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Elemancy is a special power linked to Lucian royalty. Noctis can extract elemental energy from deposits around the continent, collect it in magic flasks, and craft spells his allies can also use in combat.

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Elemancy (魔法, Mahō?, lit. Magic) is one of two magic-casting systems in Final Fantasy XV, available to Noctis and his entourage. The other system is related to the Ring of the Lucii and is exclusive to Noctis. Using elemancy does not cost MP, instead requiring each spell be crafted from available ingredients collected from the world. Spells carry over when using New Game Plus and chapter select.

The Final Fantasy XV Ultimania describes elemancy as a "power beyond human understanding wielded by royalty". However, if refined and stored in a magic flask, it becomes available to others in a pseudo manner.[1]


Noctis draws ice from an elemental vein.

Elemancy requires a few key ingredients to "craft" a spell. Units of elemental energy can be drawn from elemental veins found throughout the world in triangular formations around potential campsites, and acquired from enemies defeated with mechanical energy-absorbing weapons, like the Engine Blade or the Drain Lance. Elemental energy can also be at times drawn from manmade deposits, like nitrogen tanks in certain dungeons. A magic flask is a reusable container to put the crafted spell into. More flasks become available as the game progresses, some optional treasures and some acquired as part of the story.

After procuring the necessary ingredients, a wide variety of spells can be created by combining Fire, Ice, and Lightning elements. Consumable items and spoils from monsters can spice up a crafted spell, adding secondary effects like multi-casts from a single flask, healing the party while damaging enemies, and lacing the spell with status effects.

Spell list for repeat crafting.

Spells must have a dominant element, otherwise the concoction is a hybrid marked by a "?" that will result in a random spell with uncontrollable effects. While these spells are powerful, they are hard to employ strategically due to the amount of variation that may occur.

Any spell crafted is added to a list of known recipes for easy access and repeat crafting. Crafting a spell for the first time earns the Magical Worker achievement/trophy.


Noctis using Elemancy.

After a flask is filled, it can be equipped to Noctis's weapon slot like any other weapon, and to the secondary weapon slots of Ignis, Gladiolus, and Prompto. As Noctis, when the flask is selected as the active weapon in battle, holding the attack button will create an area-of-effect sphere that can be moved with the left stick. Releasing the attack button will throw the flask and release the crafted spell within the zone inside the sphere. If released within close proximity of an ally or enemy, Noctis will flip away, allowing him to avoid the initial blast. If locked onto an enemy with the flask selected, the player can tap the attack button to automatically launch the spell on the locked target and the area surrounding them.

After using a flask, a party-wide cooldown period will begin. If interrupted while beginning to cast a spell, the cooldown period may initiate, albeit not consuming a charge.

Elemancy cannot break off enemy appendages. Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto use elemancy on their own when they have it as a secondary arm, but an AI-controlled Noctis never uses magic. The AI-controlled party seems to prefer using magic against stronger enemies. However, Noctis is the natural magic-caster of the party as the player can easily equip him for high Magic stat with attires, royal arms, and accessories. Equipped elemancy is not used during Ignis's Overwhelm Technique. The player can't use magic when character-swapping to Gladiolus, Ignis or Prompto, even if they had one equipped.

Using a spell the first time earns the Black Mage achievement/trophy.

Additional effects[]


Fire elemancy burning away a field of grass.

Elemancy's damage affects enemies and allies in range, and consists of the opening blast and an aftermath. The element used may be stronger in a particular area, like fire elemancy in an arid climate or near oil and other flammable or explosive objects, or lightning elemancy in rain. Elemancy leaves lasting effects on the environment: Fire burns away grass, Thunder electrifies conductive metal surfaces, and Blizzard covers friend and foe alike in ice. Fire and Thunder effects can damage and stun anyone in range of the aftermath, while Blizzard effects will slow all victims' movements. Each will also inflict Burnt, Shocked, or Frozen. Damage incurred from elemancy can't knock the party into Danger.

Casting blizzard-type magic on a body of water freezes everything in the water in place, including enemies and player characters. If the player is standing on a rock in the body of water, they remain unaffected and can thus focus on the immobile targets. They can also avoid the freezing water by casting next to the target, making Noctis backflip onto the freshly-frozen ice.

Third-level spells have a drastic effect on the battle area, and if low-level spells are cast in quick succession, their combined environmental effects can equal out to those found on higher level spells. For instance, casting three Fire spells repeatedly will cause the area to become extremely warm, where everyone begins to take burning damage, just as if a single Firaga was used.

Using third-level or "limit break" tier magic (or Holy from the Ring of the Lucii or Armiger Unleashed) cancels out any active elemental effect on the field.

Equipping Rare Metal does not allow Noctis to break the damage limit with elemancy; the player always needs to use "limit breaking" catalysts when crafting for that.

Catalyst effects[]

Adding Items, Ingredients and Treasures during the crafting process can add effects to the resultant spells. Using catalysts while crafting may power the spell up further, or add a new effect that triggers when the spell is used in battle. Spells are offered either a higher quantity of usage by the catalyst used, or a more powerful type. Higher level spells have a better chance of inflicting their side effect, and maximize hits from multicast spells. Allies can be inflicted with status ailments if they take damage from the initial blast.

Hover your cursor over the effect for formulas.

Name Effect Catalyst
Quintcast Cast a spell up to five times. The finishing cast is of increased intensity than the others.(First is guaranteed, then: ) Items: Megalixir, Reflex Enhancer, Magitek Booster
Treasures: Behemoth Horn, Dragon Horn, Gar Fin, Griffon Claw, Hydraulic Cylinder, Imperial Medal of Honor, Large Hollowhorn, Magitek Core, Magnetron, Malboro Eye, Mandrake Flower, Scarlet Splinterbone
Quadcast Cast a spell up to four times. The finishing cast is of increased intensity than the others.(First is guaranteed, then: ) Items: Mega Phoenix
Ingredients: Allural Shallot, Hulldagh Nutmeg, Tenebraen Oak, Kettier Ginger
Treasures: Beautiful Hide, Beetle Shell, Catfish Heart, Catoblepas Fang, Curved Hollowhorn, Downy Feathers, Earth Gemstone, Giant Curlhorn, Gorgeous Plumage, Gralean Medal of Distinction, Great Anak Antlers, Greatsnake Crest, Monster Claw, Mythril Shaft, Poisonous Catfish Fin, Sharp Tail Feathers, Thunderoc Feather
Tricast Cast a spell up to three times. The finishing cast is of increased intensity than the others.(First is guaranteed, then: ) Items: Elixir, Hi-Elixir, Phoenix Down
Ingredients: Kujata Marrow, Sahagin Liver, Schier Turmeric, Smoking Wood
Treasures: Beautiful Plumage, Crooked Helixhorn, Dragon Scales, Garula Fur, Giant Feather, Giant Hairy Horn, Glass Gemstone, Great Garula Tusk, Grouper Fin, Hard Scale, Heavy Scale, Mesmenir Horn, Morion Trout Scales, Rough Shell, Salmon Fin, Shield Spike, Spiked Armor, Sturdy Helixhorn, Thick Hide, Treant Branch, Wyvern Wing
Dualcast Cast a spell up to two times. The finishing cast is of increased intensity than the others.(First is guaranteed, then: ) Items: Ether, Remedy, Superior Restorative
Ingredients: Cleigne Mollusk, Caem Pinkshrimp, Cleigne Darkshell, Sheep Milk
Treasures: Anak Antlers, Basilisk Plumage, Bulette Carapace, Catfish Barbel, Catfish Mucus, Chrome Bit, Cockatrice Tail Feathers, Crab Carapace, Fine Tail Feathers, Garula Tusk, Grouper Bones, Grouper Skin, Hairy Horn, Hard Whiskers, Havocfang Hide, Magnificent Tail Feathers, Metal Scrap, Rough Scales, Sahagin Scale, Scaled Skin, Sharp Bone, Shattered Timepiece, Snakehead Scales, Strong Bone, Supple Tail, Tiny Feather, Tough Shell, Trout Scales, Voretooth Bristles
Venomcast Cast a spell with a chance to inflict Poison status on the target.() Items: Antidote
Ingredients: Funguar
Treasures: Barbed Poison Needle, Deadly Stinger, Enormous Stinger, Insect Stinger, Scorpion Barb, Sharp Bristles
Cursecast Cast a spell with a chance to inflict Enervated status on the target.() Items: Smelling Salts
Ingredients: Alstroom, Leiden Pepper
Treasures: Anak Fetlock, Arba Spur, Barramundi Innards, Centipede Feet, Centipede Jaw, Centipede Legs, Centipede Teeth, Crimson Tongue, Fearsome Hoof, Fine Slimy Oil, Giant Hoof, Hardened Hoof, Sharp Head Fin, Slimy Oil, Spiny Barramundi Fin, Translucent Skin, Worn Incisor
Stopcast Cast a spell with a chance to inflict Stop status on the target.() Items: Maiden's Kiss
Ingredients: Vesproom
Treasures: Ammonite Fossil, Ancient Dragon Tooth, Broken Harmonica, Fossil Shell, Fossil Wood, Murk Grouper Eye, Star Shell
Killcast Cast a spell with a chance to inflict Instant Death status on the target. Allies are immune.() Items: Gold Needle
Ingredients: Malmashroom
Treasures: Big Scorpion Stinger, Coeurl Whiskers, Malboro Vine, Scorpion Stinger, Strong Whiskers
Healcast Cast a spell and heal the caster. Can restore max HP. No friendly fire.() Items: Potion, Hi-Potion, Mega-Potion
Ingredients: Aegir Root, Cleigne Wheat, Cup Noodles, Fine Cleigne Wheat, Killer Tomato, Leiden Potato, Leiden Sweet Potato, Lucian Tomato, Saxham Rice, Ulwaat Berries, Wild Onion
Treasures: Treant Trunk
Freecast Cast a spell with a chance not to consume the elemental energy it was crafted with.() Treasures: Arapaima Scales, Beautiful Bottle, Cactuar Needle, Jumbo Needle, Large Arapaima Scales, Mythril Ingot, Platinum Ingot
Expericast Cast a spell and give bonus EXP to the party. Higher level grants more EXP. It doesn't matter what enemy the player uses it on; the EXP yield is the same.() Ingredients: Arapaima Roe
Treasures: Cockatrice Crest, Debased Banknote, Debased Coin, Debased Silverpiece, Lucian Carp Reverscales, Lucian Carp Rowscales, Magnificent Crest, Old Book, Rare Coin
Failcast Gambling effect: either the spell casting fails, or the spell is cast successfully and inflicts significant damage. Ironically, boosting the level increases the failure rate.() Treasures: Iron Shavings, Rusted Bit, Sky Gemstone
Powercast Cast a spell of increased intensity (with unchanged range). Treasures: Small Beak
Blastcast Cast a spell inflicting significant damage on both the target and the caster (reducing HP to 1). Treasures: Giant Crab Pincers, Prawn Antennae, Strong Pincers
Maxicast / Limit Break Cast the ultimate elemental spell (can break the damage limit and deal up to 99,999 damage). Ingredients: Adamantoise Meat
Treasures: Adamantite, Dragon Claw, Hardened Hide, Hunter's Medal, Jade Gar Mirrorscale, Rotten Splinterbone, Wind-up Lord Vexxos, Zu Beak

Spell naming[]

The spell name depends on the catalyst used, the potency, and whether the spell is a single element, double element, or triple element. If a Limit Break catalyst is not used, the spell name will depend on the element and potency. If a Limit Break catalyst is used, the name is determined by the element.

Potency Fire Ice Lightning Triple Element
0-99 Fire Blizzard Thunder Unicast I
100-199 Fira Blizzara Thundara Unicast II
200+ Firaga Blizzaga Thundaga Unicast III
Limit Break Flare Freeze Electon Maxicast


Magic Ascension in FFXV.png

The Magic grid on the Ascension system enhances Elemancy.

Magic Level
Magic Level II
Enhanced Elementality
Extra Powercraft
Super Powercraft
Ultimate Powercraft
Magic Action
Bonuspell II

Name Effect
Bonuspell Gain an extra spell from crafting.
Bonuspell II Gain an additional extra spell from crafting.
Elemagnetism Increases the chance of draining elemental energy from a foe while using an element-absorbing weapon by 50%.
Elementalism Absorb 20% more energy from elemental deposits.
Elementality Elemental deposit absorption bonus increased to 50%.
Enhanced Elementality Elemental deposit absorption bonus increased to 80%.
Magic Action Gain 1 AP every time you cast a spell.
Magic Level Increase Magic for each character by the formula
Magic Level II Increase Magic for each character is now
Powercraft Increase power of crafted spells by 10.
Extra Powercraft Spell crafting power increase is now 30.
Super Powercraft Spell crafting power increase is now 50.
Ultimate Powercraft Spell crafting power increase is now 100.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Tekken 7[]

Noctis can use multiple different Elemancy as one of his attacks. Within the Move List option, these attacks are Thunder Impact, Flare Drive, Blizzard Spike, Thunder Strike, and Fire Blast.

Behind the scenes[]

King Regis, the Kingsglaive and Ardyn Izunia have displayed the ability to cast elemental spells without requiring magic flasks. Ignis also uses elemental spelldagger techniques when directly controlled.

Counter spell.

Noctis uses fire spells as counterattack seemingly without a magic flask against certain enemies, such as the behemoth king, some magitek armors, and Melusine.

Ignis' Libra Elementia technique functions similarly to elemancy, having him throw a flask of his own infinite supply that will also prioritize targeting an enemy's specific elemental weakness. His Enhancement technique has him imbue a flask's elemental energy into Noctis's weapons.


Classical elements typically refer to ancient concepts similar to the modern states of matter: earth (solid), water (liquid), air (gas) and fire (plasma). Classical elements are the simplest form of existence, of everything in existence. Many philosophies and worldviews believe in classical elements.