Elayne and Owain are non-player characters from Final Fantasy VI. They are Cyan Garamonde's wife and son, respectively, whom he loves dearly. They have a small role in the game, and act mainly as motivation for Cyan to continue on his quest to keep surviving and to save the world.

Elayne has brown hair and wears a red dress. She always asks for Cyan to flirt with her, but Cyan is hesitant, his conservative lifestyle holding him back. Owain is a green-haired boy who wears a red cap and red clothes. He is playful and jumpy.

Story[edit | edit source]

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Elayne and Owain meet Cyan for the last time.

Elayne and Owain die in the imperial raid on Doma Castle when General Kefka dumps poison in the river that flows to the castle. Cyan the the only survivor, flying into a grief-stricken rage and attacking the Imperial Camp alone before being joined by Shadow and Sabin. He later sees Elayne and Owain board the Phantom Train, so they can be taken to the "other side". Elayne tells her husband that she will always love him, while Owain states he will practice his sword to protect his mother.

Cyan and Owain training.

Elayne and Owain make an appearance inside Cyan's mind in the World of Ruin, where they ask the party to help eliminate Cyan's anger. The party ventures outside the castle and find Cyan training Owain with a sword. He compliments his son's skills, and that with a little more practice he'll be a fine swordsman. Owain is happy and runs home to tell him mom. Cyan vanishes. In another area, Cyan and Owain are fishing. Owain complains that fishing is boring, but Cyan tells him that this is part of his training and everybody needs to learn patience. Owain changes his attitude and tells his father that he loves fishing.

FFVI GBA Dreamscape - Cyan and Elayne.png

The party returns inside the castle and enters Cyan's bed chambers, finding Cyan and Elayne with Owain sleeping in the bed. She ask Cyan if he loves her, but Cyan asks why she's asking such an embarrassing question and that warriors do not speak of such things. She approaches him and he tells her that he loves her more than anything. Owain jumps out of the bed and starts repeating what his father just said, and runs out of the room telling everyone what that his dad loves his mom.

The party confronts Wrexsoul and defeats him, saving Cyan. Saying that their voices gave him strength, Elayne and Owain appear before Cyan. Elayne thanks her husband while Owain tells him that he's strong. Cyan says that on the contrary he couldn't do anything to prevent any of this, claiming that he's a man without honor. Elayne tells him that he's wrong and has more than enough. They bid him farewell and tell him that they'll always be with him. Cyan asks them to wait, but they transform into sparkles of light and leave a katana behind. Cyan grabs the sword, which dispels the Dreamscape.

Cyan tells the party that his wife and son live on in his heart, and decides to no longer dwell in the past. Purging his mind of confusion and doubt, his swordsmanship attains peak level.

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Other media[edit | edit source]

In the Dawn of Souls and later remakes of the original Final Fantasy, Elayne is one of the automatic names the player can choose for the Red Mage job while Owain is one of the automatic names the player can choose for the Monk job.

In Final Fantasy XIV, Lord Hien, the current heir to Doma, had the name Shun in his childhood. His parents were named Mina and Kaien. These names refer to the Japanese names of Owain, Elayne, and Cyan, respectively.

Two spirits resemble Elayne and Owain.

In Final Fantasy XIV Sigmascape V1.0, after the party defeated the Phantom Train, two souls appeared before the Warrior of Light and say "Traveler from afar... Thank you for Doma". They look like Elayne and Owain from Final Fantasy VI, but don't have anything to do with Kaien and Hien of Final Fantasy XIV, since these souls were actually a recreation by Omega from their original world.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Elayne is a female given name of French origin, which means "light".

Owain is a name of Welsh origin.

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