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All information on opponents you've encountered is logged into Enemy Intel. Use the Assess materia to find out more on a target. To view info on an enemy mid-battle, press Touchpad. Outside of combat, intel can be accessed from the menu.

Enemy Intel of a Security Officer.

Enemy Intel is the in-game bestiary of Final Fantasy VII Remake and "Episode INTERmission", listing every enemy the player has fought as well as the information they have unveiled, such as item drops and locations. Using Assess in battle unveils the hidden information at once and often gives a tip specific on that enemy. Enemies that have not been assessed will appear as ????.


Enemy list.

The enemy info can be pulled up during battle via Touchpad and viewed in the menu in other times. When viewed in battle, the enemy information overlays the battlefield while all action is paused. In the menu, the enemy model is displayed in the middle of blue background that resembles the virtual environment as seen in the Shinra Combat Simulator. The player can view further information with R1 or hide all information with Square to only view the enemy model. The player can scroll through the bestiary with R2 and L2.

Enemy Intel viewed during battle.

Enemies have one of five types: human, mechanical, biological, artificial, or unreadable. Enemies of the same type have somewhat similar elemental affinities: human enemies are normally weak to Fire Fire, mechanical enemies are normally weak to Lightning Lightning, and biological enemies are normally weak to Ice Ice, and flying enemies are generally weak to wind. When an enemy is listed has having a Weakness, they take double damage from that element; when the enemy has Lesser Resistance, they halve damage from that element; and when an enemy has a Greater Resistance against an element, they take only 10% damage from that element; immunity reduces damage to 0.[1]

Not all enemies have a weakness that is readable. Sephiroth, for instance, can receive the Weakness Exploited tag in his Enemy Intel but is not listed as susceptible to anything.

The battle log section also has tags for different aspects of encounter history with a particular enemy, namely:

  1. Number Defeated
  2. Assessed
  3. Staggered
  4. Part Crippled
  5. Weakness Exploited
  6. Struck by Limit Break
  7. Skill Learned

There are 114 enemies in total in the base PlayStation 4 game, 115 in Intergrade (with the addition of Weiss), and 48 in INTERmission. Filling the full bestiary may be tricky, as in the main game the Fat Chocobo only rarely spawns the Cactuar that is needed for bestiary completion, and the player will need to fight the superboss, Pride and Joy Prototype, in hard mode. In INTERmission, the Wererats don't appear in the slums' outskirts unless the player returns there, and when advancing through the weapons' development facility, taking different routes through the elevator segment has different enemies, and the player can't take all paths in a single playthrough.

Final Fantasy VII Remake[]

Shinra troops[]

Enhanced Shock Trooper.

The soldiers working for the Shinra Electric Power Company are listed first in the Enemy Intel.

  1. Security Officer
  2. Elite Security Officer
  3. Grenadier
  4. Elite Grenadier
  5. Riot Trooper
  6. Elite Riot Trooper
  7. Flametrooper
  8. Shock Trooper
  9. Elite Shock Trooper
  10. Armored Shock Trooper
  11. Enhanced Shock Trooper
  12. Helitrooper
  13. Elite Helitrooper
  14. 3-C SOLDIER Operator

Shinra weapons[]

Shinra deploys both mechanical and biological weapons to combat. Their "guard hounds" are genetically bred in laboratories and accompany the human troops. The other weapons include drones, mounted guns, and large security robots, as well as monsters created by Professor Hojo that are fought in Shinra test sites.

Wrath Hound.
  1. Guard Dog
  2. Wrath Hound
  3. Bloodhound
  4. Monodrive
  5. Mark II Monodrive
  6. Sentry Ray
  7. Laser Cannon
  8. Sentry Launcher
  9. Sentry Gun Prototype
  10. Sentry Gun
  11. Slug-Ray
  12. Shock-Ray
  13. Blast-Ray
  14. Sweeper
  15. Sweeper Prototype
  16. Cutter
  17. Jury-Rigged Cutter
  18. M.O.T.H. Unit
  19. Zenene
  20. Sledgeworm
  21. Brain Pod
  22. Swordipede

Slum dwellers[]

The party faces various human opponents who are not affiliated with Shinra while in the slums.

  1. Hoodlum
  2. Corneo Lackey
  3. Beastmaster
  4. Bandit
  5. Beck
  6. Butch
  7. Burke
  8. Grungy Bandit

Wild creatures[]

The party faces various wild creatures while roaming the slums and the non-inhabited parts of the plate section and train tunnels. There are even some automatons and lab-created monsters that have been discarded by Shinra that now roam freely.

Cerulean Drake.
  1. Wererat
  2. Doomrat
  3. Gorger
  4. Ringmaw
  5. Lesser Drake
  6. Cerulean Drake
  7. Rust Drake
  8. Grashtrike
  9. Queen Grashtrike
  10. Venomantis
  11. Blugu
  12. Terpsicolt
  13. Hedgehog Pie
  14. Hedgehog Pie King
  15. Smogger
  16. Chromogger
  17. Scissorclaw
  18. Sahagin
  19. Sahagin Prince
  20. Cripshay
  21. Ghost
  22. Phantom
  23. Tonberry
  24. Bugaboo
  25. Varghidpolis
  26. Trypapolis
  27. Byobapolis
  28. Hellhound
  29. Bomb
  30. Malboro


Scorpion Sentinel.
  1. The Huntsman
  2. Roche
  3. Reno
  4. Rude
  5. Rufus
  6. Darkstar
  7. Scorpion Sentinel
  8. Crab Warden
  9. Airbuster
  10. The Valkyrie
  11. The Arsenal
  12. Pride and Joy Prototype
  13. Specimen H0512
  14. H0512-OPT
  15. Jenova Dreamweaver
  16. Hell House
  17. Abzu
  18. Abzu Shoat
  19. Mischievous Shoat
  20. Ghoul
  21. Eligor
  22. Failed Experiment
  23. Unknown Entity
  24. Type-0 Behemoth
  25. Shiva
  26. Fat Chocobo
  27. ???? (spawned by Fat Chocobo)
  28. ???????? (spawned by Fat Chocobo)
  29. Cactuar (rarely spawned by Fat Chocobo)
  30. Leviathan
  31. Bahamut
  32. Ifrit (summoned by Bahamut in "Top Secrets")
  33. Mysterious Spectre
  34. Enigmatic Spectre
  35. Whisper Harbinger
  36. Whisper Rubrum
  37. Whisper Viridi
  38. Whisper Croceo
  39. Whisper Bahamut
  40. Sephiroth
  41. Weiss (Intergrade only after completing EPISODE Intermission)

Episode INTERmission[]

  1. Security Officer
  2. Elite Security Officer
  3. Deepground SOLDIER
  4. Elite Grenadier
  5. Riot Trooper
  6. Shock Trooper
  7. Armored Shock Trooper
  8. Armored Magitrooper
  9. Enhanced Shock Trooper
  10. Enhanced Magitrooper
  11. Helitrooper
  12. 3-C SOLDIER Operator
  13. Wrath Hound
  14. Wayward Wolf
  15. Monodrive
  16. Mark II Monodrive
  17. Sentry Ray
  18. Sentry Launcher
  19. Slug-Ray
  20. Shock-Ray
  21. Blast-Ray
  22. Sweeper
  23. Cutter
  24. Deathwheel
  25. Projector
  26. M.O.T.H. Unit
  27. Diabolic Creation
  28. Zenene
  29. Corneo Lackey
  30. Wererat
  31. Toxirat
  32. Terpsicolt
  33. Gorger
  34. Lesser Drake
  35. Venomantis
  36. Cripshay
  37. Horned Cripshay
  38. Levrikon
  39. Bugaboo
  40. The Crimson Mare
  41. Pride and Joy Mk 0.5
  42. Gigantipede
  43. Unknown Entity
  44. Type-0 Behemoth
  45. Bahamut
  46. Ifrit
  47. Ramuh
  48. Nero