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Enemy Skill is a Command Materia from Final Fantasy VII that works in the same manner as Blue Magic from previous games, acquiring abilities used by enemies when the user is hit by them. It enables the use of the E.Skill (てきのわざ, Teki no Waza?) command in battle.


There are four Enemy Skill Materia to obtain:

  1. In the sample tank in Professor Hojo's lab in the Shinra Bldg. after Red XIII joins the party. (Missable.)
  2. In the Respectable Inn in Junon.
  3. In one of the houses in the Forgotten City.
  4. Received from the Chocobo Sage's Mountain Chocobo.

Unlike many Command Materia, Enemy Skill cannot gain AP or be mastered. "Mastering" the Materia by gaining every Enemy Skill on one will not birth a new Materia of its type.


Aeris casting an Enemy Skill.

The Enemy Skill Materia can be used to learn specific enemy spells when a character equipped with the Materia is successfully targeted by that spell. The character permanently learns the spell regardless of whether he or she survives the attack. If the party escapes from the battle, the learned skill will be nulled, and if the battle ends due to the characters being ejected out of the battle, such as in the battle against Midgar Zolom, it counts as if having escaped and the skill will not be learned. Enemy Skills cannot be permanently learned from the Gold Saucer Battle Square. In other words, the character must be present in the Battle Results screen for them to keep the ability.

An Enemy Skill can only be learned from an enemy casting the Enemy Skill in question, and not from another party member casting the Enemy Skill using another Enemy Skill Materia that already has the Enemy Skill learned.

A single character can equip multiple Enemy Skill Materia and learn an Enemy Skill for all the Materia at the same time. However, the Enemy Skill Materia equipped can only learn a new Enemy Skill if all the rest of the Enemy Skill Materia equipped on the same character also do not already have that skill.

Unlike other types of Materia, an Enemy Skill Materia does not reproduce a brand new one once all skills on it have been learned. This means that, in the entire game, a player can have up to a maximum of four mastered Enemy Skill Materia.

Some enemies have to be manipulated to learn their Enemy Skill because they will never use it under normal conditions. Some enemies may also be inflicted with Confuse to have them use the ability on the player party.

Many of the enemy abilities are not specific skills and use unique formulas. Despite this, they are classified into Physical or Magical even if the ability does not take into account the target's Defense or Magic Defense stats. Its role does affect the attack, however, with Magical abilities being reflectable unless stated otherwise, and Physical abilities being able to remove Confusion and Sleep statuses.

An Enemy Skill Materia will not work with Support Materia of any sort, not even with the Master Command and Support Materia glitch.

List of Enemy Skills[]

Skill Missable MP Power Type Effect Learned from
Frog Song No 5 0 Magical Inflicts Sleep and Frog on one target. Touch Me, Toxic Frog, Christopher
Causes [Sleepel/Frog] on one opponent
L4 Suicide No 10 31/32 Magical On all members of the target party with a level divisible by 4, takes away 31/32 current HP and inflicts Mini status. Mu, Trickplay
Causes [Critical/Small] with levels in multiples of 4
Magic Hammer No 3 0 Magical Drains 100 MP from one target and transfers the MP to the caster. Razor Weed[note 1]
Drains 100 MP out of one opponent
White Wind No 34 0 Physical Cures HP equal to caster's current HP and cures the Sleep, Poison, Confusion, Silence, Slow, Stop, Frog, Small, Slow-numb, Petrify, Berserk, Paralyzed, Darkness, Death Force, and Resist statuses of all members of target party. Cannot be reflected. Zemzelett[note 1], Wind Wing[note 2]
Restores HP and status to every ally
Big Guard No 56 0 Magical Grants Haste, Barrier, and MBarrier to target party. Cannot be reflected. Beachplug[note 1], (Wolfmeister}[note 3]
Adds [Barrier/MBarrier/Haste] to every ally
Angel Whisper No 50 32/32 Magical Restores to target's maximum HP, and cures Death, Sleep, Poison, Confusion, Silence, Slow, Stop, Frog, Small, Slow-numb, Petrify, Berserk, Paralysis, and Darkness to one target. If target dies before using ability, the ability will not change its target. Cannot be reflected. Pollensalta[note 1]
Revives, restores HP and status to any one ally
Dragon Force No 19 0 Magical Raises Defense and Magic Defense to 150% for one target. Cannot be reflected. Dark Dragon[note 1]
Raises the Defense and Magic Def. level of one ally
Death Force No 3 0 Magical Grants Death Force status to one target. Cannot be reflected. Adamantaimai[note 1]
Makes any one ally immune to death
Flame Thrower No 10 14 Magical Minor-moderate Fire elemental damage to one target. Ark Dragon, Dragon
Causes Fire damage to any single opponent
Laser No 16 16/32 Magical Gravity-elemental damage equal to 1/2 target's current HP to one target. Dark Dragon[note 1], Death Claw
Lessens one opponent's HP by 1/2
Matra Magic No 8 11 Magical Non-elemental damage to target party. Bullmotor, Custom Sweeper, Death Machine
Non-elemental damage to all opponents
Bad Breath No 58 0 Magical Inflicts Sleep, Poison, Confusion, Silence, Frog, and Small on target party. Cannot be reflected. Malboro
[Poison/Confu/Sleepel/Silence/Small/Frog] on all
Beta No 35 54 Magical Major Fire elemental damage to target party. Cannot be reflected. Midgar Zolom
Fire damage on all opponents
Aqualung No 34 52 Magical Major Water-elemental damage to target party. Jenova∙LIFE, Harpy, Serpent
Water damage on all opponents
Trine Yes 20 34 Magical Moderate-major Lightning elemental damage to target party. Cannot be reflected. Materia Keeper, Godo, Stilva[note 1]
Lightning damage on all opponents
Magic Breath No 75 77 Magical Major Fire, Ice, and Lightning elemental damage to target party. Cannot be reflected. Parasite[note 1], Stilva
Fire/Ice/Lightning damage on all opponents
???? No 3 0 Physical Non-elemental physical damage equal to the user's Max HP minus their current HP to one target. Jersey, Behemoth
Does damage equal to user's MaxHP/HP
Goblin Punch No 0 12 Physical Physical damage to one target. Damage multiplied by 8 if target's level equals caster's level. Goblin
Non-elemental damage on any one opponent
Chocobuckle Yes 3 0 Physical Damage equal to the number of times the party has fled from battle on one target. Chocobo
Non-elemental damage on any one opponent
L5 Death No 22 0 Magical Instant Death if target's level is a multiple of 5 on target party. Cannot be reflected. Parasite[note 1]
Causes [Death] on levels in multiples of 5
Death Sentence No 10 0 Magical Inflicts Death-sentence status on one target. Cannot be reflected. Boundfat, Gi Spector, Sneaky Step
Pronounces death sentence on any one opponent
Roulette No 6 0 Magical Instant Death to a random target. Cannot be reflected. Death Dealer
Pronounces death on any one opponent or ally
Shadow Flare No 100 125 Magical Non-elemental damage to one target. Safer∙Sephiroth (Post-JORG), Ultimate Weapon (Cosmo Area), Dragon Zombie, Ruby Weapon
Big non-elemental damage on any one opponent
Pandora's Box Yes 110 60 Magical Defense-ignoring non-elemental damage to all targets. Dragon Zombie
Big damage on all opponents, ignores defense
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9 Can only be learned by using Manip.
  2. It is only possible to learn White Wind from Wind Wing by confusing it.
  3. Uses the ability, but there is no way to learn it from this enemy

Obtaining rare Enemy Skills[]

Most of the rarer Enemy Skills can be obtained in the Northern Cave at the end of the game: Dark Dragon uses Dragon Force and Laser, Parasite uses L5 Death and Magic Breath, Malboro uses Bad Breath. Pollensalta uses Angel Whisper, Death Dealer uses Roulette, and Dragon Zombie uses Shadow Flare and Pandora's Box.

All four Enemy Skill Materia can simultaneously learn a skill when all four are equipped on a character, easing the task of learning many of the Enemy Skills, including Roulette and Shadow Flare. If an Enemy Skill is used on a character who has an Enemy Skill Materia equipped that already has that skill, the other Enemy Skill Materia on that character will not learn the skill.

To learn Roulette and L5 Death, casting the Death Force enemy skill on any potential target of Roulette or L5 Death prevents the enemies or allies (in Roulette's case) from being instantly killed.

Trine can be learned only from three enemies: Materia Keeper, Godo and Stilva. Since the first two are bosses (Godo is optional and can be fought any time after obtaining the Tiny Bronco) and Stilva is found only at Gaea's Cliff (which is a one-visit area), Trine can be missed permanently. Stilva later appears in the Battle Square, but the player cannot learn Enemy Skills there. The Chocobo Sage cabin, where the fourth Enemy Skill Materia is located, can only be visited after Gaea's Cliff. If the player wishes to learn Trine on all four Enemy Skill Materia, they must refrain from fighting Godo until all four Materia are in their possession.

Due to the game's programming, Dragon Zombie only uses the Pandora's Box once per save file, and will never use it again. To learn Pandora's Box on all four Enemy Skill Materia, all four must be equipped on the party. If Dragon Zombie does not have enough MP to cast the Skill, then Pandora's Box will be lost forever. If, however, Dragon Zombie was defeated via the the Petrify status (using the magic Break), then the Pandora's Box will be used on the next encounter with the foe.

Chocobuckle is only used by enemy Chocobos when they have been fed a Mimett Greens or Sylkis Greens, and they are hit by an attack that reduces them to 1/32 of their HP or less. A Chocobo Lure Materia equipped is required. The player can pick up only two of these at the Chocobo Farm, so they can permanently miss Chocobos and the Chocobuckle skill by trashing or selling all their Chocobo Lures.

Earliest each Enemy Skill can be obtained[]

Other appearances[]

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Materia means "matter" or "substance" in Latin, Spanish, and Italian; it also means "subject" in Italian and Spanish, and is the ascendant of Portuguese "Matéria".