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A ghastly fiend that haunts the train graveyard and feeds on human fear to grow stronger. It is a manifestation of the memories and sorrows that linger in the train graveyard.

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Eligor is a monster in Final Fantasy VII Remake that resides in the Train Graveyard, abducting children that wander into its domain to feed on their fear and emotional pain. Eligor serves as the boss at the end of Chapter 11, "Haunted", during "Clear the Way", when it kidnaps Aerith Gainsborough and tortures her with images of her lonely childhood. Eligor attacks Aerith, Cloud Strife, and Tifa Lockhart to prevent them from reaching the Sector 7 pillar in time, foreseeing the disturbance in the lifestream if it collapses.[1] Like in the original, the player can steal a weapon for Aerith from it.


  1. Only when it flies


The attacks used depend on the boss's battle phase.

Phase 1: 100–70% HP (the boss is strictly groundborne).
Phase 2: 70–35% HP (the boss takes up to the skies and uses Reflect).
Phase 3: <35% HP (the wheels become targetable).
Physical damage = Physical damage
Magic damage = Magical damage
Attack Pic Phase Description Block KB(Knockback)
Physical damageStomp All Horse stomps on a target while the rider also attacks. Y Y
Physical damageStab All Stabs a target with a javelin.
Hard Mode: Also inflicts Silence Silence for 40 seconds
Physical damageSwipe All Swing at a target on its target with javelin.
Hard Mode: Also inflicts Silence Silence for 40 seconds
Physical damageTrample Trample from FFVII Remake 1 Charges at someone. Y Y
Physical damageReaper 1 Swings javelin while chasing someone. Y Y
Magic damageSweeping Gaze Sweeping Gaze from FFVII Remake 1 & 3 Shoots a beam out of the rider's eyes across the battlefield, inflicting Sleep Sleep and Silence Silence on hit for 15 seconds. N N
Physical damageGallop 2 Runs around the arena, knocking back anyone on its way. While airborne, javelins rain onto the party. Y N
Physical damageScorpion Strikes 1–2, 4 The boss strikes from behind using its tail for 6 hits, each dealing a great amount of lightning damage. Y Y
Magic damageReflect 2 Casts Reflect on itself, becoming temporarily immune to magic.
Hard Mode: Casts permanent Reflect on everyone.
Magic damageJavelin Bolts Javelin Bolts from FFVII Remake 2–3 Javelins rain down and draw up from the ground. N N
Physical damagePiercing Gaze 2–3 Shoots a beam at a party member, inflicting Sleep Sleep and Silence Silence for 15 seconds. N N
Physical damageDash 'n' Slash 2–3 Swings javelin from left to right while running.
Hard Mode: Also inflicts Silence Silence for 40 seconds
Physical damageJavelin Gallop 3 Runs around the arena swinging its javelin while more javelins rain onto random party members.
Hard Mode: Also inflicts Silence Silence for 40 seconds
Magic damageWinds of Gehanna Winds of Gehenna from FFVII Remake 3 Creates a tornado that sucks the party in before exploding. Y Y


Eligor is fought with Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith. It uses strong melee attacks, which should be avoided, and at this stage is immune to physical damage when attacked from the back; the only way to damage it physically is to strike the horse. It is weak to Ice Ice and also later Wind Wind when airborne. In the first two phases there is a container in the middle of the battleground that can be used for a shield.

Sweeping Gaze.

After losing a third of its HP, Eligor can fly, and will use Reflect Reflect on itself, becoming immune to magical damage. Eligor's Sweeping and Piercing Gaze should be avoided, as this can put a character to Sleep Sleep and inflict Silence Silence. Its Javelin Bolts attack can be avoided, though characters not in range can take advantage of this to cast spells while it is stationary.

After losing another third of its HP, Eligor uses Winds of Gehanna and blow away the container in the middle. Eligor will sometimes ride around the area, making it invulnerable to damage. Its right wheel and left wheel can be crippled (which is easily done using a limit break); crippling one will cause it to be stationary, and crippling the other can easily stagger it.

Despite its looks, Eligor is not an undead, so healing spells don't hurt it.


Eligor flying with Reflect.

When Eligor immunizes itself to physical damage, the player should cast spells against it and increase its stagger gauge. Once it is staggered, the party can lay into it with powerful attacks, and use Tifa's Unbridled Strength martial techniques and Aerith's Ray of Judgment to increase its stagger gauge, while laying into it with Cloud's abilities. After it begins to fly and uses Reflect, the player should wait for reflect to expire, and then cast Aerora Aerora or Aero Aero to bring it to the ground. Casting spells from within Aerith's Arcane Ward makes them strike twice.

It is best to bring Steal Materia Steal Materia to nab the Bladed Staff Bladed Staff for Aerith from the Eligor. The best Summoning Materia Summoning Materia to bring is Shiva Materia Shiva Materia.

Hard Mode[]

In hard mode, Eligor will also cast Reflect on the party members, redirecting any beneficial spells to Eligor, including Cure Cure. The party cannot heal unless they dispel Reflect with Breach Breach. It is recommended to bring Prayer Materia Prayer Materia and/or Chakra Materia Chakra Materia as they are not blocked by Reflect. Alternatively, one can cast Regen Regen on the party before the second phase to gradually heal, or use Raise Raise to revive any fallen party members. This is the final battle of the chapter, so expending all MP has no drawback.

Steadfast Block Materia Steadfast Block Materia is great on Cloud. ATB Stagger Materia ATB Stagger Materia is good for Tifa. Time Materia Time Materia is important especially for the final phase, as though the boss can resist it after a few uses, it is not immune to Stop Stop. Cleansing Materia Cleansing Materia can be paired with Magnify Materia Magnify Materia to cast Resist Resist, though it can just as easily be paired with time materia to cast Haste Haste on all.

Either Ice Materia Ice Materia or Lightning Materia Lightning Materia should be equipped on all characters, where ice can be paired with Elemental Materia Elemental Materia and its spells cast while the Eligor is staggered or grounded, and lightning provides guaranteed hits. Aerith's Arcane Ward and Lustrous Shield will be very useful, and all party members can equip weapons giving them mixed attributes to allow them to play a spellcasting role. Cloud and Tifa should use physical attacks.

Early on, the best method is to use Cloud's Counterstance against Eligor's early attacks while Aerith casts Blizzard Blizzard whenever Eligor is stationary. Tifa should remain defensive until Eligor is pressured after an attack. It is possible to stagger it, and thus Tifa's Unbridled Strength should remain at maximum to boost its stagger gauge, as Aerith casts Blizzaga Blizzaga.

In the second phase, when Eligor raises in the sky and hits everyone with Reflect, Aerith should use Arcane Ward, and the party should remain defensive until Eligor's own Reflect ends. Aerith's Lustrous Shield protects from falling javelins. At this point, the party should cast Thundaga Thundaga from within the ward for guaranteed hits. Between this, Tifa can use aerial attacks while Eligor is using Javelin Bolts. When it is on the ground, Blizzard can be cast to pressure and stagger it.

For the final phase, as in normal difficulty, the party can destroy the wheels and focus on staggering the boss. Casting Stop Stop on it gives time to destroy the wheels and focus on building its stagger gauge. While it does move around the arena, Cloud's Counterstance can be used to intercept it again. After destroying both wheels, Eligor staggers; Tifa's True Strike and her Unbridled Strength techniques can be used to build its stagger bonus damage, while Aerith casts spells and Cloud uses Infinity's End.

Defeating Eligor will reward Tifa the Way of the Fist Vol. VIII.



Eligor is a Great Duke of Hell in the Ars Goetia, ruling 60 legions of demons. He discovers hidden things and knows the future of wars and how soldiers should meet. He also attracts the favor of lords, knights and other important persons. He is depicted in the form of a goodly knight carrying a lance, an ensign and a sceptre.

He is depicted as a ghostly specter, sometimes riding a semi-skeletal (sometimes winged) horse, or the Steed of Abigor, which matches his appearance.


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