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Cid Pollendina is a recurring Engineer from the Final Fantasy IV series of games.

The Engineer (技師, Gishi?), also known as Chief, is a recurring job in the series, originating from the Final Fantasy IV subseries of games. It serves as the job of Cid Pollendina, the airship engineer for the Kingdom of Baron.

Engineers are similar to the recurring Machinist job with their role in the game's narrative, having extensive knowledge of advanced technology in their game's world. However, unlike the recurring Machinist job, Engineers work with heavy melee weapons and use their skills to inspect enemy stats in combat.


Engineers specialize in using hammers and axes in combat, serving as front row melee characters.

The skillset of the Engineer job is fairly limited, with most releases of Final Fantasy IV only allowing Cid to use Analyze, which functions identically to the recurring Libra White Magic. Later games would add more to Engineer's arsenal - Upgrade, which allows the user to enhance their weapon with an elemental affinity, and Risk Strike, an attack that may allow the user to deal critical damage to a target.


Final Fantasy IV[]

Cid Pollendina is an Engineer (Chief in older releases). He wields hammers in battle and can use his special skill Analyze to examine enemy stats. In the 3D versions, Cid has been given a new ability called Upgrade, sacrificing an offensive item to add elemental properties to his attacks.

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-[]

Cid is a Engineer, and he retains all of his skills from the previous game.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[]

Cid is an Engineer and is able to use Analyze and Risk Strike, which has a chance to do high damage.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

The Engineer (飛空艇技師, Hikūtei Gishi?, lit. Airship Engineer) appears exclusively as Cid's job. It serves as a physical oriented role in combat, specializing in using Combat, Support, and Machinist abilities.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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Related jobs[]

Shop Hand[]

Luca from Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.

A unique version of the Engineer, known as Shop Hand (新米技師, Shinmai Gishi?, lit. Novice Engineer), also appears as the job for Luca in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.

Like Cid, she has access to Analyze command and can use Hammers. Unlike the Engineer, the Shop Hand has access to the Big Throw command, allowing Luca to throw her weapon like a boomerang at an enemy so that she does full damage from the back row.

Her Bands also involve her using Calca and Brina in combat, making her job akin to that of a Puppetmaster.