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The craft of the ELEMENTALIST enables her to call on the spirits of nature.

Elemental Magick is the command ability for the Elementalist.

  • Note White Flame and Earth Heal are not Holy-based healing spells, and as such will NOT hurt undead enemies.
Skill Equipment Range AP MP
Fire Whip Scarlet Rapier 4 250 8
Hurl a ball of flame at the target. Deals fire damage and DISABLES the target.
Earth Heal Fleuret 4 200 6
Harness the energies of leaf and loam to heal the target. Restores HP.
White Flame Flamberge 4 200 12
Summon a divine flame to heal units in a small area.
Shining Air Djinn Flyssa 4 200 8
Buffet the target with a shining gale. Deals wind damage and BLINDS the target.
Evil Gaze Joyeuse 4 300 8
Summon the evil that lurks in the shadows. Deals dark damage and CONFUSES target.
Boulder Crush Estoc 4 200 8
Drop an enormous boulder on the target. Deals earth damage and IMMOBILIZES target.
Sliprain Silver Rapier 4 250 8
Drench the target with driving rain. Deals water damage and SLOWS target.
Thunderous Roar Mage Masher 4 200 8
Strike the target with a bolt of lightning. Deals lightning damage and SILENCES target.


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