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The Eisen Region is a location in Bravely Default and Bravely Second: End Layer. It covers the southwest part of the map and encompasses the Eisenberg Region and the Sea of Corsairs.

D's Journal[edit | edit source]

Eisen Region

This area encompasses Eisenberg, mired in the throes of civil war, and the waters of the Sea of Corsairs, upon which Grandship floats.

Story[edit | edit source]

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As revealed in Yew Geneolgia's journal entries of certain undead monsters, the Eisen Region was originally ruled by the Eisen Empire before the rise of the Crystal Orthodoxy. When the Orthodoxy took over the Eisen Region, it established Eisenberg along with two factions to serve the fire vestal: The Shieldbearers of Hartschild to protect her and the Swordbearers of Starkfort who enforce the Orthodoxy's will. Also at that time, Yunohana was build after the founders drove off the Akaoni to Geyser Grotto.

But some time after the Duchy of Eternia was founded, the Shieldbearers became the ruling government of Eisenberg and it resulted in a civil war. As the Shieldbearers outnumber them, the Swordbearers resorted to request the Duchy's aid and are supported by Nobutsuna Kamiizumi and his Black Blades. However, to Kamiizumi's dismay, Qada used a poison mist that decimated both sides and render one area of land uninhabitable for fifteen years.

Prior to the events of Bravely Default, as Praline leads the Swordbearer's main forces on Eisen Bridge, Konoe Kikyo used a secret passage under it to travel to the Temple of Fire to capture the fire vestal. But she ended up killing the vestal when she resisted, with a volcanic eruption blocking off the entrance to the Temple of Fire and since attempted to find another path while orchestrating an attempted assassination of the Shieldbearer leader Daniel Goodman. After forced to find another path to the Temple of Fire, Agnès Oblige and her allies end up turning the tide of the civil war in the Shieldbearers' favor with the Swordbearers eventually abandoning Starkfort.

A few years later, arriving to the Eisen region after the Skyhold, Yew Geneolgia and his group aid in stopping Aimee Matchlock when she took over the Eisen Bridge yet did not realize that the populace of Hartschild have been gradually subdued by Angelo OVO Panettone. Luckily, the group use the bathwaters of Yunohana to restore everyone to normal. That event was negated when Yew's party used the power of the SP Hourglass to negate Agnès's abduction by Denys Geneolgia. Other events occurring at the time was Erutus Profiteur attempting to help Eisenberg's economy despite Holly Whyte opposing him, a murder mystery in Starkfort, and Ominas Crowe leading an expedition into Grapp Keep to find the scroll detailing Femto Flare.

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Locations[edit | edit source]

Enemies[edit | edit source]

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