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Eduardo, the world-renowed bard, is a solitary man who honed his skills throughout his travels to the far reaches of the land. His adventures at an end, Eduardo returns to his hometown of Rusalka where his voice enchants all who come to partake of his ballads. On a starry night, while gazing over the western sea, he spies an alluring mermaid whose soft smile wins over his heart.

Official Description

Eduardo is a Bard who is found by the Warriors of Light in Final Fantasy Dimensions. Turned into a frog by a witch's curse, he joins to Sol's party to get back to normal.



Eduardo is a young, white haired man and green eyes. He wears a brown suit and coat, red pants and a fuchsia hat.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Eduardo meets the Warriors.

Eduardo is a bard who has traveled a lot around the world. He plays music at night near the dock and he notices a mermaid hearing him. As he wants to breath underwater to come and see that mermaid, he accepts a help from a witch. However, he was turned into a frog instead. Then he meets the Warriors of Light. Together, they find the Bottle of Bubbly water, which help then to breath underwater and go to the Underwater Temple. Upon meeting Edna and defeating Styx to save her, he knows that Edna is his mother.

During his childhood, he came down with a fatal disease. She got turned into a mermaid so that Eduardo could live. Edna then kisses him and turn him back into a human. Edna then vanishes, but not before telling him that she will always look after him. During their trip back to the surface, Styx ambushes the Warriors and almost defeat them. However, Bikke and his crew arrives in time to save the him and the Warriors. On Bikke's ship, he whispers: "This isn't the end, mother. Just a new beginning". Getting back to Rusalka, he says that he will spend some time here and then begins to travel again.

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Eduardo is a Bard and has low stats overall, although his MP, Spirit and Agility are slightly better. He can equip harps, daggers and bows. His abilities are varied with access to some Bardsongs. His level is set to 40 when becoming human again.

Eduardo can attack from back row by using harps and cause statuses to enemies, or he can be used as support for the group with his Bardsongs by boosting his team's physical or magical damage. An effective but uncommon strategy involves casting Slow on Eduardo while he's singing; his song will take longer to finish and his MP consumption will be less if the battle is long.

Starting stats[]

Stat Growth Growth*(As a human)
Lv 30 40
EXP 74278 219480
TNL 10289 21621
HP 896 1482
MP 178 232
STR 11 14
SPD 24 29
VIT 17 20
INT 18 20
MND 22 25

Stat growth[]

Stat Growth
HP +20
MP +40
STR +0
SPD +2
VIT +1
INT +4
MND +5


Eduardo represents the Bard. He has the support ability Witch's Curse, in which he gains a frog's appearance but is immune to Toad and Mini. He also can use Bardsong abilities, including:

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Eduardo TCG.png

Eduardo appears on a card.


Eduardo is the Portuguese and Spanish form of the male given name Edward. "Edward" is a common English given name that means "rich" and "prosperous"; several kings and nobles have shared this name.