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Elena is a recurring character in the Final Fantasy VII series. She is an antagonist in Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. She also appears in numerous entries of the series as a supporting character, including Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII- and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

Elena is a newer member of the Shinra Electric Power Company's special task force, the Turks, led by Tseng. She joined after Reno was injured during the Sector 7 plate drop.[3] Elena is exceptionally dedicated to her job, but has a tendency to spill confidential information about their assignments. She disapproves of her colleagues Reno and Rude's casual work ethic,[4] and is happy to work with her admired superior, Tseng. She is also the younger sister of another Turk named Emma.[5]

Elena is fought as an optional boss in Final Fantasy VII, incorporating martial arts, explosives, and manipulate effects into her attacks.


Before Final Fantasy VII[]


Elena practicing martial arts.

Elena was born to a father working as a military leader and instructor at the Shinra Military Academy. She was the younger sister of Emma.[6]

Elena attended high school at the Shinra Military Academy. She resented Emma for being a Turk and outperforming her, refusing to join as long as she was a member. She initially trained with firearms like Emma, but swapped to martial arts to further remove herself from her sister. As a student, Elena earned 5 "Elite Emblems", rewards only given to students with the highest exam grades, and was considered a prodigy. Elena also worked as a part-time bartender in Wall Market where the Turks frequented, and was treated affectionately despite her loathing the company.[6][5]

One day, Elena witnessed the Ravens dispose of some SOLDIERs and steal their uniforms during "The Threat that Pierces the Heavens" in Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-. She debated informing the Turks, but instead decided to pursue them until she lost them. Elena was later kidnapped by Avalanche for being a witness, held hostage in a train, and dropped an Elite Emblem that notified a Turk of her presence. Avalanche soldiers demanded the Turk surrender their materia in exchange for Elena and they agreed. She then vowed to become a Turk and surpass her older sister.[6]

Original continuity[]

Pursuit of Sephiroth[]

Elena was hastily recruited into the Turks after Reno was injured by Avalanche during the Sector 7 plate drop.[7]

Elena accompanied Tseng and Rude through the Mythril Mines, eventually crossing paths and introducing herself to Cloud Strife's party while pursuing Sephiroth during "Going After Sephiroth". She spilled confidential information about their orders and Sephiroth's location in Junon, receiving a discouraging reprimand and being urged ahead by Tseng.[7] Elena later joined her companions at a Shinra bar in Upper Junon during Rufus Shinra's inauguration parade in "The Stowaway Strategy". She was bored and eager to continue their mission, but was entertained by her colleagues' antics.[8]

Elena, Reno, and Rude traveled to Gongaga with Tseng and Scarlet in "Gongaga, the Village of Sadness", awaiting the expected arrival of Cloud's party. An annoyed Elena thought of her unrequited feelings for Tseng as Reno and Rude chatted about who they liked. She eventually noticed the party, alerted her colleagues to attack, and left to report to Tseng.[9]

Elena Yuffie captured by Don Corneo

Elena and Yuffie captured by Don Corneo.

Elena vacationed with Reno and Rude in Wutai on secret orders to locate Don Corneo during "Homecoming of a Miserable Daughter". Cloud's party was also nearby, but Reno and Rude ignored them and refused to help requesting Shinra soldiers, aggravating Elena who was unable to stand idle and stormed off. Corneo soon abducted Elena and Yuffie Kisaragi, holding them at the Da-chao Statue. Cloud's party and the Turks arranged a temporary truce resulting in the rescue of their friends and the deaths of Aps and likely Corneo. Elena thanked Reno and Rude but was criticized for appearing weak. Despite receiving a call to find Cloud, the Turks ignored it as they were off-duty.[10]

At some point during "Secret Date", the Turks were stranded at the Gold Saucer due to a ropeway malfunction. Elena gave herself a pep talk in the hotel, gathering the courage to eventually ask out Tseng without facing rejection.[5] After Cait Sith stole the Keystone from Cloud's party, Elena and Tseng used it to explore the City of the Ancients in "Within the Temple of the Ancients" and discovered an important mural. Tseng asked Elena out to dinner, flustering her. After instructing her to report their findings to the president, she left.[11] Sometime later, the Turks received reports that Tseng had died. Suspecting Cloud's party killed Tseng, Elena was devastated that she was unable to fulfill their promise and independently pursued Cloud's party to the North Crater to get revenge.[12][5] She lashed out at Cloud in Icicle Inn during "Beyond the Snow Fields" despite the party's attempt at reasoning with her. She vented before tossing them into Gast Faremis's house and departed.[13]

After failing to take revenge on Cloud's party, Elena returned to Midgar in a bad state and chronically thought about revenge.[12] As Meteor loomed above and threatened the entire planet in "Mako Cannon Rampage", the Turks were determined to stop Cloud's party. They confronted the party in the Corkscrew Tunnel as they headed for the Sister Ray, and Elena instigated a fight.[note 1][14]

An overjoyed Elena hugged a returning Tseng at headquarters in "Episode: Shinra" of Final Fantasy VII: On the Way to a Smile. Tseng placed a firm hand on her shoulder and told his three subordinates they had work to do. The Turks moved to Kalm, where Rufus was hospitalized, and Tseng ordered them to help evacuate Midgar.[12] Elena took charge of evacuations in Sector 3 during the epilogue of Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-, later joining the rest of the Turks, including their former director Verdot, in Sector 5 to continue their efforts.[6]


The day after Meteor's destruction in "Episode: Turks" of Final Fantasy VII: On the Way to a Smile, Rufus consulted the Turks about their future plans. Committed to standing by him, they received orders to assess the situation in Midgar and gather allies. Elena and Tseng were assigned to collect intel, disguising themselves in Wall Market due to public animosity towards Shinra and entering a busy bar to observe. Elena attempted to confess her feelings to Tseng, but was unable to despite him encouraging her to talk. The pair discovered a diseased dead man covered in a black substance, causing panic. They discussed their findings and realized many exhibited similar symptoms as they walked back to Kalm.[12]

Reno and Rude informed Elena and Tseng of their house overrun by sick refugees and Rufus missing, prompting them to split up and gathering information around town. After two weeks with no leads, they abandoned their Kalm house, setting up an office in a Sector 5 residency. Tseng aimed for a deserted Midgar to safeguard Shinra's secrets and prevent weapons from being stolen. Elena suggested spreading rumors about the city collapsing, leading many to flee.[12]

Reno reported that the remaining Junon army, led by former lieutenant Mütten Kylegate, had taken over the head office and was preparing for an assembly, prompting Elena and Tseng to understand the situation. Meanwhile, Reno and Rude found civilians using Shinra tools and machinery to build a new town without authorization. This led them to secure transport, weapons, fuel, and change passkeys. Elena and Tseng joined the efforts late at night, and the four returned home to nap. The next morning, Verdot woke them with a detailed report about Kylegate's past, his plans to build a new city under his leadership, the location of his mansion in Kalm, and that he had captured Rufus, motivating the Turks to save their president.[12]

Upon returning to Kalm, the Turks witnessed Kylegate's mansion in flames and frantically searched for Rufus. Elena, having heard of someone carrying a man in a white coat, concluded it was the president, but they were unable locate him and returned to Midgar. During their stay in the city, Elena formed close bonds with the locals. They met a doctor treating the sick from Kalm named Kilmister and reluctantly complied with his demands for three months, driven by his information on the missing president. They facilitated his clinic setup at the isolated Cliff Resort, providing stimulants for treatment. Elena and her comrades later located Rufus with Kilmister and Judd in a cave, assisted their escape after flooding, and brought them to Cliff Resort.

Sometime later, Kilmister expressed concern about stimulant shortages. Elena suggested sharing them with the people of Midgar, and Rufus gave permission. Upon discovering that Nibel bear tails were used to make stimulants, Elena embarked on a mission to gather supplies. After uncovering the truth about Geostigma's ties to Jenova, lost hope, and Kilmister's death, the Turks renamed the resort to Healen Lodge, establishing a new base.[12]

Elena accompanied a group of hunters in the Nibel forest in "Episode: Nanaki", they hunted for bears, and Red XIII observed from afar. She nursed a boy wounded by a bear and contacted somewhere about what they found. Vincent Valentine later followed the Turks' helicopter, watched as Elena and the hunters obtained bear tails, and she subsequently left via helicopter.[12]

New Shinra era[]

Elena spent two years at Healen Lodge alongside her colleagues and Rufus in Final Fantasy VII The Kids Are Alright: A Turks Side Story. She led a project with Shinra's remaining scientists and chemists to develop medicine for suppressing Geostigma symptoms, warily keeping a close eye on their activities. Despite leading the project, Elena found the lack of action boring and was eager for more work.[15]

Elena later caught Thropp and Fabio Braun attempting to steal medicine for Fabio's younger brother, Bits. She captured Thropp for interrogation and subjected Fabio to brutal torture. Eventually, she understood Fabio's motives for stealing and instructed Bits on the appropriate amount of medicine to take. However, during Thropp's interrogation, the lodge he was held in was bombed by his friends Fabio, Doyle, and Keough. They injured Elena, but the Turks emerged victorious.[15]

Assigned by Rufus to locate Jenova, Elena and her colleagues spotted Kyrie and Evan in Junon, learning Evan's plans to travel to Nibelheim. However, still grappling with Fabio's death, the duo disassociated themselves with the Turks and fled. Elena warned them to stop, shot Evan in the shoulder, and was scolded by Reno, guiltily apologizing. After a brief stop in Nibelheim, Elena and Tseng escorted Evan and Kyrie to their next desired location, Icicle Inn. They encountered Kadaj, who was also searching for Jenova. Chasing after him, Tseng ordered them to fire, but they hesitated due to concern for Evan. The Turks then witnessed Evan holding Jenova, Kadaj's attempt to seize her, and Evan kicking her into the lifestream, prompting Kadaj to jump in after her. After the battle, Elena was brought back to Under Junon.[15]

Geostigma crisis[]


Elena aided her comrades against the Remnants of Sephiroth.

During Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Elena and Tseng attempted to recover Jenova from the Northern Crater but were ambushed by Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo. The two were captured and tortured until Vincent Valentine saved them and helped in their recovery. Despite still recuperating from her injuries, Elena joined her comrades in their fight against the Remnants of Sephiroth. She later joined Tseng in saving Rufus from falling off a building during his battle with Kadaj. She also lowered a rope ladder to Reno and Rude after their helicopter was destroyed by Loz. Following the elimination of the Kadaj's gang, Elena witnessed Rufus being cured of Geostigma.[16]

Remake continuity[]

Elena was hastily recruited into the Turks while Reno is given a mandatory vacation following Sector 7 plate drop, she and Turk assigned to follow the Sephiroth-clones. Elena accompanied Tseng and Rude through the Mythril Mines, eventually crossing paths and introducing herself to Cloud Strife's party while they pursuing Sephiroth as well. She and Rude then fought the party before Tseng arrives and the Turks take their leave. Elena later encounters Cloud's group on Mt. Corel when she and Rude were forced to release a few Sephiroth clones from their custody, siccing a Custom Valkyrie on Cloud, Aerith, and Red XIII.

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Elena from FFVII Rebirth bust render

Close-up render in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Elena is a young woman with a slender physique, fair skin, brown eyes, and neck-length blonde hair styled like an inverted bob. She wears the standard Turks uniform consisting of a dark blue or black suit over a white dress shirt, a black tie, heeled dress boots, and silver stud earrings. As a teenager, Elena had longer hair styled in twintails, wore a red school uniform with white trim and black accents, a blue tie, a black skirt, tall gray socks, and black shoes.

In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Elena brandishes a customized gun: it is pink with flower details, covered in rhinestones and other embellishments.


Elena is dutiful, enthusiastic, and hardworking. She takes her duties as a Turk seriously and puts her all into everything she does.[17][5] However, she is clumsy and reckless, lacking practical experience, carelessly revealing classified information, and blindly taking matters into her own hands.[7][13][10][3] She is easily bored by idleness and always eager for action.[8][15] During the Geostigma crisis, Elena was determined to help the world overcome the disease and continued prioritizing her professional duties. Elena remained impulsive, brutally torturing someone before understanding their motives and shooting someone fleeing against orders.[15] She is also on bad terms with her older sister, sharing a sibling rivalry.[5]

Elena has a unique relationship with her colleagues Tseng, Reno, and Rude. She uncompromisingly follows her superiors' commands, but looks down on Reno and Rude and their relaxed philosophy toward work, often voicing her complaints.[17][5] She is submissive to Tseng, whom she has an unrequited crush on,[3] respects his leadership, and they frequently work together in the field.[16][12] After Tseng's reported death, Elena was deeply saddened and hunted Cloud's party out of revenge, continuing to treat them coldly.[13][14][5] She struggles to express her feelings for Tseng, becoming discouraged when reprimanded and flustered when asked to dinner.[8][11][12] Overall, Elena is valued by her comrades and has aided them on various occasions.[16][12][15]


Elena is skilled with martial arts, firearms, and explosives, having trained since she was young.[14][6][5] She is also a competent leader, supervising the production of stimulants during the Geostigma crisis.[12][15]


Final Fantasy VII[]

As a member of the Turks, Elena fights along with her partners, Turks:Reno and Turks:Rude. Although Reno and Rude are fought at least once in mandatory battles, the battle at Sector 8 of Midgar is optional if the player completed the Wutai sidequest. This will give Elena a sense of attachment to the party, which will let the player opt out of the battle, and thus the player does not have to fight her.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth[]

Elena is fought three times, alongside Rude for the first two battles and then alongside Tseng for the third in chapter 13, "Where Angels Fear to Tread".

Other appearances[]

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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Final Fantasy Artniks[]

BCFF7 Elena SR L Artniks
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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

FFRK Elena

The newest member of the Turks, appointed after Reno was injured fighting AVALANCHE in Midgar. Elena has a bad habit of spilling important secrets, but she makes up for it with unrivaled dedication to her task, often in stark contrast to her less disciplined "superiors."

Character profile.

Elena is a playable character who could be initially recruited during the Challenge Event Masters of the Planet as a First Time Reward for completing the event's Wutai - Da-chao Statue stage on Classic difficulty. She also occasionally appears in dedicated Final Fantasy VII stages as a boss.

Behind the scenes[]


Tseng and Elena's stolen ID cards.

In the beginning of the second trailer, and one of the newly done scenes for Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete, the view of Tseng and Kadaj's gang firing at them is from Elena's point of view.

When Kadaj confronts Rufus, and holds up Tseng and Elena's bloody ID cards, her ID number is revealed to be "077".


Elena is voiced by Megumi Toyoguchi in Japanese. She shares the same voice actress with her older sister in Last Order -Final Fantasy VII-, Paine from Final Fantasy X-2, Qun'mi Tru'e from Final Fantasy Type-0, and Aqua from the Kingdom Hearts series.

Elena is voiced by Bettina Bush in the English release of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. In the English releases of the Final Fantasy VII remake project, she is voiced by Piper Reese.


Elena is a Greek, Slavic, Spanish, Romanian and Italian version of the ancient Greek name Helen/Helene. It means "light". Her name was initially translated as Yrena as depicted in few official data books releases, such as Final Fantasy VII Official Establishment File, which include names romanization.[1]

The Japanese name is Irina, which is the Russian form of the Greek name Eirene, which means "peace".



  1. The player can decide whether or not to battle the Turks if they previously cooperated with them in Wutai. If they declined, the Turks accept that Shinra and their mission are finished and offer encouragement to each other. If they accepted, the Turks pull out after being defeated.[14]



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