Eight in battle (PSP).

Eight is a playable character in Final Fantasy Type-0 who wields knuckles and fights with kicks and punches. The player can cancel his attacks to make infinite combos, and quickly maneuver to an opponent's side and gain extra damage for executing back attacks. Mixing all these techniques displays his true potential.

A downside to Eight's battle style is his range; as most of his attacks are close-ranged and ground-based, he will struggle reaching long-ranged, airborne enemies. His MP pool is low and his damaging special attacks consume a lot of the ability gauge. Out of the class, Eight has a higher experience requirement to level up, and demands for players to train their own skill and reflexes to properly play him, putting up a learning curve and skill gate to overcome.

As compensation, Eight is quick. Both his movement speed and attack speed are on par or better, than that of Cater and Ace. Since his attacks are quickly executed, Eight can abuse the Killsight function. His body tends to step out before attacking, saving players the need to get close to their opponents, and his Stances balance out his ability gauge-heavy attacks, allowing him a variety of quick attacks and patterns.

Eight's battle style is quick and aggressive. Alongside Cater, he is an ideal character to use to solo a level with ground-based enemies. With proper equipment and well-timed dodges and attacks, Eight can easily become a lethal force in the right hands.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Level HP MP Strength Defense Flame Magic Ice Magic Lightning Magic Defense Magic
9 386 185 69 63 53 60 55 49
10 403 191 70 63 54 61 56 50
20 564 219 80 66 59 66 61 55
30 711 247 90 68 64 71 66 60
40 843 275 100 71 69 76 71 65
50 961 303 110 73 74 81 76 70
60 1065 331 120 76 79 86 81 75
70 1155 360 130 78 84 91 86 80
80 1230 388 140 81 89 96 91 85
90 1292 416 150 83 94 101 96 90
99 1335 438 159 85 98 105 100 94
Ranking: 4th 11th 4th 4th 11th 5th 7th 12th

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Last Stand's Killsight can be avoided by equipping a Super Ribbon or Agito Insignia. During l'Cie mode, Eight will remain in this form until leaving the area.

Sacrificial Slug is essentially a stronger and much riskier version of Explosive Fist.

In his abilities marked as Stances, directional input with the control stick allows him to execute a variety of moves at no cost of the ability gauge.

Swiftwind Stance[edit | edit source]

Swiftwind Stance focuses on quick and fluid attacks that work well with timing and pacing. Their attacks use movement and aerobic activity, and many of them also work to reposition Eight after their execution. While basic and fast to perform, they require accuracy to land and a good eye to estimate their range and trajectory.

  • Standing still and pressing its assigned button gets Eight to hold firm to the ground and execute a series of rapid punches. Holding the button continues the assault indefinitely until the button is released or if Eight is hit with a strong attack.
  • Holding forward and executing the attack has Eight sprint and leap before using the momentum to perform a sliding kick. While the jump removes the opening framespan before the actual kick registers, the move itself can also be used to help maneuver Eight around the battlefield, making right use of it more effective.
  • Holding left or right and executing the attack has Eight jump and perform a spinning roundhouse kick. It is especially useful for closing distance on flying enemies and pushing back foes.
  • Holding down while executing the attack has Eight leap up and slam the ground with his fist, sending out a shockwave and a geyser of dust in a wide area. Along with crowd control, it also registers as a strong attack, capable of knocking down enemies and forcing them out of an attack.

Wildfire Stance[edit | edit source]

Wildfire Stance focuses on powerful and rhythmic attacks that require thought and application to fully realize. It uses attacks with a wider range and might, but its effectiveness is limited to properly applying their attacks to specific situations.

  • Standing still and executing Wildfire Stance has Eight throw out an energy ball of ki that moves at a slow pace on a straight trajectory, but its range is infinite and can also be thrown multiple times.
  • Holding forward and executing the attack has Eight ready a charging tackle before blazing forward. The attack grants Eight an infinite degree of endurance or "super armor"; while he takes damage as he performs the attack, he cannot be hit out of it. While it takes time to start up, Eight rushes immediately to perform the tackle, and the aura attacks adjacent enemies.
  • Holding left or right and executing the attack has Eight perform a spinning split kick while handstanding. The attack can hit multiple times with a circular range, making it useful for ground-based crowds at close range.
  • Holding down while executing the attack has Eight leap up and slam down his fists to the ground, creating a tall Fire-elemental pyre in front of him. The attack has a delay, but upon execution the pyre can hit multiple times.

Quickbolt Stance[edit | edit source]

Quickbolt Stance focuses on erratic but technically effective attacks that demand good control and accurate input. Its attacks cover a balanced spectrum of pacing, range, and strength, but its technical application requires the player to input directions correctly and have experience in using Swiftwind and Wildfire Stance.

  • Standing still and executing Quickbolt Stance has Eight leap up and make an inverse flip kick. Upon finishing, Eight can follow into performing a rapid series of thrust kicks, much like Quickwind Stance's rapid punches. The jump is useful for evading standing and ground reaching attacks.
  • Holding forward and executing the attack has Eight crouch and perform a leaning dropkick. Upon finishing, Eight can follow into performing a rapid series of thrust kicks. The lunging crouch is useful for evading bullets and upper area based attacks. Both kick attacks have an easier transition into one another.
  • Holding left or right while executing the attack has Eight plant his feet to the ground and perform a palm strike that can be followed up with another palm strike.
  • Holding down while executing the attack has Eight sit cross-legged and generate a field of energy around him. Any enemies within are attacked, and any damage incurred is restored at half to Eight. Executing this attack upon Breaksights and Killsights allows Eight to restore all of his HP.

List of abilities[edit | edit source]

Ability Effect Obtained AP
(Speed Up (Name in Japanese: スピードアップ))
Increase movement speed. Level 17 2
(Twin Magic (Name in Japanese: ツインマジック))
Equip two spells at once. Level 50 12
Quick Draw II
(Cancel -ra Magic (Name in Japanese: ラ系キャンセル魔法))
Cast level II finishing magic. Learn One-Two Cast. 24
Quick Draw III
(Cancel -ga Magic (Name in Japanese: ガ系キャンセル魔法))
Cast level III finishing magic. Level 80
Learn Quick Draw II.
Triple Slip
(Triple Evasion (Name in Japanese: 三連回避))
Execute up to three dodges in succession. Learn Accelerate. 2
(Infinite Evasion (Name in Japanese: 無限回避))
Execute any number of dodges in succession. Learn Triple Slip. 3
(Evade Guard (Name in Japanese: 回避ガード))
Window for dodging increases. Learn Slipstream. 5
(Libra (Name in Japanese: ライブラ))
Check status of locked-on targets. Default Default
(Special Evasion (Name in Japanese: 特殊回避))
Dodge sideways with left analog stick left/right + normal attack. Default Default
Blind Strike
(Back Attack (Name in Japanese: バックアタック))
Increase critical hit rate when attacking some enemies from the rear. Default Default
Quick Draw
(Cancel Magic Type-1 (Name in Japanese: キャンセル魔法壱型))
Cast finishing magic after a normal attack. Level 40 10
Rising Uppercut
(Down Counter (Name in Japanese: ダウンカウンター))
Counterattack when downed by pressing normal attack at the right time. Learn Swiftwind Special. 2
Backhand Deliver an attack with a high Stun rate with left analog stick down + normal attack. Learn Wildfire Special. 3
One-Two Cast
(Cancel Magic Type-2 (Name in Japanese: キャンセル魔法弐型))
Cast finishing magic after a backhand attack. Level 43
Learn Backhand.
Swiftwind Stance
(Gale Kata (Name in Japanese: 疾風の型))
Shift to a simple stance and perform combos with the ability button (and optionally, left analog stick up/left/right). Default Default
Swiftwind Special
(Gale Kata+ (Name in Japanese: 疾風の型改))
Strike the ground during a combo by pressing left analog stick down + ability button. Default 2
Swiftwind Stance: Power Up
(Gale Kata++ (Name in Japanese: 疾風の型改二))
Increase power of the series of punches in Swiftwind Stance. Default 4
Wildfire Stance
(Raging Fire Kata (Name in Japanese: 烈火の型))
Shift to an aggressive stance and perform combos with the ability button (and optionally, left analog stick up/left/right). Learn Rising Uppercut. 2
Wildfire Special
(Raging Fire Kata+ (Name in Japanese: 烈火の型改))
Conjure a pillar of fire during a combo by pressing left analog stick down + ability button. Learn Wildfire Stance. 2
Wildfire Stance: Power Up
(Raging Fire Kata++ (Name in Japanese: 烈火の型改二))
Increase power of charge attack by pressing left analog stick up + ability button. Learn Wildfire Special. 4
Quickbolt Stance
(Thunderclap Kata (Name in Japanese: 迅雷の型))
Shift to an erratic stance and perform combos with the ability button (and optionally, left analog stick up/left/right). Learn Accelerate. 2
Quickbolt Special
(Thunderclap Kata+ (Name in Japanese: 迅雷の型改))
Strike enemies and absorb HP during a combo by holding left analog stick down + ability button. Learn Quickbolt Stance. 2
Quickbolt Stance: Power Up
(Thunderclap Kata++ (Name in Japanese: 迅雷の型改二))
Increase power of flying kick by pressing left analog stick up + ability button. Learn Quickbolt Stance. 4
Explosive Fist
(Raging Fist (Name in Japanese: 爆裂拳))
Slowly approach enemies and deliver a devastating punch. Learn Wildfire Stance: Power Up. 4
Explosive Fist: Power Up
(Raging Fist Power Increase (Name in Japanese: 爆裂拳威力増大))
Increase power of Explosive Fist. Learn Explosive Fist. 6
Flinchproof Fist
(Raging Fist Guard (Name in Japanese: 爆裂拳ガード))
Receive invulnerability while performing Explosive Fist. Learn Explosive Fist: Power Up. 8
Sacrificial Slug
(Sacrifice Punch (Name in Japanese: 捨て身パンチ))
Drop user's HP down to 1 and inflict tremendous damage on enemies. Level 30 10
Lightspeed Jab
(Lightspeed Fist (Name in Japanese: 光速拳))
Deliver a weak but extremely fast punch. Learn Triple Slip. 6
Lightspeed Swarm
(Lightspeed Fist+ (Name in Japanese: 光速拳改))
Teleport toward enemies with Lightspeed Jab. Great for executing Killsights. Learn Lightspeed Jab. 8
Lightspeed Jab: Distance Up
(Lightspeed Fist++ (Name in Japanese: 光速拳改二))
Increase distance teleported with Lightspeed Jab. Learn Lightspeed Swarm. 6
Last Stand Receive Haste and Aura, but inflict user with Killsight. Learn Flinchproof Fist. 3
Last Stand: AG Down
(Last Stand Reduced AG Cost (Name in Japanese: 背水の陣消費AG減))
Reduce AG cost of Last Stand. Learn Last Stand. 3
Phantom Rush Dodge all enemy attacks. Learn Untouchable. 5
Phantom Rush: AG Down
(Phantom Rush Reduced AG Cost (Name in Japanese: 夢幻闘舞消費AG減))
Reduce AG cost of Phantom Rush. Learn Phantom Rush. 5

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Unlike the rest of the weapons, Eight's knuckles do not have a weapon model; he fights barehanded. Eight's exclusive accessory is the Transcendent Scroll, which boosts his Strength by 80, decreases all his magic stats by 40, and grants Auto Endure status.

Support Personnel[edit | edit source]

Some Support Personnel characters in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD appear as Eight: Hideo Masu (Drummer for Bump of Chicken), Rina Okumoto (Battle Animator), Taisuke Ooe (Lead Character Action Designer), and Hashimoto Meijin (Executive Producer).

Quotes[edit | edit source]

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