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Eibon Stronghold.


Eibon Stronghold on the world map.

The stronghold of Eibon (エイボン要塞, Eibon Yōsai?, lit. Eibon Stronghold) is a military stronghold in Eibon Region in Final Fantasy Type-0 and only accessible during the Reclamation of Eibon mission.

Story Edit

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In the year 251 Eibon was the battleground for the Rubrumite-Dracobaltian War between the Kingdom of Dracobaltia and the Dominion of Rubrum, waged at the border between the kingdom's Roshana and the dominion's Eibon territories. The kingdom's Dracobaltians launched to battle against the dominion with their monsters maintaining an initial advantage, but due to their lack of organization, they were unable to do more than force a retreat. Thus, despite their many nominal victories, the Dracobaltian Army made few actual military gains.

The dominion, apprised by its enemy's lack of internal cooperation, implemented a divide-and-conquer strategy: split the Dracobaltian ranks, then surround and annihilate them. Having suffered massive casualties at the hands of the dominion, royal units fled the battlefield and Rubrum regained the Eibon territory. Eibon Stronghold still stands at the border, the dominion's main defensive line against the kingdom.

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Quests Edit

Missions Edit

During the Regional Dominance mission "The Reclamation of Eibon", Eibon serves as enemy HQ and needs to be captures to make Eibon Region dominion territory.

Enemies Edit

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