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Eduardo... I'll always be here, protecting you. As I have done before, and as I will continue to do until the end of time


Edna is a character in Final Fantasy Dimensions. She is a mermaid that lives at the Underwater Temple that Eduardo desperately wishes to meet.


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Edna speaking to the Warriors of Light.

While Eduardo was small, he came down with a fatal disease. In exchange for his health, Edna got turned into a mermaid. However, she still looks after Eduardo. Later, she is taken by Styx to lure Eduardo, who is in frog form because of Styx, and the Warriors of Light to go to the Underwater Temple. They finally manage to defeat Styx and saves Edna, with some help of The Mask. Edna kisses Eduardo, turning him back into a human. Edna then tells Eduardo to go back to the surface and promises to protect him forever.

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Edna is a female given name originating from several languages. In Hebrew, it means "pleasure". Edna, as derived from Hebrew, is closely related etymologically to the name Eden. The name may also be an Anglicized form of the Irish and Scottish name Eithne, meaning "kernel" in Gaelic.