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The EP menu in battle.

EP Ability icon, Piggyback Guide. Energy Points (グローリーポイント, Gurōrī Pointo?, lit. Glory Points) is a stat from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Energy Points are equivalent to TP from Final Fantasy XIII where the player accumulates points to fill TP bar segments to perform techniques. The EP system differs from the TP system in that EP bars are of the same cost, while the TP bars had longer bars on level 2 and 3, resulting in spending longer times accumulating TP gauge segments.


The EP gauge is replenished each day when Lightning returns to the Ark. The player can spend EP to purchase healing items from Hope before leaving the Ark. Certain treasure spheres also require expending Energy Points to be opened.

As the EP gauge is used up, it is recharged by winning battles. The amount recovered depends on the enemies (small enemies give the least) and on the difficulty level, easier difficulty modes yielding more points.

The starting maximum amount of EP is 5, but it can be raised. Completing main quests 1-5 (Luxerion), 2-3 (Yusnaan) and 5-1 (second Wildlands) earns Lightning 1 EP each, as does completing 3-3 (main Wildlands) on a New Game+, but subsequent completions of those quests don't stack the EP bonus. Thus, the maximum capacity for the EP gauge is 9.

EP can be used during battle by pressing Start/Start and then pressing L1/Left bumper or R1/Right bumper or opening the main menu on the field by pressing Triangle/Y.

Expending 50 EP earns the Miracle of Light achievement.

List of EP abilities[]

Ability EP Cost Obtain Image
Easy Normal/Hard
Curaga 1 2 Default
Fully restores Lightning's HP.
Arise 2 3 The Ark - Day 3
Revives Lightning from KO and restores HP in relation to the amount of EP consumed.
Esunada 1 1 The Ark - Day 5
Removes all status ailments from Lightning.
Decoy 1 1 The Ark - Day 10
Summons a moogle doll that draws enemies' attention for a time.
Quake 1 2 The Ark - Day 12
Deals non-elemental damage to all enemies and launches them into the air. Extends stagger time.
Overclock 1 2 Default
Press L2/Left trigger in battle to slow the world's time to a crawl, allowing only Lightning to move normally.
Army of One 1 1 The Ark - Day 8 LRFFXIII Lightning Battle 1.png
Press L2/Left trigger while Overclock is active to unleash a devastating flurry of blows.
Escape 0 0 The Ark - Day 1
Flee from battle and undo all actions performed or damage taken.
On return to the field, the clock advances by an hour on Normal and Hard difficulties as a penalty.
Chronostasis 1 1 After Main Quest 1-1 LRFFXIII - Chronostasis.jpg
Stops the world's time for 75 seconds of real time (half an hour of game time).
Teleport 2 3 Leave Luxerion
Allows Lightning to warp to a specific location. Cannot be used in battle.

Behind the scenes[]

The game's first trailer showed a circular blue gauge and under it a number representation of EP, suggesting that initial plans regarding Energy Points differ from what ended up in the final game. The icon for the EP Abilities resembles Etro's gate, a common theme in Final Fantasy XIII series.