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I'm Enra from Class First. Yeah, that's right—THE Class First. Jealous?


Enra is a non-player character from Final Fantasy Type-0. He is an Agito Cadet who attends Class First of Akademeia. He is found around the academy and also supports Class Zero and the Dominion of Rubrum with his Enra Unit during The Reclamation of Eibon. Afterward he thanks the cadets for saving him during the mission.



Enra has short light brown hair. Attending Class First, he wears the typical Akademeia uniform with an azure blue cape.


Enra is proud of his status as a Class First cadet, the class considered best in Akademeia.


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Enra has fallen for Rem Tokimiya from Class Seventh who was recently transferred to Class Zero with her childhood friend Machina Kunagiri. Enra bemoans his bad luck in falling in love in the thick of war, but laments it gives him something to fight for, though he is frustrated as he deems Machina stands in his way to Rem's heart even if the two are not even dating. He asks the other Class Members cadets if they've seen Rem, and when she comes talk to him a flustered Enra gives her a small present.

After Togoreth is obliterated in a clash between l'Cie, Enra laments that being in love gives one something to live for, and says there is nothing more frightening than "being forgotten by the one you care about the most." After the Kingdom of Concordia joins forces with Milites Empire against Rubrum, Enra reminisces the that day he arrived in Akademeia he was overwhelmed and he couldn't find his classroom. Once he had found his portal to his homeroom, it wouldn't activate. Rem had helped him by checking with the administration, and it turned out to be a clerical error. Enra sights that though Rem probably doesn't remember, he will never forget.

During Tempus Finis Enra is upset Rem has collapsed, but vows to fight the Rursus for her sake.

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Free Time EventsEdit

In Chapter 2 after liberating McTighe during the second Free Time Period, the cadets can make their acquaintance with Enra at the Main Gate and talk with him for a free time event. What he says changes who the player character is: Machina, Rem or someone else. Talking to him yields a Hi-Potion.


Enra appears at various locations of Akademeia offering a series of tasks called "Mad about Ms. Tokimiya," always asking about the whereabouts and well-being of Rem, hinting an affection towards her.

His first appearance is in chapter two during the third break, where he waits at the Fountain Courtyard, wanted to talk to Rem thus offering the first Task of the series. In chapter three, during the third break he waits in the Ready Room, wanting to drink a potion made by Rem. In the first free time of the fifth chapter, he waits at the Fountain Courtyard again, wanting Rem to perform according to her excellent reputation.

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