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Yet shadowed by their triumph in the First, the Warrior of Light and Scions of the Seventh Dawn are home at last. An even greater calamity than refulgent oblivion has been building in their absence, however—a second advent of the Final Days. Should all despair, the myriad conflicts that now ravage the land cannot but foretoken an end to life in the Source. Take heart in the faith of those who walk beside you, and journey ever higher—to the very stars above.

Text on the album cover

ENDWALKER: FINAL FANTASY XIV Original Soundtrack is the official soundtrack for Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. The soundtrack includes music used in patch 6.0.

Track list[]

  1. Endwalker - Footfalls
    Vocals by Sam Carter and Amanda Achen.
  2. Prelude - Tales
    (暁月のプレリュード, Gyōgetsu no Pureryūdo?, lit. Endwalker Prelude)
    Endwalker title screen theme.
  3. The Ewer Brimmeth
    (知恵の水瓶 ~オールド・シャーレアン:昼~, Chie no Mizugame ~Ōrudo Shārean: Hiru~?, lit. Wisdom's Water Jug ~Old Sharlayan: Day~)
    Old Sharlayan daytime theme.
  4. Spoken without End
    (語り継がれる言葉, Kataritsugareru Kotoba?)
    Plays during scenes focused on exposition.
  5. The Day Will Come (Endwalker)
    (いつの日かきっと ~暁月~, Itsunohika Kitto ~Gyōgetsu~?)
    Baldesion Annex area theme. Originally from Final Fantasy V.
  6. The Nautilus Knoweth
    (知恵の巻貝 ~オールド・シャーレアン:夜~, Chie no Makigai ~Ōrudo Shārean: Yoru~?, lit. Wisdom's Spiral Shell ~Old Sharlayan: Night~)
    Old Sharlayan nighttime theme.
  7. The Labyrinth
    (迷宮 ~ラヴィリンソス:昼~, Meikyū ~Ravirinsosu: Hiru~?, lit. Labyrinth ~Labyrinthos: Day~)
    Labyrinthos daytime theme.
  8. Down the Up Staircase
    (上り階段をくだれ ~星海観測 逆さの塔~, Noborikaidan o Kudare ~Seikai Kansoku Sakasa no Tō~?, lit. Descend the Ascending Stairs ~Star Sea Observation: Inverted Tower~)
    Plays in settlements in Labyrinthos. First appeared on The Far Edge of Fate: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack as The Antitower The Antitower dungeon theme.
  9. Unbowed
    (抗戦, Kōsen?, lit. Resistance)
    Endwalker battle theme.
  10. Dreams of Man
    (迷夢 ~ラヴィリンソス:夜~, Meimu ~Ravirinsosu: Yoru~?, lit. Delusion ~Labyrinthos: Night~)
    Labyrinthos nighttime theme.
  11. Shade's Delight
    (微笑む幽霊, Hohoemu Yūrei?, lit. Smiling Specter)
    Plays in the Lemures Headquarters in Ul'dah and during humorous scenes.
  12. Divine Words
    (神々の訓え ~サベネア島:昼~, Kamigami no Oshie ~Sabenea Tō: Hiru~?, lit. Words of the Gods ~Thavnair Island: Day~)
    Thavnair daytime theme.
  13. Twilit Terraces
    (落日の都 ~ラザハン~, Rakujitsu no To ~Razahan~?, lit. Capital of the Setting Sun ~Radz-at-Han~)
    Radz-at-Han town theme during the main scenario.
  14. Tower of Zot (Endwalker)
    (ゾットの塔 ~暁月~, Zotto no Tō ~Gyōgetsu~?)
    The Tower of Zot The Tower of Zot dungeon theme. Originally from Final Fantasy IV.
  15. On Blade's Edge
    (震える刃, Furueru Yaiba?, lit. Trembling Blade)
    Endwalker mid-dungeon boss theme.
  16. Prayers Repeated
    (人々の祈り ~サベネア島:夜~, Hitobito no Inori ~Sabenea Tō: Yoru~?, lit. People's Prayers ~Thavnair Island: Night~)
    Thavnair nighttime theme.
  17. White Snow, Black Steel
    (白雪と黒鉄 ~ガレマルド:昼~, Shirayuki to Kurogane ~Garemarudo: Hiru~?, lit. White Snow and Black Steel ~Garlemald: Day~)
    Garlemald daytime theme.
  18. Those We Can Yet Save
    (護るべき営み, Mamorubeki Itonami?)
    Plays in most settlements in Endwalker areas.
  19. Home Beyond the Horizon
    (帰らん、地平の彼方へ, Kaeran, Chihei no Kanata e?, lit. Can't Return, to Beyond the Horizon)
    A Garlean anthem played from radios during the main scenario.
  20. Black Steel, Cold Embers
    (黒闇と黒鉄 ~ガレマルド:夜~, Kokuan to Kurogane ~Garemarudo: Yoru~?, lit. Darkness and Black Steel ~Garlemald: Night~)
    Garlemald nighttime theme.
  21. Tremble
    (恐怖の波動, Kyōfu no Hadō?, lit. Waves of Fear)
  22. Each Drop
    (小さな命, Chīsana Inochi?, lit. Small Lives)
  23. Garlemald Express
    (ガレマルド急行 ~魔導神門 バブイルの塔~, Garemarudo Kyūkō ~Madō Shinmon Babuiru no Tō~?, lit. Garlemald Express ~The Sorcery Divine Gate Tower of Babil~)
    The Tower of Babil The Tower of Babil dungeon theme.
  24. Finality
    (終の戦, Tsui no Ikusa?, lit. Battle of the End)
    Endwalker end of dungeon boss theme.
  25. One Small Step
    (小さな一歩 ~嘆きの海~, Chīsana Ippo ~Nageki no Umi~?, lit. Small Step ~Sea of Lamentations~)
    Mare Lamentorum field theme.
  26. Neath Dark Waters (Scions & Sinners)
    (冥き水底 (Scions & Sinners) 〜テンペスト:深部〜, Kuraki Minasoko (Scions & Sinners) ~Tenpesuto: Shinbu~?, lit. The Dark Sea Floor (Scions & Sinners) ~Tempest: Deep Section~)
    Plays in the Watcher's Palace and during scenes focused on the Ancients. First appeared on Scions & Sinners: Final Fantasy XIV ~Arrangement Album~ as a piano arrangement of the Amaurot field theme in the Tempest.
  27. Endcaller
    The Dark Inside The Dark Inside trial theme.
  28. Imagination (Duality)
    (イマジネーション (Duality) 〜蒼天聖戦 魔科学研究所〜, Imajinēshon (Duality) ~Sōten Seisen Ma Kagakukenkyūjo~?, lit. Imagination (Duality) ~Blue Sky Crusade Spirit Science Laboratory~)
    Plays during scenes focused on Amon. First appeared on Final Fantasy XIV: Duality ~Arrangement Album~ as a piano arrangement of The Aetherochemical Research Facility The Aetherochemical Research Facility dungeon theme.
  29. Welcome to Our Town! (Endwalker)
    (街のテーマ ~暁月~, Machi no Tēma ~Gyōgetsu~?, lit. Town Theme ~Endwalker~)
    Bestways Burrow field theme. Originally from Final Fantasy IV.
  30. Battle 1 from FINAL FANTASY IV
    (バトル1 from FINAL FANTASY IV, Batoru 1 from FINAL FANTASY IV?)
    Bestways Burrow battle theme. Originally from Final Fantasy IV.
  31. What Comes of Despair
    (絶望の果て, Zetsubō no Hate?)
    Plays during scenes when characters confront overwhelming despair, such as the Final Days in Thavnair and Meteion becoming the embodiment of despair.
  32. As the Sky Burns
    (空が燃える日 ~終末樹海 ヴァナスパティ~, Sora ga Moeru Hi ~Shūmatsu Jukai Vanasupati~?, lit. The Day the Sky Burned ~Terminus Sea of Trees Vanaspati~)
    Vanaspati Vanaspati dungeon theme and Thavnair field theme during the main scenario.
  33. Heroes Forge Ahead
    (英雄に続け, Eiyū ni Tsuzuke?)
    Plays during instanced battles in the Sage Sage and Reaper Reaper quests and scenes with heroic moments.
  34. Sky Unsundered
    (古の空, Inishie no Sora?, lit. Ancient Sky)
    Elpis daytime theme.
  35. Flow Together
    Plays during the instanced battle against Venat in Worthy of His Back Worthy of His Back. Vocals by Amanda Achen.
  36. Miracle Works
    (創造の奇跡, Sōzō no Kiseki?, lit. Miracles of Creation)
    Ktisis Hyperboreia Ktisis Hyperboreia dungeon theme.
  37. Stars Long Dead
    (古の星空, Inishie no Hoshizora?, lit. Ancient Starry Sky)
    Elpis nighttime theme.
  38. From Below
    (地より昇りし力, Chi Yori Noborishi Chikara?)
    Plays during Thancred's solo mission in A Frosty Reception A Frosty Reception and the Labyrinthos field theme for its late-game main scenario quests.
  39. From the Ashes
    (灰より生まれし者, Hai Yori Umareshi Mono?, lit. The One Born from Ashes)
    First appeared on Before the Fall: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack as The Final Coil of Bahamut - Turn 3 The Final Coil of Bahamut - Turn 3 raid theme.
  40. Answers
    Plays during the scene of Venat becoming Hydaelyn in Thou Must Live, Die, and Know Thou Must Live, Die, and Know. Vocals by Susan Calloway. First appeared on Before Meteor: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack.
  41. The Aetherial Sea
    (星の海, Hoshi no Umi?, lit. Sea of Stars)
    The Aitiascope The Aitiascope dungeon theme.
  42. Your Answer
    The Mothercrystal The Mothercrystal trial theme.
  43. Answers (Piano Version)
    (Answers - Piano, [missing rōmaji]?)
    Plays during scenes focused on Hydaelyn and when the Warrior of Light reveals their future to the Ancients.
  44. The Last Stand
    (ラストスタンド, Rasuto Sutando?)
    Plays during light-hearted scenes such as the Scions' late-night meal in Old Sharlayan.
  45. Echoes in the Distance
    Ultima Thule field theme while progressing through the main scenario.
  46. Close in the Distance (Instrumental)
    Ultima Thule field theme while progressing through the main scenario.
  47. Close in the Distance
    Ultima Thule field theme during and after completing the main scenario. Vocals by Jason C. Miller.
  48. Dynamis
    (デュナミスの欠片, Dyunamisu no Kakera?, lit. Fragments of Dynamis)
    Plays during moments regarding Meteion and hope.
  49. Of Countless Stars
    (先ゆく星々, Sakiyuku Hoshiboshi?)
    The Dead Ends The Dead Ends dungeon theme.
  50. The Final Day
    (終焉の戦い, Shūen no Tatakai?, lit. The Final Battle)
    The Final Day The Final Day trial theme during the first phase.
  51. With Hearts Aligned
    (想いが動かす力, Omoi ga Ugokasu Chikara?)
    The Final Day The Final Day trial theme during the final phase.
  52. Flow
    Vocals by Amanda Achen.
  53. Endwalker
  54. The Tale of the Star
    (星と命を巡る物語, Hoshi to Inochi o Meguru Monogatari?, lit. The Story Surrounding Life and the Star)
    Plays during the beginning of the end credits of Endwalker.
  55. Vibrant Voices
    (多彩なる都 ~ラザハン:昼~, Tasai Naru To ~Razahan: Hiru~?, lit. Multi-colored Capital ~Radz-at-Han: Day~)
    Radz-at-Han daytime theme after the main scenario.
  56. Perfumed Eves
    (薫香の都 ~ラザハン:夜~, Kunkō no To ~Razahan: Yoru~?, lit. Fragrant Capital ~Radz-at-Han: Night~)
    Radz-at-Han nighttime theme after the main scenario.
  57. Carrots of Happiness
    (ハピネスキャロット ~楽園都市 スマイルトン~, Hapinesu Kyarotto ~Rakuen Toshi Sumairuton~?, lit. Happiness Carrot ~Paradise City Smileton~)
    Smileton Smileton dungeon theme.
  58. eScape (Journeys)
    (エスケープ (Journeys) 〜次元の狭間オメガ:アルファ編〜, Esukēpu (Journeys) ~Jigen no Hazama Omega: Arufa-hen~?, lit. Escape (Journeys) ~Dimension's Space Omega: Alpha~)
    The Stigma Dreamscape The Stigma Dreamscape dungeon theme. First appeared on Journeys: Final Fantasy XIV ~Arrangement Album~ as a band arrangement of the Alphascape V3 Alphascape V3.0 raid theme.
  59. Roads Less Traveled
    (旅を駆け抜けて, Tabi o Kakenukete?)
    Arion mount theme.
  60. Where Dæmons Abide
    (魔のすべて, Ma no Subete?)
    The Gates of Pandæmonium area theme.
  61. Ancient Shackles
    (縛めの鎖 ~万魔殿パンデモニウム:辺獄編~, Imashime no Kusari ~Banmaden Pandemoniumu: Hengoku-hen~?, lit. Chains of Bondage ~Pandemonium: Limbo~)
    Raid theme for Asphodelos: The First Circle Asphodelos: The First Circle, Asphodelos: The Second Circle Asphodelos: The Second Circle, and Asphodelos: The Third Circle Asphodelos: The Third Circle.
  62. Hic Svnt Leones
    (此処に獅子あり ~万魔殿パンデモニウム:辺獄編~, Koko ni Shishi Ari ~Banmaden Pandemoniumu: Hengoku-hen~?, lit. Here Be Lions ~Pandemonium: Limbo~)
    Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle raid theme.
  63. Endwalker (Chiptune Version)
    Extra track.



  • Masayoshi Soken (1~4, 6~10, 12, 13, 15~28, 32~38, 41, 44~53, 55~62)
  • Nobuo Uematsu (2, 5, 14, 29, 30, 39, 40, 42, 43, 54)
  • Takafumi Imamura (11)
  • Daiki Ishikawa (31)


  • Masayoshi Soken (1, 2, 7, 9, 12, 17, 21, 25, 34, 35, 38, 39, 45~47, 51~54, 57, 59~62)
  • Daiki Ishikawa (3, 4, 13, 18, 19, 22, 24, 29, 31, 33, 41, 49, 56)
  • Takafumi Imamura (5, 6, 11, 15, 23, 32, 36, 43, 44, 48, 55)
  • Yukiko Takada (8)
  • Keiko (10, 16, 20, 26, 28, 37)
  • Takafumi Imamura, Daiki Ishikawa (14, 42)
  • Yoshitaka Suzuki (27, 50)
  • Nobuo Uematsu (30)
  • Tsutomu Narita (40)
  • THE PRIMALS (53, 58)


  • Michael-Christopher Koji Fox (1, 2, 40, 42, 51, 53, 58, 62)
  • Kathryn Cwynar (35)
  • Yaeko Sato (4, 42)
  • Tom Mills (47)
  • Kathryn Cwynar (52)


  • Amanda Achen (1, 2, 35, 51)
  • Sam Carter (1, 53)
  • Jason Charles Miller (1, 47)
  • Kavvus daiki Arvina (19)
  • Susan Calloway (40, 42)
  • Michael-Christopher Koji Fox, Masayoshi Soken (58, 62)


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