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Elemental Affinity (属性強化, Zokusei Kyouka?, lit. Attribute Enhancement) is an ability or trait present in some pieces of equipment in the series, which enhances the elemental damage dealt by the user.


Final Fantasy III[]

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Final Fantasy V[]

Several pieces of equipment increase the power of elemental attacks by +50%. The bonus is applied before subtracting the opponent's Magic Defense.

Type Equipment Elemental Affinity
Knife Air Knife Wind
Hammer Gaia Hammer Earth
Katana Wind Slash Wind
Rod Fire Rod Fire
Rod Ice Rod Ice
Rod Thunder Rod Lightning
Rod Poison Rod Poison
Rod Magus Rod Wind, Earth, Poison, Lightning, Ice, Fire
Bell Gaia's Bell Earth
Bell Rune Chime Wind, Earth, Holy, Poison, Lightning, Ice, Fire
Robe Gaia Gear Earth
Staff Sage's Staff Holy

Final Fantasy IX[]

Every piece of equipment that grants an elemental boost raises damage by 50%. This does not apply to special attacks like Steiner's Shock or Amarant's No Mercy; though they take on the element of their equipped weapon they do not get a 50% increase from element-boosting equipment.

Type Equipment Elemental Affinity
Racket Magic Racket Holy
Staff Octagon Rod Water
Hat Feather Hat Wind
Magus Hat Ice
Mage's Hat Holy/Shadow
Twist Headband Earth
Red Hat Fire
Golden Hairpin Water
Flash Hat Thunder/Holy
Golden Skullcap Water
Helmet Mythril Helm Holy
Armlet Jade Armlet Holy
Bone Wrist Earth
Bracer Wind
Glove Thunder Gloves Thunder
Clothes Magician Cloak Ice
Gaia Gear Earth
Brave Suit Fire
Robe Light Robe Holy/Shadow
White Robe Holy
Black Robe Shadow
Armor Demon's Mail Shadow
Add-on Ancient Aroma Shadow
Angel Earrings Holy
Barette Ice
Black Belt Wind
Cachusha Fire
Extension Thunder
Fairy Earrings Wind
Germinas Boots Earth
Gold Choker Shadow
Maiden Prayer Holy
Pearl Rouge Water
Rebirth Ring Holy

Final Fantasy XI[]

Affinity Bonuses
Tier Dmg Acc Prp
1 +10% +20 +2
2 +15% +30 +3
3 +20% +40 +4
4 +25% +50 +5
5 +30% +60 +6

A variety of staves offer different levels of elemental affinity. In addition to increasing the damage dealt by appropriate spells, affinity also improves casting accuracy and reduces the recurring cost of a summoner's elementally-aligned pets. The hidden downside is that spells of the element weak to the affinity become less powerful and more likely to miss. A summoner also spends greater MP sustaining a pet that suffers from the equipped element.

These penalties are the inverse of the benefits that the affinity would normally grant. For example, Neptune's Staff, with tier 2 water affinity, strengthens Flood by 15% with 30 bonus accuracy but increases the cost of using Ifrit, whose fire is vulnerable to water, by 3 MP every 3 seconds. This contributes to the popular practice of switching staves for each spell that a mage employs.

Customizable staves available at high levels provide an opportunity to improve one aspect of affinity at the cost of another. One augmented item may offer more damage, less accuracy, and no reduction in perpetuation cost while another offers only a large perpetuation benefit. Advanced customizations further improve affinity with a reduction in casting time for aligned spells.

Element Equipment Tier
Fire Fire Staff 1
Vulcan's Staff 2
Agni's Staff Varies
Ice Ice Staff 1
Aquilo's Staff 2
Varuna's Staff Varies
Wind Wind Staff 1
Auster's Staff 2
Vayu's Staff Varies
Earth Earth Staff 1
Terra's Staff 2
Kubera's Staff Varies
Lightning Thunder Staff 1
Jupiter's Staff 2
Indra's Staff Varies
Water Water Staff 1
Neptune's Staff 2
Soma's Staff Varies
Dark Dark Staff 1
Pluto's Staff 2
Yama's Staff Varies
Light Light Staff 1
Apollo's Staff 2
Surya's Staff Varies
Varies Teiwaz Varies

Final Fantasy XII[]

Both enemies and player characters can boost their elemental damage with the corresponding affinity. Whereas certain enemies simply naturally have an affinity toward an element, player characters can use the effect via equipment.

When a character equips a weapon or armor that has an elemental affinity, all damage, both physical and magickal, associated with the element, is boosted by 50%. The affinity bonus is independent of the weapon's own element, in that the bonus usually exists on its own and elemental weapons usually don't have an elemental affinity. Elemental affinities do not stack, so there is no benefit in equipping two pieces of equipment that give an affinity to the same element simultaneously.

For example, none of the staves that have the elemental affinity trait have an element in the weapon. Instead, the user benefits from the affinity by casting magick of the element the weapon gives a bonus for, but there is no bonus for physically attacking with said weapon as the damage with physical attacks is non-elemental.

In the original version, all ninja swords have the element of Dark, but none has an elemental affinity on the Dark element. To apply the elemental affinity to ninja swords the character must wear the Black Robes armor, which gives a +50% boost to Dark elemental damage, making all attacks dealt with ninja swords +50% the normal damage. This is no longer the case in the Zodiac versions, as most of the ninja swords had their element changed or removed, and only the Yagyu Darkblade retains its original dark element. Also, since the Shikari (the only job that can equip the ninja swords) cannot equip the Black Robes, they cannot benefit from the damage boost. In The Zodiac Age, each character can choose two License Boards, and so with some planning the player can make best use of equipment's elemental potency effects.

Type Equipment Elemental Affinity
Pole Six-fluted Pole Water
Rod Holy Rod Holy
Bow Burning Bow Fire
Mace Zeus Mace Dark
Staff Cherry Staff Wind
Flame Staff Fire
Storm Staff Lightning
Glacial Staff Ice
Cloud Staff Water (also Wind and Lightning in the Zodiac versions)
Staff of the Magi Holy (also Ice and Wind in the Zodiac versions)
Hand-bomb Fumarole Water
Mystic Armor White Robes Holy
Black Robes Dark

Holy Rod is the only weapon that is both elemental and has an elemental affinity; its Holy element is strengthened by its own Holy affinity, so all physical attacks will be 50% more powerful, compensating for the weapon's fairly low attack power. The effect is even greater against enemies that are weak against Holy, as they will take double damage from Holy, plus the +50% bonus.

Potentially the greatest damage increase is dealt to an oiled enemy through the casting of a fire-elemental spell while equipped with the Flame Staff or the Burning Bow, as oiled targets take triple the normal damage from Fire-elemental attacks. The bonus damage also applies, when the same conditions are satisfied, through physically attacking enemies using the Burning Bow with the Fiery Arrow ammunition. Should the oiled enemy be also weak to fire, the total damage can reach 900%.

In the Zodiac versions, since all jobs have a limited pool of equipment each, the only jobs that can benefit from the elemental affinity damage boosts are the Red Battlemage, White Mage, Black Mage, Archer, Foebreaker, Monk, and Bushi by equipping the necessary equipment. However, the Bushi (equipped with either the Black or White Robes) can only benefit by using the items Dark Mote or Holy Mote, while the Monk (equipped with the Six-fluted Pole) can do so by using Aquara Mote or getting Water cast through Shades of Black. In The Zodiac Age, every character can choose two License Boards, so the player can pair the characters with this in mind; for example, Knight/Bushi can use Excalibur (holy-elemental weapon) and White Robes at the same.

The Cloud Staff and Staff of Magi were boosted in the Zodiac versions. Cloud Staff was given the elemental affinities to Wind and Lightning, in addition to the Water affinity it already had. Staff of Magi gains affinities to Ice and Wind, in addition to the Holy it already had. The effects are not documented in the in-game menu.

Final Fantasy XIII[]

Fire Affinity, Frost Affinity, Lightning Affinity, Water Affinity, Wind Affinity and Earth Affinity increase the damage dealt by the user's corresponding elemental attacks and exist as passive abilities in equipment. The bonus is between +20% - 50%, depending on the affinity's strength.

Affinity Accessory Affinity Accessory
Fire Ember Ring Ice Frost Ring
Blaze Ring Icicle Ring
Salamandrine Ring Boreal Ring
Flamebane Brooch Frostbane Brooch
Flameshield Earring Frostshield Earring
Fire Charm Ice Charm
Lightning Spark Ring Water Aqua Ring
Fulmen Ring Riptide Ring
Raijin Ring Nereid Ring
Sparkbane Brooch Aquabane Brooch
Sparkshield Earring Aquashield Earring
Lightning Charm Water Charm
Wind Zephyr Ring Earth Clay Ring
Gale Ring Siltstone Ring
Sylphid Ring Gaian Ring
Wind Charm Earth Charm

Final Fantasy Tactics[]

There are several types of equipment that increase the power of elemental attacks.

Type Equipment Elemental Affinity
Sword Excalibur Holy
Rod Flame Rod Fire
Ice Rod Ice
Thunder Rod Thunder
Clothes Gaia Gear Earth
Black Robe Fire, Ice, Thunder
Shield Kaiser Shield Fire, Ice, Thunder
Rings Sage's Ring All Elements
Armlets Japa Mala All Elements
Lip Rouge Tynar Rouge Holy

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance[]

Elemental affinity works by lowering the target's resistance to the element by one stage (absorb becomes null, null becomes resist, resist becomes normal, normal becomes weak). If the target is already weak to the element, then elemental affinity does nothing.

Due to a bug, equipment bonuses for ice, lightning, water, holy, and dark can be applied multiple times (depending on how many items with bonuses the character has equipped), while fire, wind, and earth equipment bonuses can only be applied once.

Type Equipment Elemental Affinity
Knightsword SaveTheQueen Holy
Excalibur Holy
Broadsword Vajra Lightning
Rapier Djinn Flyssa Wind
Katana Zanmato Holy
Rod Terre Rod Earth
Flame Rod Fire
Thor Rod Lightning
Chill Rod Ice
Princess Rod Wind, Water, Earth
Mace Lotus Mace Fire
Robe Black Robes Fire, Lightning, Ice

Final Fantasy Legend II[]

There are four MAGI that augment the power of elemental abilities.

Name Effect Found
Fire Add 5 Mana +1 per MAGI to Mana damage for Fire-elemental abilities. Ashura's Base, Ashura's Tower, Ki's Body, Undersea Volcano, Guardian's Base, Venus' City, Volcano, Edo Castle, Valhalla Palace
Ice Add 5 Mana +1 per MAGI to Mana damage for Ice-elemental abilities. Ashura's Base, Ashura's Tower, Ki's Body, Cave of Light, Ninja's Path, Venus' City, Sewer, Edo Castle, Valhalla Palace
Thunder Add 5 Mana +1 per MAGI to Mana damage for Thunder-elemental abilities. Ashura's Tower, Giant's Town, Ki's Body, Cave of Light, Lynn's Village, Venus' City, Sewer, Edo Castle, Valhalla Palace
Poison Add 5 Mana +1 per MAGI to Mana damage for Poison-elemental abilities. Ashura's Tower, Abandoned Giant's Town, Ki's Body, Undersea Volcano, Ninja's Path, Venus' City, Volcano, Edo Castle, Valhalla Palace

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light[]

The Elementalist's job abilities Augment and Amplify enhance the effects of allies' elemental attacks and last four turns.

Final Fantasy Dimensions[]

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World of Final Fantasy[]

In the Maxima version exclusive Hidden Dungeon, an "elemental affinity" condition may randomly take effect on a floor, doubling elemental damage to enemies with elements they are weak to.