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Elina, also known as Elena, is a minor non-playable character in Final Fantasy II. A widow living in Castle Deist, her husband Phillip (フィリップ, Firippu?) was a Dragoon who was killed when the Palamecian Empire raided Deist. She has a son, Kain, and is a friend of Ricard.

In the original Famicom and Pixel Remaster versions, Elina and Kain are not named, simply being referred to as Mom and Child. Their roles were expanded within the Game Boy Advance and 20th Anniversary editions of Final Fantasy II.


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After being sent by the King of Fynn to meet with the Dragoons in Deist, Firion and his friends arrive in the ruined kingdom with Elina and Kain as the only survivors. Mentioning the Dragoons, the group learns from Elina of the kingdom's water being poisoned and the last of the Wyverns living within the halls of the castle. After placing the last wyvern egg in the spring within the Deist Caverns, Elena thanks the youths for their service.

After Ricard's sacrifice to save the party, Firion can visit her again and asks about the Dragoons, she takes her child and flees Deist, but not before thanking Firion for saving the last Wyvern egg and for letting her see Ricard again, and gives him the Excalibur.

Elina and her son Kain play a vital role in the defeat of the deceased Emperor's light-half. They, alongside Nelly, Prince Gordon, and Princess Hilda, appear before the deceased warriors, including her husband, and warn them that the Light Emperor is just as evil as the Emperor the surviving Wild Rose Rebels are fighting (his dark-half).

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Elena is a Greek, Slavic, Spanish, Romanian and Italian version of the ancient Greek name Helen/Helene. It means "light".