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Eden's Verse: Iconoclasm is the third turn of the Eden's Verse raid in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers.


As you and your comrades prepare to restore the last of the six elements, Gaia's mind is suddenly seized in the grip of an unknown and malevolent force. Dark aether swirls around her, and slowly coalesces into an ominous glyph, hovering high above Eden. From nowhere, a vast swarm of sin eaters circles around it, as moths to a flame, and a voice that emanates from within the core claims to hold dominion over these creatures of Light. While its true purpose remains unknown, one thing is abundantly clear: it must be vanquished before it is allowed to place your mission in jeopardy.





The battle against the Idol of Darkness takes place on a square platform, which it is possible to fall off of.


Betwixt Worlds

Idolatry and Blasphemy

Words of Unity

Words of Night

Words of Fervor


Musical themes

A orchestration of Force Your Way, the same that plays during Eden's Gate: Resurrection and Eden's Gate: Descent, plays during the fight against the Idol of Darkness.


Iconoclasm is the destruction of certain "heretical" or "unholy" images for religious reasons; metaphorically, it can also refer to attacks on widely revered beliefs.

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