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A combat Cogna with a single, highly advanced arm that accepts interchangeable upgrades. It slices, it dices, it blends, it bakes... Is there anything that arm can't do? (Answer: dual-wield.)

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Einhänder is an enemy in World of Final Fantasy.


Base Stats Edit

Encounter Stats Edit

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Location Formation
Intervention Quest - The Five Cogna Lords: Besaid Einhänder
Intervention Quest - Investigating the Garden Security Eye, Magna Roader (Purple), Einhänder
The Coliseum - Shmup to No Good Einhänder

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Einhänder (アインハンダー, ??) is the name of a scrolling shooter game released by SquareSoft on the Playstation console. The name Einhänder is German for "single-handed", referring to the single manipulator arm possessed by the game's spacecraft.

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