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Encumbrance (装備変更不可, Soubihenkoufuka?, lit. Equipment Change Unacceptable) is a rare status effect in Final Fantasy XI which removes some or even all equipment pieces from those affected and prevents them from re-equipping it for the duration of the effect. This status can be inflicted by special moves of monsters of several different families, and cannot be removed by any means short of death or its duration expiring.

Monster Family TP Move
Gallu Divesting Gale
Harpeia Keraunos Quill
Harpeia Typhoean Rage
Iron Giant Ballistic Kick
Marolith Tectonic Shift
Pixie Norn Arrows
Pteraketos Angry Seas
Qiqirn Strap Cutter
Slug Fuscous Ooze
Slug Mucilaginous Ooze
Yztarg Beastruction
FFXI Encumbrance Pathos status.png

Another very similar status, also called Encumbrance in English (エンカンバー, Enkanbā?, lit. Encumber), is inflicted as part of the Pathos of Alzadaal on those who dare venture deep into the Ruins of Alzadaal to take part in Salvage. It is removed by leaving the ruins, or by obtaining and using cells that will unrestrict one or two equipment slots at a time. Being KO'd does not remove the status.