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The Emperor is a warrior of Spiritus in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT and its arcade version, representing Final Fantasy II. He is a Marksman who performs powerful magic. The Emperor returns from his original appearance in the 2008 Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, in which he had a very similar combat style.

The Emperor's default player name is Nameless Despot. His manikin counterpart, which is now yellow, has been renamed Simulacrum of a Tyrant.



The Emperor's default costume is "Monarch of Palamecia", an updated version of his default attire from previous Dissidia games, which in turn is based on his artwork by Yoshitaka Amano. Compared to previous Dissidia games, his armor has more metallic luster, including the horns on his head, to set them apart from his hair. The first alternate coloration is identical to his "Silver Despot" coloration from the previous Dissidia games, while the second alternate coloration recolors the Emperor's hair and armor copper, with red horns and cape, and ash white skin.

The Emperor's first alternate costume, "Violet Robe", is an updated version of his second alternate costume from Dissidia 012. His hair is slightly shorter and the metal head ornament is more visible, featuring additional spikes. His boots are now heeled. Its first alternate coloration recolors his robe white with striped pants, his shoulder attachment brown, and his cape a gradient of purple and rose. The second recolors his robe dark rose with white pants, his shoulder attachment black, and his cape a gradient of brown to yellow.

The Emperor's second alternate costume, "Hell's Remnant", is an updated version of his EX Mode appearance in his default costume from Dissidia and Dissidia 012.


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While still arrogant and a megalomaniac (such as openly gloating that none of the Eidolons are too powerful for him to command), the Emperor's overall disposition has softened compared to previous Dissidia games, being irritated at the presence of the planesgorgers and also angered at Kuja's betrayal. Unlike in the old cycles, the Emperor shows no desire to betray Spiritus for his own schemes. He agrees to a truce with the warriors of Materia to stop Shinryu. He is implied to have left behind copies of his memories for a manakin to help defend the realm after returning to his original world.

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The Emperor wields rods as his main weapon. His alternate weapons, bar the Rod of Censure, have not appeared in any Final Fantasy game prior, and are newly designed for him in the Dissidia series.

His default weapon, Demon's Rod, is featured in a Yoshitaka Amano's art of the Emperor. This first alternate weapon, the Venom Rod, is a spiked rod resembling a rose with demonic thorns. The second alternate weapon, Rod of Spite, is a black rod with demonic and hellish motifs, including red wings and a purple spiked skull. This rod alludes to the Emperor's Dark form, and refers to his desires for destruction after returning to the death and how almost slaughters the party of heroes that finished him off as a mortal. The third alternate weapon, Rod of Censure, is unlike the other weapons. The rod is lighter in coloration and design, and is angelic in motif, featuring an orbed center, a golden crown at the tip, and white wings underneath. This rod alludes to the Emperor's Light form, and refers to passing judgment onto those considered impure or wicked. The fourth alternate weapon is the Karmic Rod, and is depicted as having jagged spikes as well as largely purple with a green crystal on top. The name alludes to the spiritual concept of cause and effect, namely that one's actions determines their future.


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The Emperor clashes with Zidane.

Spiritus summons the Emperor back to World B to serve as one of his champions and fight against Materia's chosen warriors. While the Emperor is disinterested, he sets out to gain the support of the Eidolons.

He crosses paths with Terra and Zidane in Midgar. He asks which of the Eidolons they are looking for, and taunts them for not knowing them by name. He is joined by Sephiroth, and together they launch an attack against them, the Emperor going after Zidane. The Emperor gains the upper hand and ensnares Zidane in one of his traps. As the Emperor tortures Zidane, he is ambushed by Kuja, and calls him out for being a traitor. The Emperor and Sephiroth face off against Terra, Zidane, and Kuja, seeking the support of a nearby manikin. After their battle, the Emperor and Sephiroth observe as the planesgorgers descend upon the arena, and speculate that their efforts have awakened the wrong force, before fleeing.

Firion fights against the Emperor.

Later, the Emperor participates in the final clash to awaken Shinryu, the dragon god threatening the world with planesgorgers. He assists Exdeath in his struggle against the Onion Knight and Zidane before being sidetracked by Firion. With Shinryu descending upon them, the Emperor aids in defeating him for good. With the threat eliminated, the Emperor departs with the other warriors after bestowing his essence to Spiritus in the form of a crystal.

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Type: Marksman - The Emperor can toy with his foes using magic that draws in surrounding enemies, in conjunction with an array of traps and homing spells. Some of his HP attacks can surprise foes by appearing suddenly at their position, and others remain on the stage for a long time.
EX Skill: Starfall - Rains meteorites on the Emperor's target, freezing them in place on the last hit.


Move Damage Input Type Power Frame Data Image
Blue Soul Bravery DFF2015 II Icon.pngDFF2015 Right II.pngDFF2015 Right II.png Ground DFF2015 Blue Soul.png
Emit a blue flare that repels all other magic.
Light Crest Bravery DFF2015 Up + II Icon.pngDFF2015 Right II.png Ground DFF2015 Light Crest.png
Evoke a magic orb near your foe that emits projectiles of light.
Stygian Swell Bravery DFF2015 Down + II Icon.png Ground DFF2015 Dark Geyser.png
Cause a wall of lightning to fall down in front of you. Holding down Circle allows you to control the position of the wall.
Red Soul Bravery DFF2015 II Icon.pngDFF2015 Right II.pngDFF2015 Right II.png Aerial DFF2015 Red Soul.png
Cast a red flare that causes a massive explosion on hit or after a set period of time.
Beckoning Blast Bravery DFF2015 Up + II Icon.pngDFF2015 Right II.png Aerial DFF2015 Dynamite.png
Shoot an orb of magic that sucks in nearby enemies. Holding down Circle allows you to aim the projectile.
Thunder Crest Bravery DFF2015 Down + II Icon.png Aerial DFF2015 Thunder Crest.png
Conjure an electrical sigil at the opponent's position. It will pursue its target for a short time before becoming a stationary trap.
Mine Bravery DFF2015 II Icon.png Dash DFF2015 Mine.png
Generate several explosive orbs of lightning around you.
Dreary Cell HP DFF2015 IV Icon.png - DFF2015 Dreary Cell.png
Generate an arcane circle that temporarily pursues and entraps foes. Once it stops pursuing, it remains in play as a trap.
Accursed Storm HP DFF2015 IV Icon.png - DFF2015 Curse Flare.png
Cast an orb that tracks foes from midrange and bursts with flame. (Can move while casting)
Hellish Gale HP DFF2015 IV Icon.png - DFF2015 Fear Tornado.png
Conjure three swirling tempests that will engulf enemies in front of you. (Can move while casting)
Thorns of Repentance HP DFF2015 IV Icon.png - DFF2015 Repentance Spikes.png
Focus a burst of eldritch magic at your foe's position. Charging increases range. (Can move while casting)
Starfall EX Skill DFF2015 I Icon.png DFF2015 Starfall.png
Rain a seemingly endless stream of meteors down upon your foes. The last meteor temporarily prevents them from moving.



  • The Emperor's Evil Tornado refers to the Cyclone he used in a bid to destroy the Kingdom of Fynn in Final Fantasy II.
  • The opening scene of his debut trailer in the 2015 arcade game shows floating energy orbs in a dark environment that was part of the Emperor's Dreary Cell, which may allude to the opening FMV for the PS1 version of Final Fantasy II, which similarly opened with a floating energy orb cast by the Emperor.
  • Monarch of Palamecia C's coloration may be a reference to the coloring style for the party members and most other NPCs in the NES version of Final Fantasy II.
  • The music during The Emperor's reveal trailer is an arranged version of his final boss theme, "Battle Theme 2".