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Endless Battle is a type of Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. The player is tasked to defeat a boss that continuously respawns, with the goal of defeating it enough times to earn culmulative rewards.


Each time the player defeats the boss in an Endless Battle, it is revived with stronger attacks and higher stats. The battle takes the form of a Jump Start Battle, with the player beginning the battle with a full Soul Break gauge and the gauge will not charge during the battle. The more times the player defeats the boss, the better rewards they win. The dungeon also records the total number of times the player defeated the boss and how much total damage they inflicted to it.

List of Endless Battles[]

Boss Standard Rewards Bonus Rewards
Completion First time E Grade
(1 defeat)
D Grade
(2 defeats)
C Grade
(3 defeats)
B Grade
(4 defeats)
A Grade
(5 defeats)
S Grade
(6 defeats)
Event duration
Archeoaevis 1,500 gil Mythril Memory Crystal Lode Memory Crystal II Lode Memory Crystal III Lode Rarity 3 Wisdom Motex30 Rarity 3 Spirit Motex30 Rarity 4 Bravery Motex20 Rarity 4 Vitality Motex20 Rarity 5 Vitality Motex10 Rarity 5 Spirit Motex10
Feb. 20 - Mar 3, 2018