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Extend duration of enhancements and positive status effects.

Endless Blessings (祝福の時, Shukufuku no Toki?, lit. Time of Blessings) is a recurring ability in Final Fantasy series. It generally extends the duration of positive status effects.


Final Fantasy XIII-2[]

Endless Blessings is a Synergist command ability exclusive to Paradigm Pack monsters. It extends the duration of enhancements and positive status ailments.

Is is learned by Gigantuar (level 6), Leyak (level 60), Microchu (level 45), Miquiztli (level 23), Purple Chocobo (level 37), Sazh (level 32), Testudo (level 20), Triffid (level 10), and Ultros (level 11).

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

Endless Blessings is Serah's Super Soul Break available via Meteorblaze (XIII). It is a party-target ability that increases Magic and Mind by 30% for 25 seconds and bestows Haste.

World of Final Fantasy[]

Slightly increases the duration of abilities that grant positive effects.


Endless Blessings is a passive ability that slightly increases the duration of abilities that grants positive effects. It can be used by Siren, Sylph, and Water Toad.


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