Elemental Gyves are mission bosses from Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess. They are spawned at random positions in the arena when Lady Lilith and Lilith Ascendant use certain special abilities in the mission battlefield mission battlefield "Maiden of the Dusk".

There are 8 different kinds of Elemental Gyve, each corresponding to an element and represented by a color. All elemental gyves do not move or attack, but emit auras that will inflict status effects on players if they come too close. Elemental Gyves may be destroyed by players or allowed to despawn within one minute of them appearing.

The following are the auras each gyve (labeled by color) inflict:

  • Red (Fire): Burn, Attack Down (one appears after Dark Flare)
  • Cyan (Ice): Frost, Magic Attack Down (one appears after Dark Freeze)
  • Yellow (Earth): Rasp, Defense Down (one appears after Dark Quake)
  • Green (Wind): Choke, Evasion Down (one appear after Dark Tornado)
  • Blue (Water): Drown, Magic Defense Down (one appears after Dark Flood)
  • Purple (Thunder): Shock, Accuracy Down (one appears after Dark Burst)
  • White (Light): Dia, Disease (two appears after Dark Sun)
  • Black (Darkness): Bio, 5s Doom counter (one appears after Moonlight Veil, two appear after Dark Moon)

The following are examples of different Elemental Gyves.

Stats[edit | edit source]

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