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The encounter glitch is a glitch that involves nullifying random encounters.


Final Fantasy III[]

The NES version allows the player to avoid encounters by casting a Cure spell or using a Potion exactly 1 step before an encounter.

In the Android and iOS remakes, the player can avoid random encounters by using the devices' Task Killer. If a random battle occurs for the Android version, the player should press the Home button to return to the Home screen. From there, the player must then kill the running Final Fantasy III in the background and afterward enter the game and choose "Continue" to bring the player back to the spot where that random battle occurred. In the iOS version, should a random battle occur, the player needs to press the Home button twice in succession and swipe up the Final Fantasy III window to close the app.

In the Android/iOS version, the game will automatically perform a Quicksave when a random battle occurs so the above method can be applied to avoid random encounters without losing game progress, or to retain progress after getting a Game Over despite the lack of Save points.

Final Fantasy V[]

The simple method of taking incremental steps and opening the menu works in the original SNES version.

The danger counter works like this:

  1. Random Battle occurs; set danger counter to 0.
  2. Each step, add n to the counter and pick a random number from [0..255].
  3. If the random number is smaller than counter/256, loop back to step 1.

(n being the increment that is determined by the encounter rate of the location).

The reason for this glitch happening is that due to opening the menu or entering the next area, the danger counter is reset and thus enables manipulation of the encounter frequency. In the Mobile/PC version, the glitch has been fixed and a new danger counter has been implemented.