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Edward's Harp

I learned it while traveling as a bard. It is a melody used to ward off evil fey. I thought perhaps it may serve to disrupt his concentration.

Edward, after removing the magnetic barrier in the Lodestone Cavern

"Edward's Harp" (ギルバートのリュート, Girubāto no Ryūto?, lit. Gilbart's Lute), also known as "Melody of Lute" or "Edward's Lute", is Edward Chris von Muir's theme. Edward claims this to be Anna's favorite song. Despite its original name, the track is played using synthesized harp.

Composed and arranged by Nobuo Uematsu, the track appears in the Final Fantasy IV: Original Sound Version as track 18 on disc 1. For the soundtrack of the Nintendo DS version, the track is track 19 on disc 1.

Game appearances[]

Final Fantasy IV[]

Edward explaining the melody.

In the 3D remakes, the song first appears when Cecil and Rydia convince Edward to aid them in finding the Sand Pearl in the Antlion's Den. Later, Edward plays his harp by the oasis in Kaipo in reminiscence of Anna.

"Edward's Harp" plays an important role during the battle against the Dark Elf in the Lodestone Cavern. The magnetic field greatly weakens Cecil and his allies, but due to the Whisperweed they carry, Edward is alerted of their danger and plays his harp to help them. The music conveyed through the Whisperweed causes the Dark Elf to lose control of itself, allowing Cecil's party to wield metallic weapons and defeat it. The song continues to play throughout the battle until the Dark Elf transforms into the Dark Dragon.

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-[]

"Edward's Harp" plays as the background theme for the restored Damcyan Castle.

Other versions[]

Piano Collections: Final Fantasy IV[]

The track is known as "Melody of Lute" on this album containing piano arranged versions of themes from the game. All the songs are performed by Reiko Nomura.

Final Fantasy IV Official Soundtrack: Music from Final Fantasy Chronicles[]

The track is known as "Edward's Harp".

Final Fantasy IV: Celtic Moon[]

The track is known as "Melody of Lute", and arranged in an Irish Celtic style. This version is also found on the Potion: Relaxin' with Final Fantasy album.

Final Fantasy: Love Will Grow[]


This piece neatly fits the love and care of this song, enforced with guitar, violin, bass, and percussion. The arranger of this song, Mr. Nakamura, has arranged 2 songs in "PRAY", too. He has used Gypsy violin to bring out an ethnic feeling.

Liner notes to "Estrelas" on Final Fantasy: Love Will Grow album

"Estrelas" ("Stars") is a vocal arrangement sung in Portuguese.


Olha o céu tão lindo
Cheio de estrelas
Cheio de sonhos da gente
Que espera paz
Em corações de toda gente
Há estrelas lindas assim
Que iluminam carinhosamente
São as estrelas do amor
Vem mais perto, menina
Ouça o meu violão
E a minha canção
Que canta a beleza da noite
A gente esquece
Na correnteza da vida
As esperanças
E as coisas boas da vida
Vem mais perto, menina
Ouça a minha canção
Eu sou um cantador
Que canta esperança da vida.
English translation[]
Look at the skies, so lovely--
Full of stars,
Full of the dreams of those
Who hope for peace.
In the hearts of everyone
Are stars as beautiful as these
That shine kindly--
These are the stars of love!
Come closer, little girl,
Listen to my guitar
And to my song,
Which sings of the beauty of night.
We lose
In the current of life,
Our hopes
And the best things in life.
Come closer, little girl,
Listen to my song--
I am a singer
Who sings of life's hope.