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Enemy Lure, also known as Lure and More Encounters, is a recurring ability in the series. The ability increases the random encounter rate with enemies on the map.


Final Fantasy V[]

Lure is a Level 1 Gladiator ability requiring 30 AP to master. Despite the in-game description which says that the character with the Lure ability assigned will be hit more by enemies, it raises the encounter rate.

Final Fantasy VII[]

Enemy Lure is found on the Enemy Lure Materia purchasable at the Gold Saucer Battle Square in exchange for BP. Level 1 increases random encounter rate by 43.75% Level 2 and 3 increase it by 87.5%. The effect can be stacked with multiple Enemy Lure Materia up to 100% (x2). On the world map, the encounter rate doubles if it is greater than 100%, up to 400%.

Final Fantasy X-2[]

Enemy Lure is found on the Lure Bracer accessory, which is dropped by Logos after beating him at Bikanel. With it equipped, the base random encounter rate is raised by times 10.

Final Fantasy XIII-2[]

The "Encounter Hunter" Fragment Skill allows the player to set the frequency of random encounters to either decrease or increase the rate. The skill is acquired from Mystic in Serendipity after the player has obtained all the Fragments available in Yaschas Massif in all time periods.

Final Fantasy XV[]

The "Crown Patch" adds a monster whistle the player can use to make enemies appear in the nearest spawn point.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Bravely Default[]

Lure Enemy is a support ability learned by Freelancers at job level 12. It doubles the enemy encounter rate and effects from the same ability do not stack.