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The Eden.

Eden [ˈiː.dən] is a Raid Raid series and a mysterious being described as Light incarnate in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. With the power to affect the poles of the elements, it caused the Flood of Light that devastated most of the First.


Flood of Light[]

Eden came into being when Ardbert and his party defeated the Ascian Overlords, Loghrif and Mitron. The latter's host body mutated into the first sin eater as a result of the mortal blow dealt by Ardbert's blade of Light. Mitron lost his sense of self as he unleashed the Flood of Light that rendered most of the First a lifeless wasteland. Those caught in the Flood were warped into aether-starved monstrosities. When the Flood was poised to swallow Norvrandt, Minfilia Warde, the Oracle of Light, arrived from the Source with Ardbert and party in tow. Despite being weaker, Minfilia forced Eden into a deep slumber to cease the Flood in Amh Araeng. This caused Mitron to regain his sense of self despite his host body now being a prison due to its Light affinity weakening him.

Restoring the Empty[]

A hundred years later, the Warrior of Darkness and their friends defeat Hades and the night sky returns to Norvrandt. Ryne, successor to Minfilia as the Oracle, detects another great source of Light out in the Empty. Together with Thancred Waters she attempts to traverse the wastes, but its nature prevents any prolonged expedition with just the two of them. They gain the assistance of Urianger Augurelt and the Crystal Exarch to fund an investigation. The party decides, against their wishes, to call upon the assistance of the Warrior of Darkness; though they would rather have their friend rest, the Warrior is the only one who can handle the Light from what may be a Lightwarden. Using a form of transport found within the Crystal Tower, they safely traverse the wastes with Ryne's sense to guide them.

They arrive before a giant being buried in the ground, and set up camp. Ryne describes the find as being 'Light' rather than made of Light as normal sin eaters. Urianger deduces the being as the first sin eater that caused the Flood, with Ryne christening the being 'Eden', utopia in the Fae tongue, as it could reverse the damage it has caused.

Urianger theorizes that Ryne may be able to control Eden with her powers over Light, and sets up an aethernet relay to teleport inside the being. The Warrior heads in first to deal with any potential threats, which turns out to be a miniature avatar of Eden itself, before the others join them. Using another device Urianger created, Ryne tries to gain control over Eden, a process that awakens the being entirely. Eden rises into the air, but Ryne wins the contest of wills. She detects intruders heading towards their position. Thancred, Urianger and the Warrior head out to deal with interlopers while Ryne continues to exert control over Eden.

The Warrior confronts a young armored woman who has powers over Darkness, time and voidsent and bests her in combat. Thancred, Urianger and Ryne come to check up on them, the former two having defeated powerful voidsent themselves, and Ryne's control over Eden now stabilized. After the woman briefly awakens to be extremely confused, Thancred takes her back to the base camp to recover. Ryne, meanwhile, discusses Eden's true powers: the ability to shift the aspect poles of aether on a planet-wide scale. By shifting the elements towards Umbral, it caused the Flood. However, it can also shift them the other way, towards Astral. Ryne believes she can use Eden to stimulate the stagnant aether within the Empty, restoring its capabilities to support life. Urianger agrees, but believes that simply shifting the poles to Astral planet-wide may have disastrous consequences. He theorizes it would be better to turn some of the aether to Astral, and release it safely over where it provides the most benefit, i.e. summoning primals of a specific element and destroying them where their element would be most naturally abundant.

Leaving Thancred in charge of the woman at base camp, the party uses Eden to travel places on the First to summon incarnations of Leviathan and Titan whom the Warrior defeats. After each defeat, the base camp shows signs of elements restoring, a lake sprouting and the earth regaining color. Though the changes are localized, Urianger theorizes this may be due to the camp being at a convergence of streams of the Lifestream, and other such pockets in the Empty may be experiencing similar effects.

After Ryne briefly rests, the young woman, Gaia, joins her. The party continues to use Eden to summon primals and defeat them, calling forth incarnations of Ramuh, Ifrit, Garuda and Shiva. Shiva's defeat serves as the final key and small plants begin to sprout in the restored land. After the Scions of the Seventh Dawn return to the Source, Ryne and Gaia find the land dying and assume the Shiva incident might have been the cause. Gaia speculates that using darkness could resolve the issue, and the two girls help the Warrior create a facsimile of the Cloud of Darkness, whose defeat restores darkness to the land.

Eden's Promis

Eden's Promise.

Having planted the idea into Gaia's head, Mitron reveals himself by projecting his spirit from Eden and revealing it as his previous body. He invites Gaia back in to understand their connection, revealing she is Loghrif reborn. He turns her possessed body into their Ascian Prime form to restore her memories and to also never be parted from her. The Warrior and Ryne fight to get Gaia back as she is resisting the transformation. Mitron refuses to accept this and decides to completely erase Gaia's memories and absorb her body into Eden. The Warrior pursues the Ascian Prime and defeats the being as Eden's Promise, killing Mitron, whose spirit departs the now lifeless Eden to be reincarnated, and releasing the stored aether within back to the land, causing it to flourish to life.

Ryne once again uses her voice to awaken a comatose Gaia following her seperation, and together they celebrate the land's rebirth. back at Mord Souq, the party relays the outcome of the expedition, with Gaia opting not to learn about her former life and instead focus on the future with Ryne.


FFXIV ShB Eden Prime render

Eden Prime.

Eden's Gate[]

Eden's Verse[]

Eden's Promise[]


Eden (עֵדֶן, éden) means "place of pleasure" in Hebrew. It often refers to the Garden of Eden in the Bible.

Eden means "utopia" in Fae, the pixies' language.

In the context of Final Fantasy, Eden in Final Fantasy XIV is named after the ultimate Guardian Force Eden from Final Fantasy VIII.