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This noble bearer of the valkyrie's asterisk is a master of the spear. She is adept at surprising foes with Jump and attacking all enemies with Crescent Moon.

Einheria Venus is a boss in Bravely Default. She is fought at the Witherwood as an optional boss during Chapter 2's Sub-Scenarios.

Stats Edit

First Battle

Second Battle

Third Battle

Fourth Battle

Fifth Battle

Sixth Battle

Battle Edit

Einheria can be hard to fight, since her Jump ability deals triple her normal attack's damage. Her Crescent Moon attack deals damage to the whole party.

When Einheria has a few thousand HP left, she will constantly cast Spirit Barrier on herself, which directs damage to her MP rather than HP. This lasts 10 turns, and on the tenth turn she will recast it. One will have to wait until her MP is drained completely before being able to damage her HP, or bring a White Mage to dispel Spirit Barrier.

Strategy Edit

Defaulting when Einheria has just jumped is greatly recommended, as is healing the party with group-Cura. Einheria's Magic Defense is rather low, so it is best deploy Black Mages, or Summoners.

Another strategy is to constantly mash the Default option until she performs either Jump or Crescent Moon. She will be unable to move for a turn or two afterwards because she will end up with a negative amount of BP. Once she starts recovering her BP, Brave and Attack, the party should cast spells and heal. Once she recovers, the process can be repeated.

Battle Quotes Edit

Chapter 8 Edit

Artemia: "Sister, raise battle call!"
Einheria: "Me? But...!"
DeRosa: "...Be my guest. But make it sound impressive."
Einheria: "Oh, um... Eternian Forces, Third Division... Bloodrose Legion...! To battle!"
—At the start of the battle
Einheria: "My spear was honed beneath the swordmaster. It shall not waver!"
—After receiving some damage first
Einheria: "Aaaaaah!"
—Should Eiheria be defeated
Einheria: "Aaaaaah!"
DeRosa: "Fall back, beautiful. Don't be stubborn now."
—Should Eiheria be defeated before DeRosa
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