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You have braved the bowels of Hell to reach me. But the hand of man, which deals in false justice and forsaken love, can never hope to defeat the lord master of Hell!
—The Emperor

The dark half of Emperor Mateus, also known as the Emperor of Hell, is the final boss of Final Fantasy II. He is found on his throne at the top level of Castle Pandaemonium. Defeating the Emperor completes the game. He is simply known as Emperor in battle; in the prototype Dark Shadow over Palakia, he is named Empire.


Battle Edit

The Emperor is powerful and attacks relentlessly, similar to the Light Emperor. His physical attacks bear the same drain effect that Astaroth had, meaning every hit he lands will replenish his HP supply. He will attempt to inflict a handful of status effects on the party to hamper their attack, including Blind, Slow and Curse. His offensive magic arsenal includes the powerful Flare XVI and Starfall X, which hits the whole party. The Emperor resists all elemental attack magic and absorbs all status elements.

Strategy Edit

It is advised to emphasize Evasion rather than raw Defense as the Emperor's extremely high attack power and number of hits can inflict major damage even to a character fully equipped in Genji equipment, causing him to regain large amounts of HP. All party members should be equipped with shields and preferably light armor. For the same reason, Blink is preferred to Protect.

Berserk and Haste are important to cast on attackers to increase their damage output. The status effects the Emperor inflicts should be dealt with quickly, especially Curse, as its Defense drop can leave a character easily slain. Mages should use Holy, Flare, or Ultima to attack.

The Blood Sword is famously effective against the Emperor. Its life-draining damage formula means that hit will drain at least 1/16th of the Emperor's HP, dealing more damage than most weapons are capable of. The Ancient Sword is also useful, as its Curse effect bypasses the Emperor's status protection and weakens his attacks and defenses.

One particular strategy is to move all but one character with a high Evasion to the back row before casting Blink on the front-row character. The party can use Osmose until the Emperor's MP is drained, leaving him unable to use his spells. If the front-row character's Evasion is high enough, they will be able to avoid all or almost all of the Emperor's hits, allowing the party to whittle away the Emperor's HP.

Other appearances Edit

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call Edit

Theatrhythm CC Emperor
The emperor of Palamecia covers all the world with darkness, using his army to try to make the entire planet his own. Even after death, he sets himself up as emperor over Hell itself.
—The Emperor's CollectaCard

Emperor appears as an enemy in Battle Music Sequences. His design derives from the Famicom version.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy Edit

PFF Emperor FFII
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Final Fantasy All the Bravest Edit

Emperor Mateus ATB
Returned from Hell with all its power, this fiend is simply as evil as they come.

The Emperor is fought in Palamecia Desert. He uses Knock Silly and Starfall and drops a Golden Spear. His design derives from the Famicom version.

Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

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Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Edit

TheEmperor PR TCG

The Emperor appears with an Ice-elemental card. His design derives from the Famicom version.

Trivia Edit

  • In the original Famicom version, the Emperor has a unique targeting byte for the final boss battle. This results in a bug when using the Wizard Staff as an item to cast Scourge XVI. The spell will target one random enemy or ally, but it does not exclude the Emperor's unique targeting byte, potentially causing the spell to target the Emperor despite him not being present (resulting in no effect).
  • In the Famicom version, this is the only final boss of the series where the characters do a victory pose after winning. This is changed in the remakes.
  • In the cutscene preceding the battle with the Light Emperor, where Minwu, Scott, Ricard, and Josef experience a vision of the battle, Firion used the Masamune on the Emperor, with Maria following up with Holy Lv. 16; the Emperor retaliating by casting Flare XVI on Maria; Guy using an Elixir on himself, Leon attempting to strike the Emperor down with Excalibur and the Sun Blade, but missed him, and Guy and Maria following up with the Rune Axe and Yoichi's Bow, respectively; Leon casting Cure Lv. 16 to the party; the Emperor casting Starfall X, and Firion casting Ultima Lv. 16 on the Emperor in return.
  • In the GBA and PS versions, the Emperor's battle sprite possesses a lower half and torso, while in all other appearances he lacks those attributes.

Gallery Edit

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