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Elly's artwork.

Elly (エリィ, Eri?) is a character from Chocobo to Mahou no Ehon: Majo to Shoujo to Go-nin no Yuusha. She has the older twin brother named Raffaello.


Elly's talk sprite.

She lives in Luddock (ルドック, Rudokku?) with her twin brother Raffy, both being the protagonists of Cid's third book, The Sky-Flying Twins. Elly and Raffy is an airship pilot and mechanics alongside Raffy, often coming to his aid whenever he is bullied by a pig and a mouse called Peekaboo and Isumi. At one moment of the book's story, the Unnamed Witch uses her powers to make Raffy depressed and think that he won't be able to win the Roman Cup, with Elly taking him to the circus in hope it would cheer him up.

She is later subjected to one of the Witch's spells, compelling her to leave Raffy some after. She's found on a small island which serves as a secret base for the main antagonist of the book, a human version of Deathgaze who has created a robot named Omega.

Her brother and Chocobo then have to fight alone against the robot. When it's beaten, Elly is back to normal.

In the "Epilogue" chapter of the story, Elly and Raffy are together at Luddock and thank Chocobo for helping them to get reunited. Professor Bahamut challenges them to a fight in "Aerial Circus" and as he is beaten, the book ends.

Musical themes[]

Elly and Raffy's battle theme is a remix of "Blackjack" from Final Fantasy VI. The song can be accessed by the Jukebox after beating the game.


Elly is voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro.


Both she and her twin brother are named after the latter's Raffaello incarnation.