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The newest member of the Turks, appointed after Reno was injured fighting AVALANCHE in Midgar. Elena has a bad habit of spilling important secrets, but she makes up for it with unrivaled dedication to her task, often in stark contrast to her less disciplined "superiors."

Character profile.

Elena appears as a playable character in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

Initially she could be recruited during the Challenge Event Masters of the Planet as a First Time Reward for completing the event's Wutai - Da-chao Statue stage on Classic difficulty.


Level HP Attack Defense Magic Resistance Mind Accuracy Evasion Speed
1 207 12 8 7 8 8 21 20 91
Rank (Max: 5) 4 4 2 1 2 2 3 3 3

Record Sphere[]

Sphere S.Lv 1 S.Lv 2 S.Lv 3 S.Lv 4 S.Lv 5
Monk +1 RES +1 DEF +1 ATK +2 ATK +80 HP
Thief +1 ATK +1 DEF +1 RES +60 HP +2 ATK
Ranger +1 ATK +1 DEF +1 RES +60 HP +2 ATK
Master (Requires Monk's mastery.) +3 DEF +60 HP +4 ATK +5 ATK +180 HP
Ninja (Requires Thief's mastery.) +3 ATK +3 DEF +160 HP +6 ATK +6 ATK
Cannoneer (Requires Thief and Ranger's mastery.) +3 ATK +3 RES +150 HP +6 ATK +6% Sharpshooter Ability Damage

Legend Sphere[]


Elena can use Combat abilities up to rarity rank 5, Celerity abilities up to rarity rank 4, and Sharpshooter abilities up to rarity rank 5.

Soul Breaks[]

Name Designation Relic Effects
Gauge Type Duration Power (Including potency of stat increase(s) and chance of effect(s) occurring)


Default N/A 2 NAT Confuse (100%) N/A
High chance to Confuse one target.


Record Materia[]

Record Materia Description Acquirement

Legend Materia[]

Record Materia Description Acquirement


Elena can equip the following weapon types: daggers, fists, thrown, and guns.

She can equip the following armor types: hats, light armor, robes, bracers.

She can equip accessories.