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Eft is a genus of enemies in Final Fantasy XI.

The diminutive reptiles known as Efts are a common sight in Bibiki Bay. With a prominent dorsal spike, a crocodile-like jaw, and their constant location near water, it's safe to assume that they feed primarily on fish and crustaceans along the beach, but may occasionally snack on unattended bird eggs and unsuspecting rarabs. Much to the delight of beach-going adventurers, these little lizards are not aggressive, but they will defend one another if they see one of their own attacked. Don't be fooled by their small stature; with needle-like teeth, a powerful tail and toxic saliva, they can easily overwhelm a cocky adventurer.

Eft skin is remarkably durable and lightweight, which is why it is applied with animas to create a unique armor set designed to combat the emptiness. These little aquatic lizards lend a helping hand, in this case skin, to stopping the spread of the emptiness.

Regular Monsters Edit

  • Canyon Eft
  • Eft
  • Hypnos Eft
  • Razorback
  • Tartarus Eft
  • Terminus Eft

Notorious Monsters Edit

  • Intulo
  • Night Eft
  • Nightmare Eft
  • Race Runner
  • Sacrophilus
  • Splacknuck
  • Tatzelwurm
  • Whiro

Beastmaster Pets Edit

Special attacks Edit

  • Cyclotail: AoE physical damage.
  • Geist Wall: AoE Dispel.
  • Nimble Snap: Single target damage.
  • Numbing Noise: Cone Attack Stun.
  • Toxic Spit: Single target Poison.

Etymology Edit

Eft, the terrestrial juvenile phase of a newt.

Gallery Edit

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