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The ultimate fisherman needs no rod, line, or hook. All he needs is what he was born with.

Enchan, aspiring fisherman

Enchan is a nu mou White Mage from Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. He posts the quest Teach a Man to Fish, looking for a clan to guard him while he fishes in Tramdine Fens. He wants to train to become a great fisherman without using a fishing rod, only his bare hands.

After protecting him in the first quest, he posts the quest Teach a Man to Run, in which his big catch is a Rafflesia. After the defeat of the Rafflesia, he rewards Clan Gully by giving a few medicinal items, notably a Ribbon. Luso convinces Enchan to stay in Fluorgis and train there.


  • While Enchan is a White Mage, he never actually uses any magic, or perform any action in battle. This makes sense, as he is focusing on fishing and states that his limbs are not functioning upon seeing the plant.