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Elshimo Lowlands is a tropical region in Final Fantasy XI. Located on the western section of Elshimo Island, this region rests fairly close to sea level. With the exception of the volcanoes in the north, the area is characterized by its wide expanses of thick jungle. Due to the conflicting motives of the three main inhabitants of the region—the Mithra of Kazham, the pirates of Norg, and the savage Sahagin—the lowlands are often wrapped in turmoil. This region requires Rise of the Zilart expansion to access.


This area is subject to Conquest.


  • Black Pepper
  • Kazham Peppers
  • Kazham Pineapple
  • Kukuru Bean
  • Mithran Tomato
  • Ogre Pumpkin
  • Phalaenopsis


There are four zones in the Elshimo Lowlands.

Yuhtunga Jungle[]


The tropical rainforest known as the Yuhtunga Jungle comprises the majority of the Elshimo Lowlands. Due to the hot and humid conditions found throughout the area, a variety of plant life, from giant vines to carnivorous flowers, has evolved over the centuries. In the southernmost part of the jungle, a number of small waterfalls can be found in a place known as the Hidden Valley. According to local legend, faeries gather around the falls, and the Mithra of Kazham often travel here as part of their purification rituals. The region's outpost is located in this zone at the southernmost clearing.



Sea Serpent Grotto[]

This giant sea cave was dug out of the western Elshimo cliffs by the amphibious beastmen known as the Sahagin. The cave is supposedly named after the central figure of the Sahagin religion—a sea serpent that once lived within the grotto. The stench of rotting fish and the whale oil used to light the torches often keep adventurers with weak stomachs at bay.

A curious gimmick of this dungeon is that certain doors require players to be in possession of types of beastcoins in order to open them.

Musical themes[]

"Yuhtunga Jungle" plays in the Yuhtunga Jungle. "Kazham" plays in Kazham. "Norg" plays in Norg.