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Enki is a boss in Final Fantasy XIII, fought alongside Enlil by Vanille and Sazh at the Sunleth Waterscape. It is the larger and stronger of the two woodwraiths, and has a Water affinity. The music for the battle is "Can't Catch A Break" rather than the usual boss themes.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

When below 70% health, Enki will use Bellow to buff itself and remove status ailments. It will enter an Enraged status before releasing its Raging Torrent attack, which deals heavy Water damage. Raging Torrent also damages Enlil if it is nearby.

Strategy Edit

Enki has marginally more HP than Enlil, so Enlil should be taken care of first. Once Enki is alone, Vanille and Sazh can cast Thunder to exploit its weakness. Sazh can also cast Enthunder on himself and Vanille to add an extra spark to Commando and Saboteur abilities.

Another good strategy is to draw Enki and Enlil near each other and try to get both enraged; their attacks Raging Tempest and Raging Torrent will affect each other, and since they are opposing elements, these attacks do massive damage.

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Etymology Edit

Enki is the god of water and brother of Enlil in Sumerian mythology.

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