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Shiva is an Eidolon in Final Fantasy Type-0.

We have the ability to summon Eidolons, but we can only do so at the cost of our own lives. It's a high price to pay, and no magic is powerful enough to bring you back from the other side. I want to help protect the dominion, but I don't think I could do it. I'm...too afraid of dying.


Eidolons (軍神, Gunshin?, lit. War Gods) are the name for summoned monsters in Final Fantasy Type-0, and were created by the Dominion of Rubrum using the power of the Vermilion Bird Crystal.

They serve the same military purpose as siege weapons and war machines, and are used by Rubrum to counter the Militesi Empire's advanced weapons technology. In addition to their standard forms, Eidolons boast higher ranks and forms, giving them more destructive potential and utilization.

Following the deployment of the crystal jammer, only the members of Class Zero retain the ability to summon these creatures, though they can only do so by sacrificing their life force, removing them from battle for the remainder of the mission. As such, they are best used for last resort attacks.


Sil. XIX , 339 RG Rubrum
Implementation of Eidolons

After their embarrassing performance against the royal army's wyverns, the dominion legions began searching for something stronger than the magic they had relied upon until then. What they found were the Eidolons.

Sorcery designated the Eidolons as a type of weapon, but they were not created at Akademeia, and these beasts of war were not exactly magic. Each Eidolon possessed its own intellect and its own will. They appeared when summoned—not from anywhere in Orience, but from another realm—and after a set period of time, they vanished. Unlike spells developed in Sorcery, the Eidolons could only be deployed by forging a covenant via summoning portal—and in exchange for their services, the Eidolon demand the summoners' life energy.

It is said that the discovery and implementation of Eidolons can be attributed to the efforts of the Archsorceress at the time, but the psychomagical principles behind the Eidolons remain unclear to this day. Compared with Concordian wyverns, who similarly possess their own intellects but were most certainly born of the Crystal's power, there is still much yet to be understood in regard to the nature of the Eidolons.

According to legend, as if responding to the dominion's demand for more power, the first Eidolon summoned was even more formidable than a l'Cie. Rubrum deployed this Eidolon to Lorica, and after long and drawn-out battle, the Eidolon finally managed to topple the Black Tortoise l'Cie. However, this Eidolon required massive amounts of life energy, and the dominion foolishly sacrificed the lives of many innocent legionaries to this end.

Because of this incident, dominion officials sealed away this first mighty Eidolon as anathema, and Rubrum decided to forge covenants with more agreeable beasts of war. Many facets of the Eidolons remain unclear, but once a covenant has been forged, anyone can summon that beast of war through a portal. Thus, the Eidolons immediately secured a spot as the dominion's primary offensive tool, and in the year 339, Rubrum formed its first summoning regiment.


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Within all mortals exists an extraordinary latent power, flowing forth from one's consciousness and manifesting itself as a great beast. At the tender age of eighteen, my spirit on the verge of drifting from its human vessel, I too witness'd that nigh divine power take physical form. Only in death can one bring life to these awesome creatures. Thus, unto my people, I offer a warning: call upon the power of these beasts only shouldst thou be prepared to surrender thy life.

Vermilion Bird l'Cie Maona

The people of Rubrum revere Eidolons as gods of war and guardian deities of Rubrum. Summon magic is studied in the Sorcery Division of Akademeia, which is also the instance that grants summoning permits. The head of Sorcery, Archsorceress Arecia Al-Rashia, has a personal Eidolon, Bahamut ZERO, of which not even other high-ranking Sorcery officials are privy to details about. All that is known is that its abilities are on a different level than those of the dominion's other Eidolons.

Summoning Eidolons if no small feat, as it requires special skill and magic ability, as well as every last ounce of the summoner's strength: the exertion of performing the ritual kills the summoner, although there exists a classification of Eidolons known as "Special Eidolons" developed to Arecia that don't require the sacrifice of the conjurer to summon.

The ability to deploy Eidolons makes the Rubrum army a formidable opponent, and the Militesi Empire has developed its magitek armor teknology specifically to encounter Rubrum's magic and Eidolons. The latest MA developed for fighting Eidolons is the Militesi Colossus.

Eidolons were discovered in 339 by the Sorcery Division of Akademeia that learned to forge covenants with them and create magical portals to momentarily summon them to Orience from another realm to fight in behalf of their summoner. The first Eidolon Sorcery summoned was said to be stronger than even the l'Cie, but due to the massive quantities of life energy summoning this Eidolon required, dominion officials sealed it away.

On the border between Milites and Rubrum, the Meroë Region was plagued with conflicts. In 343 a border dispute sparked a war that became a contest between magic and mechs. The dominion's spells had little effect on the empire's magitek armor, and the imperial forces outnumbered the legions. Rubrum's front lines collapsed, and the empire nearly routed the dominion out of Meroë.

The dominion's First Independent Summoning Regiment summoned Ifrit to drive back the imperial army and led the dominion to victory. This convinced Rubrum that the Eidolons were more powerful than magic, and Sorcery set out to research methods to implement and effectively utilize Eidolon units.

Steeled and strengthened through centuries of war, each Crystal-State had developed formidable fighting forces convincing each head-of-state of the possibility of unifying Orience under one banner. The waning of the Crystals' power drove the four state leaders to expedite their war efforts, even if extracting energy from the Crystals exacerbated their deterioration. Fearing the weakening of the Crystals to be permanent, each nation sought to annihilate the others.

During the Great Orience War Concordia launched an assault on Rubrum's rear guard, and the dominion responded by summoning the Verboten Eidolon Leviathan, escalating the war. As the struggle continued, each nation's Crystal began deteriorating even more rapidly due to the replenishment the weapons, armor, and magic and through the creation of l'Cie. As the power of all four Crystals was waning, on Ventusmens IV in the year 359, the four nations ordered a ceasefire and began preparations for a peace treaty.

Odin during Capital Liberation.

When Militesi Empire breaks the Pax Codex and attacks Rubrum in 842, they deploy two crystal jammers to disable the Vermilion Bird Crystal, rendering Rubrum's Crystal-powered shields useless and making its soldiers unable to use magic. Rubrum summons Bahamut but it is shot out of the sky by airships. Cadets that would become known as Class Zero are sent to deal with the problem and disable the jammer and face off against Qun'mi Tru'e, the White Tiger Crystal Secundus l'Cie who was operating one of the crystal jammers. To her surprise, Class Zero summon Odin, a Special Eidolon, against her, and annihilate her and her troops, driving them out of the city.

Impressed by the cadets' prowess Class Zero is officially registered at Akademeia and deployed to the battlefield to help reclaim the areas lost to the empire. During The Capture of Togoreth Stronghold, Class Zero faces off against Channelgates that had fallen in imperial command and the Golems they summon. The dominion army has installed Channelgates in nearly all of its strongholds. When an intruder approaches, the Channelgate will automatically generate a portal and call forth a powerful Eidolons. Although summoning usually requires a human being to sacrifice his or her life, scientists in Sorcery developed a way to freeze summoning portals in their early stages and then reactivate them using time manipulation magic. However, resuming the summoning process requires an immense amount of energy, and the entire security system will shut down when one severs the power supply.

During this mission Class Zero get permission to summon Ifrit, and after felling commander Qator Bashtar, get permission for Shiva as well. Other Akademeia cadets resent Class Zero for their preferential treatment, as Eidolons are forbidden for most other classes, although Class Second has a regiment specifically for summoning Bahamut. Arecia Al-Rashia, Akademeia's archsorceress and Class Zero's assembler and benefactor, has the power to resurrect Class Zero cadets if they die, however, as summoning an Eidolon costs a person their life. Therefore, Class Zero can be allowed to summon Eidolons without losing any cadets as long as Arecia will revive them afterward, and Class Zero keeps collecting more summoning permits as reward for successful missions.

After Queen Andoria of the Kingdom of Concordia is assassinated, her successor, the King of Concordia, allies with the empire. Now facing the simultaneous wrath of two Crystal-States, Rubrum calls the Consortium of Eight to a meeting to decide how to handle it. To everyone's surprise Chancellor Khalia Chival VI announces that the Vermilion Bird Crystal Secundus l'Cie Lady Caetuna wills to summon a Verboten Eidolon should the Militesi-Concordian coalition try and invade Rubrum. The other consortium members are shocked as no one has summoned a Verboten Eidolon for centuries.

Central Command prepares for the upcoming showdown against joint Militesi-Concordian forces. The plan is to send Class Zero with Lord Zhuyu to fight off the Concordian dragons, and send the rest of Rubrum's legionaries, and Akademeia cadets and trainees, to the Militesi border for Lady Caetuna to summon a Verboten Eidolon. Two l'Cie taking part in Rubrum's military operations is unheard of, and many see it as a sign of the dominion's, and thus the Vermilion Bird Crystal's, desperation, as by now all the other Crystals of Orience have been subjugated by the empire that has devised a machine to enslave them.

Bahamut ZERO summoned against Shinryu Celestia.

Waging war on two fronts, the dominion forces summon Bahamut and Odin to vanquish the Concordian wyverns, but when the Azure Dragon Crystal Primus l'Cie Soryu appears its breath attack annihilates the dominion's Eidolons. The Vermilion Bird Crystal deploys Zhuyu to intercept it, and while the two l'Cie do battle the forces of Concordia and Rubrum engage with Class Zero eventually facing off against Shinryu Celestia. If they perish against the Five-Star Dragon, Arecia summons Bahamut ZERO to annihilate Celestia with its Tera Flare.

On the western front the dominion forces are being driven back until Lady Caetuna summons the Verboten Eidolon Alexander. Its summoning takes time and energy and thus cadets from Akademeia and the commanding officer Kurasame Susaya relinquish their phantoma to complete the summoning. While Caetuna performs the summoning the rest of the dominion legionaries defend their position with summoning squads in the fray. When Gilgamesh appears he defeats the dominion's Ifrits. Alexander decimates the imperial forces with its Divine Light, but the summoning also kills Kurasame and all the cadets who aided Caetuna, who enters crystal stasis, having served the Crystal's Will.

When Tempus Finis commences the cadets head to the Pandæmonium, and can no longer summon Eidolons as they are cut off from the power of the Vermilion Bird Crystal, and are no longer revived by Arecia should they fall. After the cadets fell the Rursan Arbiter as mortals, Arecia decides to abandon her experiment to find Etro's gate with the Agito, and departs from Orience. As the light of the Crystals fades, it is unknown whether anyone would be able to summon Eidolons anymore.

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Ace summoning.

Eidolons have their own levels and abilities, and level up much quicker than party members. They are only assigned at the start of missions, with some missions disallowing access to them. During the mission, pressing the two assigned buttons for 0.4 seconds opens a portal, summoning the Eidolon below the active leader at the cost of the summoner's life*(if a cadet summons an Eidolon while under Reraise, the sacrificed cadet will be revived after the Eidolon is dismissed; however, deaths under Reraise status still contribute to the death count, thus preventing one from getting higher scores on missions)). The Eidolon can be controlled just like the active party leader, or switched away with another party member where it will act on its own, but it cannot be switched back to.

Eidolons will only remain for a limited amount of time per summon, and they cannot be revived if they run out of HP. They can only be healed by recovery portals while they're not active, with exceptions to the HP-recovering attacks of the Diabolos class, and any Eidolons with Auto-Regen. Several Eidolon abilities cost MP to use, but they passively recover MP at a rate of 4.4-4.6% per second, which can occasionally be upgraded further. In the HD remaster, Eidolon attacks can break the 9999 damage limit.

Eidolons cannot dodge naturally, obtain phantoma, or switch abilities. Despite being unaffected by positive status effects, the same applies to negative ones, and they aren't punished for failing a Special Order. Some Eidolons have the auto-ability Automaton, meaning they will choose their own commands, so the player must then switch active leaders to control the party again.

Once the summon expires, the Eidolon vanishes and is replaced by the KO'd active party leader. Different Eidolons require different spaces to summon. Trying to open a portal in a space too narrow will fail. Bahamut and Odin require large spaces, but Shiva is more lithe and can be summoned in narrower spaces. Some Eidolons are too large to even fit through passageways, and their inability to draw phantoma will delay enemy corpses from despawning, thus delaying more enemies from appearing, and therefore causing passage barriers to take longer to vanish. The player should take this into consideration when deciding what Eidolon to take on missions.

There are times when the Eidolons will automatically summon and fight on behalf of KO'd characters. After the summon time has ended, the Eidolon will eventually revive all KO'd characters, but will be unavailable for the rest of the mission in return.

Although an in-game Trainee NPC mentions that magic can't bring back summoners from the dead (which complies with the game's canon), both the Raise and Reraise spells can be abused to summon Eidolons repeatedly, though these deaths still penalize the mission's grade at the end.

List of Eidolons[]

Eidolons are categorized by six primary classes, and in each class are stronger incarnations of that Eidolon.



Not many people know this, but there are actually tens of thousands of Ifrit-class Eidolons, all with their own unique abilities and personalities.

Class Sixth Cadet
Name Summoning Radius Summon Duration How to unlock
Ifrit 1,5m 75s - 95s Talk to Koharu during the mission The Capture of Togoreth Stronghold.
Square | X X | A Triangle | Y Circle | B
Blazing Strike Eruption Meteor Strike

To the denizens of the dominion, Ifrit has come to represent all that Eidolons embody: strength resilience, and agility vastly exceeding mortal capabilities. The first Eidolon officially assigned to military units, Ifrit received praise for its ease of summoning and all-around exceptional functionality in the field. Although Ifrit has fallen out of use in recent years, it still remains a prominent fixture in the dominion legions' rear guard.

Firebrand 1,5m 45s - 75s Complete the Expert Trial United Front on Officer difficulty.
Square | X X | A Triangle | Y Circle | B
Blazing Strike Eruption Meteor Strike

Eager to take advantage of its exceptional abilites Sorcery forged a covenant with this powerful Ifrit-class Eidolon early on. However, Firebrand may only be summoned for a brief period of time, and as such its usage necessitates sound judgment. Central Command has assigned the Eidolon to a select few summoning squads under direct military supervision. There units summon Firebrand to support the vanguard during offensive operations.

Rubicante 0,9m 75s Complete the SO objective "Destroy Brionac as quickly as possible using your active leader" during the mission Operation MA Demolition.
Square | X X | A Triangle | Y Circle | B
Blazing Strike Eruption

Blessed with perpetual Regen status, this durable Eidolon is well suited for drawn-out battles of attrition. However, due to its low HP, Rubicante is susceptible to fast-paced enemy onslaughts. Thus, the dominion legions choose to summon this Eidolon only once they have broken through the enemy's first lines of defense.

Vulcan 1,5m 50s-80s Complete the SO objective "Take down Mikazuchi using your active leader" during the mission The Battle of Judecca.
Square | X X | A Triangle | Y Circle | B
Blazing Strike Eruption Meteor Strike

Unlike its Ifrit-class brethren, Vulcan is unique in that it completely defies mortal control. While its reckless nature proves beneficial in times necessitating nothing but unadulterated destruction, Vulcan will only further complicate situations requiring a more strategic response. In spite of this shortcoming, however, this Eidolon still enjoys great popularity for its incredible strength and convenience: just summon, sit back, and watch as it wreaks havoc on the enemy.

Calamity 2,1m 90s Complete the Expert Trial A Charge on the Border on Officer difficulty.
Square | X X | A Triangle | Y Circle | B
Flaming Fist

This Ifrit-class Eidolon relies on nothing but its two fiery fists in battle and naturally specializes in close-quarter brawls. Although opinion remains divided over its performance between the various units, all dominion legionaries will agree that Calamity truly shines when engaged in melee.

Ignis 0,9m 50s-70s Complete the mission The Clash on Big Bridge on Agito difficulty
Square | X X | A Triangle | Y Circle | B
Hellfire Meteor Mash

Although this Eidolon is unable to function well in close-quarters combat, Ignis's Hellfire packs quite a figurative punch. As a result, Central Command positions this Ifrit-class warrior at strategic strongholds to provide long-distance fire to cover units in the field.




Name Summoning Radius Summon Duration How to unlock
Golem 2,2m 120s - 130s Complete the mission The Infiltration of Iscah.
Square | X X | A Triangle | Y Circle | B
Megaton Punch Ancients' Wrath Gaia Stampede

The eponymous Eidolon of the Golem class, this slow sentinel more than makes up for its abysmal speed with its incredibly high defenses. Second in military summonings only to Ifrit, Golem can easily withstand even the most powerful enemy assault. In spit of its high deployment rate, however, Golem rarely sees action on the battlefield. Instead, the dominion legions employ this Eidolon to guard strongholds and other key military facilities.

Gigas 2,2m 160s - 200s Complete the mission Expelling the Empire on Officer difficulty.
Square | X X | A Triangle | Y Circle | B
Megaton Punch Ancients' Wrath Gaia Stampede

What this Eidolon lacks in strength it more than makes up for with its plentiful MP and lengthy summoning period. Because of this staying power, Gigas is well suited for units unfamiliar with controlling Eidolons, especially those truly inexperienced squads who may need extra time to adjust. Likewise, the legions employ Gigas almost exclusively as a defensive measure at strongholds, meaning that this Eidolon and its squad are often safe from the dangers of high-pressure combat.

Troll 3,0m 70s-90s Complete the Expert Trial Colonel Faith's Revolt on Officer difficulty.
Square | X X | A Triangle | Y Circle | B
Megaton Punch Gaia Stampede

Although its HP may be somewhat lower than that of its Golem-class counterparts, Troll is nevertheless a resilient warrior. Moreover, this Eidolon is blessed with perpetual Regen status, meaning that it will remain alive until its summoning period has ended. Its sturdy frame and constant regeneration allows Troll to infiltrate combat zones where fire is so fierce even Ifrit-class Eidolons are unable to approach.

Ogre 2,2m 70s-80s Complete the Code Crimson mission A Fog-Laden Foray on Officer difficulty (not possible during the first playthrough).
Square | X X | A Triangle | Y Circle | B
Megaton Punch Ancients' Wrath Gaia Stampede

Spurning the mortals who summoned it, Ogre strikes targets based solely on its own judgment. Although this recklessness proves troublesome for the Ifrit-class Vulcan, this Golem-class Eidolon's high resilience and defensive function means its lack of adaptability poses few problems in practice. In fact, the legions often deploy Ogre to the front lines so as to capitalize on its impressive strength on offensive maneuvers, a strategy unthinkable for its Golem-class brethren.

Titan 2,1m 90s Complete the SO objective "The Crystal wills you to take down Golem" during the Code Crimson mission Machina's Struggle (not possible during the first playthrough).
Square | X X | A Triangle | Y Circle | B
Megaton Punch Ancients' Wrath Gaia Stampede

The most powerful in the Golem class and master of all its techniques, Titan can use its awesome strength to turn the tide of battle with a mere swing of its fist. However, this Eidolon can only be summoned for a short period of time and, as such, Central Command restricts Titan's usage to specific situations in spite of its overwhelming power.

Dwarf Golem 0,9m 50s-70s Complete the Expert Trial The Climactic Clash at Azurr on Officer difficulty.
Square | X X | A Triangle | Y Circle | B
Megaton Punch

Despite its diminutive designation, the Dwarf Golem boasts the most powerful and longest-reaching Megaton Punch among Eidolons in its class. However, the Dwarf Golem is cursed with low HP and even lower speed, and while these two flaws can be overlooked in favor of the incredible range of its Megaton Punch, no positive traits can make up for its embarrassingly short summoning period. In turn, this Eidolon sees very little use among the dominion legions.




Name Summoning Radius Summon Duration How to unlock
Shiva 0,7m 90s-120s Complete the mission The Capture of Togoreth Stronghold on any difficulty.
Square | X X | A Triangle | Y Circle | B
Icicle Twirl Winter Wonderland Diamond Dust

An Eidolon specializing in frosty offensive, Shiva boasts the highest mobility of all the dominion's summoned warriors. In spite of her frailty, she is able to freeze enemies in their tracks with Winter Wonderland, allowing Shiva or her allies to descend upon and neutralize the target. Although Sorcery has forged numerous covenants with this Eidolon, her powers prove less than useful against the empire's steel weaponry. Instead, Central Command often deploys her to the Concordian front where she can make quick work of the kingdom's monsters.

Shankara 0,6m 45s-65s Complete the Code Crimson mission Operation Breakthrough on Officer difficulty (not possible during the first playthrough).
Square | X X | A Triangle | Y Circle | B
Winter Wonderland Crystal Dust

This graceful Eidolon specializes solely in powerful special attacks. Shankara's inability to fight hand-to-hand poses little problem to her allies, as the Shiva-class Eidolons rarely see close quarters combat in the first place. Unfortunately, Shankara's summoning period is extremely short, so the dominion legions are only able to call upon her in certain situations.

Petite Shiva 0,4m 120s Complete the Expert Trial Covering the Cadets on Agito difficulty.
Square | X X | A Triangle | Y Circle | B
Icicle Twirl Crystal Dust

The technical specialist among the Shiva-class Eidolons, this minuscule maiden unleashes her Crystal Dust to envelop enemies in a wintry whirlwind of pain. Petite Shiva can wipe out entire fleets with several well placed attacks, but she requires great skill to control. Thus, the dominion assigns her to very few squads, and she joins the fray only on very rare occasions.




Name Summoning Radius Summon Duration How to unlock
Odin 1,6m 70s-110s Complete the mission The Clash on Big Bridge on Officer difficulty.
Square | X X | A Triangle | Y Circle | B
Moonring Blade Zantetsuken Cavalier Charge Prance

Best known for his Zantetsuken, this harbinger of death can slay a group of even the most fearsome foes with a single slash. In addition, Odin can also move around the field while attacking with Cavalier Charge or strike enemies from a distance with Moonring Blade. Given Odin's well-rounded nature, Central Command has often deployed him as the legions' main offensive force in many skirmishes against the empire.

Grímnir 2,1m 50s-60s Complete the Code Crimson mission Mission Under Ceasefire on Agito difficulty (not possible during the first playthrough).
Square | X X | A Triangle | Y Circle | B
Moonring Blade Shin-Zantetsuken Cavalier Charge Prance

Superior to Odin in nearly every aspect, Grímnir is a force to be reckoned with. His Shin-Zantetsuken functions much like his predecessor's Zantetsuken, but it is more powerful and can inflict death upon even more formidable foes. In spite of these incredible advantages, however, Grímnir can only be summoned for a very brief period of time, so Sorcery has decided to limit the number of covenants they form with him.




Name Summoning Radius Summon Duration How to unlock
Diabolos 0,8m 90s-110s Complete the Expert Trial Operation Dragon Slayer on Officer difficulty.
Square | X X | A Triangle | Y Circle | B
Shadow Strike Gravija Sphere Dark Barrier

This eerie Eidolon attacks enemies with spheres of gravitational energy. These spheres take time to compress, and they also sap health from friends and foes alike. Despite these difficulties, however, charging these orbs until they reach critical mass will allow Diabolos to unleash a tremendous assault with power easily surpassing that of even the Bahamut-class Eidolons. Diabolos is extremely vulnerable while compressing gravitational energy, and thus effective use in the field requires deploying this Eidolon in the rear guard and relying upon allied assistance while it prepares to strike.

Baalberith 0,4m 75s-85s Complete the SO objective "Combat Trial: Deal at least 3500 damage to the Diepvern" during the Code Crimson mission Operation Vulturnus (not possible during the first playthrough).
Square | X X | A Triangle | Y Circle | B
Sinister Strike

Unlike its Diabolos-class companions, Baalberith is unable to manipulate gravity. Instead, this Eidolon boasts high mobility and exceptional CQC skills, specializing in swooping down and slaying a target quickly and efficiently. Due to its brawling tendencies, Baalberith is able to make the best use of its abilities when pitted against several enemies spread out across a wide range.

Astaroth 1,0m 110s-150s Complete the Expert Trial Dominating the Dragon's Nest on Officer difficulty.
Square | X X | A Triangle | Y Circle | B
Shadow Strike Graviton

This dark Eidolon conjures gravitons and hurls them at enemies to deal massive damage. On one hand, Astaroth can continue the compression process even when under fire. However, the gravitational spheres it summons also inflict the same injury upon Astaroth's allies as well as its enemies, making the summoning itself a rather risky endeavor. Therefore, Central Command only assigns this Eidolon to a selected few squads that need not concern themselves with the safety of their comrades—special forces units, for example.




Name Summoning Radius Summon Duration How to unlock
Bahamut 3,0m 50s-60s Complete the Code Crimson mission Operation Vulturnus on Officer difficulty (not possible during the first playthrough).
Square | X X | A Triangle | Y Circle | B
Rush Mega Flare Shock Wave

Hailed as the most powerful of all Eidolons, Bahamut enjoys a prominent position among the dominion legions' most important units. The astounding destructive power of its Mega Flare exceeds that of any ordinary dominion weapon, and its sturdy defenses allow it to withstand the feat of the front lines all on its own. However, Sorcery has forged a very limited number of covenants with this Eidolon. Thus, Central Command has assigned Bahamut to only a handful of units outside of the Akademeia defense force, and cadet units who specialize in summoning this Eidolon are truly few and far between.

Neo Bahamut 3,0m 35s-50s Complete the Expert Trial Colonel Faith's Revolt on Agito difficulty.
Square | X X | A Triangle | Y Circle | B
Rush Giga Flare Shock Wave

This Eidolon surpasses Bahamut in strength, sturdiness, and speed. In addition, Neo Bahamut's Giga Flare is exponentially more powerful than the Mega Flare of its predecessor. Even its relatively short summoning period can be overlooked in light of its outstanding performance in the field. Neo Bahamut's only true flaw is the extremely limited number of covenants. With fewer than ten of these Eidolons at their behest, Sorcery keeps their Neo Bahamut fleet under lock and key, temporarily lending them out to the dominion legions only on very rare occasions.

Bahamut ZERO Unknown 75s (actually until Shinryu Celestia is defeated) Not available outside The Battle of Judecca.
Square | X X | A Triangle | Y Circle | B
Grand Buster Tera Flare

This Bahamut-class Eidolon belongs exclusively to Dr. Arecia Al-Rashia—and, much like its owner, nearly everything about Bahamut ZERO is shrouded in mystery. Not even high-ranking Sorcery officials are privy to details about this Eidolon. All that is known about this fantastic creature is that its abilities are on an entirely different level than those of the dominion's other summoned warriors. In the Battle of Judecca, Dr. Al-Rashia summoned Bahamut ZERO, who in turn came to Class Zero's rescue and slayed the Azure Dragon l'Cie, Shinryu Celestia.


Verboten Eidolons[]

Alexander in Final Fantasy Type-0.

Immensely powerful Eidolons, known as Verboten Eidolons (秘匿大軍神, Hitoku Dai Gunshin?, lit. Confidential War Gods), cannot be controlled by the player. According to the description in the game and the official novel, these Eidolons can only be summoned by a l'Cie. The process of summoning takes six hours to complete and requires the l'Cie along with a couple of thousand outstanding sorcerers to sacrifice themselves. Once summoned, these Eidolons are able to destroy entire armies.

Below are the Verboten Eidolons mentioned in the story. Out of these, Alexander is the only one to appear in the game:

The first ever Eidolon summoned is said to have been stronger than a l'Cie but to have required the life energy of untold numbers of dominion legions, and for this reason its summoning was prohibited after the first time it was used against Lorica and its Black Tortoise l'Cie. It is unknown what Eidolon it was, but it fits the description of a Verboten Eidolon.

Behind the scenes[]

The first Eidolon made for the game was Ifrit, who was intended to be depicted as brutal, wild and berserk. Ifrit shares its concept art with that of his Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- counterpart. At this time the team still played with the idea of making the Eidolons playable in real-time, and looked at the summoning video they made first of an Ifrit NPC summoned that acted on its own. The team had the feeling it was not the beast they wanted him to be as he did not seem feral enough. When the team tried to make Ifrit playable for the first time, Tabata, who was trying it out, clicked the button and Ifrit made a powerful attack. This impressed Tabata so that he decided they should try to overcome the technical limitations to make the Eidolons playable.[1]

Machina and Rem with a slain Bahamut.

One day Yusuke Naora was walking out in Tokyo, and saw a cat that had been struck by a car and killed. The corpse was surrounded by other cats nudging and licking it. This harrowing experience inspired Naora to portray the connection between the students of Class Zero, both between themselves and with their Eidolons, and the pain of death and war. This is reflected in the key art featuring Machina and Rem next to a slain Bahamut.[2]

Unlike Final Fantasy XIII, where Eidolons are mechanical and messengers of Etro, the Eidolons in Type-0 are more organic in appearance. However, they still have gear and cog-like designs on their person somewhere. This is a major theme in Orience and may still imply some attachment to Etro as they are said to be called forth from another realm.


Unused Eidolons


Eidolon means "unsubstantial image", "reflection", or "phantom" in Greek. It can also mean "idol" and is the source of the Latin word "Idolum".

Verboten is German for forbidden, with particular emphasis of being forbidden by an authority.