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Edgar is a minor character in World of Final Fantasy. He is a Grymoirian incarnation of Edgar Roni Figaro originating from Final Fantasy VI. Edgar is one of four character representatives of that game, the other three being Terra, Maduin, and Celes.




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Who's Who[]

CV: Ray Chase / Shin-ichiro Miki
Age in Grymoire: 27
Notes: King of Figaro / Owns a big sand castle (sort of) / Loves the ladies / "The churl never gets the girl" / Voiced by a true FF fan
An Eye for the Ladies
Day after day, Edgar struggles with an ethical quagmire from which he just can't escape. On the one hand, he must flirt with all the ladies. On the other, he knows that this can be taken as rude, and one should never be rude to a lady. What to do?!
Additionally, Edgar still hasn't quite decided where to draw the line between "girl" and "lady." It seems that Reynn falls into the former category, and not the latter.
The Desert Castle
Edgar's castle rose from the sands with a tremor and a roar. Although its chain-like leash might suggest the Federation had a hand in such a trick, Figaro Castle's ability to submerge is uniquely its own.
Figaro Castle, Midgar, and the Underground Prison
Strap yourselves in, because we're breaking the fourth wall.
Figaro Castle is, without a doubt, the most preposterous facility in all of Grymoire. To be honest, it never made any sense. A castle that can burrow into sand? How does that even work?!
Well, we've ratcheted up the implausible factor to the max by strapping a facility named after FFVII's Midgar to the bottom of it, complete with DIRGE of CERBERUS's Mako Reactor 0. Add to the mix one boss straight out of FFIX—hi, Vivi! To top it all off, if you look at the submerged portion of the castle, it's painfully obvious from the construction that it's an evolved version of the drills on that desert prison in FFVIII...
Honestly, even we think we might have gone too far this time.
Eidolons as Living Structures
Enna Kros hints at this, but in case you didn't catch it: in every A-World, massive eidolons can take the form of buildings or weapons. In Grymoire, there are at least four known examples of this:
  • Big Bridge Alexander
  • Eden of Balamb
  • The Lute of Ragnarok
  • The Midgardian Ormr
(And in fact, there's one more, but we'll save that for another entry.)
Eiko is Big Bridge Alexander's caretaker. The Eden of Balamb is guarded by Quistis, Squall, and SeeD. The Lute of Regnarok, Cornelia's guardian, has been revived and magically charged by Ramuh's Judgment Staff. And the Midgardian Ormr sleeps beneath Figaro Castle, under Edgar's watchful eye.
The Ormr stands out because no one has realized yet that it is an eidolon. And that suits it just fine for now, since it is able to convert Grymoire's geotic energy into mako whenever it requires more magic.
When eidolons and Mirages materialize in a new world, oftentimes they don't quite fully make it. When this happens, their primary characteristics are emphasized and reforged into a new form, such as a specialized facility or a powerful weapon. Long, long ago, some Cogna failed to push their way into Roksanne and Aris's world. The weapons they became were discovered and wielded by great heroes. But this directly led to a Cogna invasion, which in turn invited the creation of a new, terrifying type of being: the amalgamations known as the Exnine Knights.
First World of Origin:

Intervention Quests[]

Edgar appears in the following Intervention Quests:


The following is a list of quotes uttered by Edgar when talking to him at Figaro Castle.

  • Now then, what to tackle next...
  • Sorry, I'm a little tied up right now.
  • Don't worry. Between the soldiers and Vivi's gang, Figaro will be fine.
  • Reynn! How good of you to come. Please, make yourself at home.
    Hm? Oh, Lann. I didn't see you there.
    You say you're a lady too, Tama? My sincerest apologies. Can I take you to dinner sometime to make it up to you?



Edgar is an English name that means "great spearman". Edgar may also come from the Anglo-Saxon words ead gar, meaning "rich spear".