this is to prevent turtling and undergeared groups from beating the battle. The enrage timers in Final Fantasy XIV are usually around 10 to 14 minutes but such low timers as 2 minutes and 40 seconds exist. Most enrages will instantly wipe the party with an unavoidable AoE, while some will increase the damage taken by the party to a level it's impossible to keep the party alive for longer than a few seconds. Certain bosses will also enrage if their health is lowered too fast, in order to prevent mechanic skipping.

Examples of hard enrages:

  • Faust: If the battle takes too long, he will boost his Damage Up stacks to 16 and start cleaving players, instantly defeating them as they are hit.
  • Oppressor and Oppressor 0.5: Will cast Self-destruct if the battle takes too long. Will also start casting once the other boss is defeated, forcing them to be defeated within 16 seconds of each other.
  • Ravana (Extreme): If the battle takes too long, he will cast another Chandrahas, which will instantly defeat the party.
  • Ifrit (Extreme): If Ifrit's health is dropped below a certain point before the third set of Infernal Nails has been downed, he will instantly cast Hellfire, which will instantly defeat the group.

Soft Enrage[]

A soft enrage is designed to gradually increase the difficulty of the battle. Soft enrages take many forms, ranging from a specific point of battle to failing battle mechanics.

Examples of soft enrages:

  • Rafflesia: Every time a party member is devoured, the boss gains a permanent Damage Up stack. If too many players get devoured, Rafflesia's damage soon becomes unhealable.
  • Melusine: Every time Melusine or her adds are hit by Petrifying Voice or Petrifying Shriek, they gain a permanent Damage Up stack, increasing the damage dealt.
  • Imdugud: Every time a mechanic is not played properly (ie. failing to shield the Prey target from Erratic Blaster), the boss gains a stack of Static Charge, increasing the damage dealt by next Electric Burst. In the last phase, the boss also gains a permanent Damage Up stack that significantly increases damage dealt.
  • Shiva (Extreme): Over time, Shiva keeps adding Damage Up stacks to herself, increasing damage dealt. Poorly performing players will not be able to survive the damage once the stacks grow too high.