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Eleanor is a character in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. She is the wife of Dyne and biological mother of Marlene. She died when Shinra razed Corel.

Dyne carries a pendant as a memento to Eleanor. He has this pendant on both his flashback and modern field models. In the official English translation Dyne implies that the pendant was once Eleanor's, however this is never stated in the original Japanese. Despite this, Dyne has the pendant on his field model at all times. In the International version, an image of the pendant depicts it with a "D" engraved into it.


Eleanor lived in Corel with her husband, Dyne, and their daughter, Marlene. She died when Shinra burned down Corel and afterwards was accepted into the Lifestream. After Aerith dies in December 0007, Aerith helps Dyne get accepted into the Lifestream, where he sees Eleanor.


Eleanor is a given name derived from the Provençal name Aliénor, which became Eléanor or Eleonore in the northern Langue d'oïl, and from there also to English. The name probably originates as that of Eleanor of Aquitaine (1120s–-1204) who was the daughter of Aénor de Châtellerault. It has been suggested that having been baptized Aenor after her mother, she was called alia Aenor, i.e. "the other Aenor" in childhood and would have kept that name; the name Aénor itself appears to be a Latinization of a Germanic name of uncertain form.