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Eden's Verse: Fulmination, known by players as E5, is the first turn of the Eden's Verse Raid Raid in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers.



Although Gaia, the girl who had previously launched an attack on Eden, has finally awoken, her amnesia prevents you from learning much of her origins. For the time being, the best course of action appears to be continuing with efforts to restore balance to the ambient aether of the Empty. The next element is lightning, which once ravaged the Gandof Thunder Plains in the time before the Flood of Light. Your memories of Ramuh give corporeal form to the crackling aetherial energies drawn forth.

In-game description


The discovery of a second crystal within Eden's core leads to more questions than answers, and yet again, your mind is assaulted with terrifying visions upon gazing inside. You see foes previously vanquished reborn, more brutal and unrelenting than even your wildest imagination, yet your unwavering resolve forbids you from tearing your eyes away...

In-game description





Ramuh before battle.

Ramuh begins by casting Judgement Volts, which deals heavy raid-wide damage, spawns many blue orbs on the ground, and removes a stack of the debuff Surge Protection from every player. If touched, an orb will disappear and give a stack of Surge Protection, which lasts for 60 seconds. If Surge Protection reaches 4 stacks, then all stacks fade and the player suffers a healing down debuff. However, the player will need stacks of Surge Protection to survive certain mechanics.

Ramuh casts Judgment Jolt and the party stacks behind the small lightning rod to avoid the attack. The black mage is not in a safe place here, but can avoid the attack using Aetherial Manipulation.

Ramuh then casts Stratospear Summons, spawning four lightning rods, one at each of the four corners of the square platform. One of the lightning rods will be short; the long rods will explode with lightning when Ramuh cats Judgement Jolt, so the party must stack in the corner of the small rod.

Ramuh then casts Executor Summons, spawning a Raiden add, which tethers to the player with the most Surge Protection stacks (and will change targets if a different player has a larger stack). If the tethered player touches Raiden, s/he will instantly die; so the tethered player must kite Raiden around, taking damage from Raiden's auto-attacks and one tank buster, until it fades. For this reason, the off-tank should have the most Surge Protection stacks while the Raiden is alive. The Raiden does not move while the tank buster is casting, which can be used to the off-tank's advantage. If no player has a maximal number of Surge Protection stacks, the Raiden will randomly switch between the players tied for the largest stack, making it impossible to control.

Ramuh casts Fury's Bolt, giving Ramuh a stack of Fury's Bolt. This will modify his next cast; in this case it modifies Judgement Volts to make it fatal unless the player has a stack of Surge Protection (so the off-tank must have two stacks and everyone else must have one stack before Judgement Volts finishes casting). Ramuh then casts Crippling Blow, a heavy-hitting physical tank buster on his primary target. After Crippling Blow, the Raiden fades.

Stormcloud Summons[]

Ramuh then casts Stormcloud Summons, which targets the four closest players to the boss with an orange marker and the other four with a purple marker. The orange marker deals damage in an area-of-effect around the player and inflicts Hated of Levin, a debuff which causes the player to pulse three times, dealing heavy damage and inflicting Paralysis on anyone close to him/her, before suffering the effect of Hysteria, which is usually fatal. Meanwhile, the purple marker spawns a Stormcloud over the player, which deals moderate damage and inflicts Vulnerability Up on any player standing under it, before ultimately fading after around twenty seconds. If two Stormclouds are too close, they will fuse into a larger Thundercloud and pulse with heavy raid-wide damage and inflict Damage Down on the raid. In addition, being struck by a Stormcloud does not inflict Vulnerability Up if it can instead consume a stack of Surge Protection, and being struck by a Stormcloud also removes the effect of Hated of Levin.

Therefore, the four melee must each be assigned a ranged partner; the melee must be targeted by Hated of Levin while the ranged must be targeted by Stormcloud (so the ranged must be far from the boss's hitbox before the cast of Stormcloud Summons begins). Each ranged must drop their Stormcloud in a corner and quickly return to the boss, while the melee touch an orb to receive a stack of Surge Protection, then run to their partner's Stormcloud to remove their Hated of Levin and Surge Protection debuffs, all the while being sure to come too close to their partner lest s/he be inflicted with Paralysis.

Ramuh casts Levinforce, and the party stands to his side so that even if their knockback mitigation fails, they will survive the attack.

The party must then all return to the center, because Ramuh casts Levinforce, a knockback which does mild damage. If Ramuh is in the perfect center of the platform, then Levinforce can only be survived by being knocked towards the west or east, or by using knockback mitigation techniques.

Tribunal Summons[]

Ramuh then may or may not cast Fury's Bolt, but either way then casts Tribunal Summons, summoning several Wills of Ixion floating outside of bounds and consuming the Fury's Bolt stack if it exists. The Wills of Ixion will Gallop across the platform in straight lines; touching any Will of Ixion is fatal, but the largest Will of Ixion, which Gallops across the center of the platform, in fact knocks back everyone away from its path. The knockback will remove a stack of Surge Protection. The westmost and eastmost columns of the platform will always be safe from Wills of Ixion.

The Wills of Ixions prepare to Gallop across the platform. Since Ramuh previously cast Fury's Bolt, the knockback will be more powerful, and so the party must stand close to the center.

If Ramuh has a stack of Fury's Bolt when the Wills of Ixion spawn, the largest Will of Ixion will have a more powerful knockback and will inflict Vulnerability Up on anyone without Surge Protection. Therefore the party must first consume orbs, then be knocked back from just behind the solid north-south line on either the midwest or mideast of the platform. Otherwise, the party must be knocked back from just behind the dashed north-south line on either side of the platform, and does not need to consume orbs.

Thunderstorm and Stepped Leader[]

After the knockback, Ramuh again casts Crippling Blow and Judgement Volts, allowing the party to refresh their Surge Protection stacks. Ramuh casts Fury's Bolt again, followed by Thunderstorm, which consumes the Fury's Bolt stack. Thunderstorm will, over time, target each of the eight players in turn with mild splash damage that will consume a Surge Protection stack (and will be fatal without Surge Protection), as well as several small targeted area-of-effect spells that can and should simply be dodged. Ramuh casts no other spells until the Thunderstorm clears roughly thirty seconds later.

When the Thunderstorm clears, the off-tank must have the largest Surge Protection stack, since Ramuh will then cast Executor Summons, though this Raiden does not immediately fade after its tank buster. While the Raiden is still alive, Ramuh casts Stepped Leader. At some randomly-selected point during its cast, Stepped Leader locks in each player's location, and when the cast finishes deals heavy damage and inflicts Damage Down, so players must move in trajectories that do not overlap with other players' trajectories, while also taking care not to touch too many orbs or (for the off-tank) touch the Raiden. When Stepped Leader resolves and the Raiden dies, Ramuh casts Judgement Volts again.

Fury's Fourteen[]

The party positions to avoid the knockback from Fury's Fourteen. Notice the position of the lightning rods and the stacks of Surge Protection.

Ramuh then casts Fury's Fourteen, giving him fourteen stacks of Fury's Bolt. He then consumes all fourteen to cast Stratospear Summons, spawning fourteen large lightning rods, in two lines of seven along the midwest and mideast columns. Ramuh then casts Tribunal Summons, calling Wills of Ixion to Gallop along the outer columns of the platform. At this point every player except one tank must have a stack of Surge Protection.

Immediately after the Wills of Ixion Gallop, Ramuh casts Centaur's Charge, dashing across the center column either from the north or the east. Anyone hit by Centaur's Charge takes roughly 250,000 damage, while everyone else is knocked back. One person must stand directly in front of where he dashes and use his/her Duty Action to absorb the brunt of the hit. If the Duty Action player survives the hit, they will be knocked to the perfect center of the platform while everyone else will be knocked to the outermost columns. The knockback will be fatal without a stack of Surge Protection, which it consumes. If they survive the knockback and crash into a lightning rod along the way, the rod will be destroyed.

Ramuh casts Centaur's Charge.

Therefore a tank must stand on the circle in front of Ramuh and use very heavy mitigation or an invulnerability, followed by the Duty Action (in that order), to survive Centaur's Charge, while the rest of the party lines up along one side of the platform, each one knocked into one of the seven lightning rods on that side of the platform. (The seven party members must all have a stack of Surge Protection at this point.) If all seven of the lightning rods are destroyed then the party members will be knocked into a safe space and one can Rescue the Centaur's Charge tank.

After Centaur's Charge, Ramuh casts Fury's Bolt and then consumes the Fury Bolt stack in a cast of Stepped Leader, which then targets the party with annulus-shaped area-of-effect spells around each player, rather than its usual effect. If the party stacks sufficiently tightly, this will be harmless.

Chain Lightning[]

Ramuh's next spell is Chain Lightning, which inflicts each healer with eight stacks of a Chain Lightning debuff. After a few seconds, this jumps to the nearest player, dealing heavy damage (fatal damage if that player recently took a Chain Lightning debuff) in a splash effect around the user, and leaving them with one fewer stack of Chain Lightning. Therefore the party should split into groups of three, with two players (probably the tanks) idle; cycling between three players is sufficient to ensure that the same player does not receive Chain Lightning twice. Healing here is quite demanding, as Ramuh casts Crippling Blow and Judgement Volts while Chain Lightning is winding down.

Repeating mechanics[]

Ramuh then casts Executor Summons, Fury's Bolt, and Thunderstorm. The Fury's Bolt is consumed in the Thunderstorm, and the off-tank must maintain a high stack of Surge Protection even while using Surge Protection to survive Thunderstorm. The Raiden dies just as the Thunderstorm resolves, just in time for Ramuh to cast Stepped Leader (whose effect is identical to its first cast). Ramuh then casts Crippling Blow and Judgement Volts.

Ramuh's second cast of Fury's Fourteen (followed by Stratospear Summons, Tribunal Summons, and Centaur's Charge) is similar to the first, except that in addition to the Wills of Ixion described above, he also summons Wills of Ixion that Gallop along west-east rows, leaving just one row (either north-of-center or south-of-center) safe. After destroying the lightning rods, the party must stack in their safe column, in the safe row, to avoid these last Wills of Ixion. At this point there are no more Executor Summons, greatly reducing the pressure to keep Surge Protection stacks low.

Ramuh casts Fury's Bolt, Judgement Volts, Stormcloud Summons, Levinforce, Judgement Volts, Chain Lightning, Crippling Blow and Judgement Volts, in that order. He then may or may not cast Fury's Bolt, and depending on whether he does so, will have a different effect for Stepped Leader (Fury's Bolt giving the annulus-type area-of-effect).

Ramuh then enrages, casting Fury's Bolt, Judgement Volts, Fury's Bolt, Judgement Volts, Fury's Bolt, Judgement Volts, Fury's Bolt, Judgement Volts, Judgement Volts, Fury's Fourteen, Stratospear Summons, and Judgement Jolt in that order; the final Judgement Jolt is always fatal, as there will be no way to destroy the lightning rods before it is cast.


Time Ability Notes
0:10 Judgement Volts
0:21 Stratospear Summons
0:34 Judgement Jolt
0:41 Executor Summons
0:50 Fury's Bolt
1:02 Judgement Volts Fatal without Surge Protection.
1:12 Crippling Blow
1:18 Stormcloud Summons
1:34 Levin Force
1:56 Tribunal Summons
2:06 Gallop Random chance of casting Fury's Bolt beforehand, causing a long knockback.
2:16 Crippling Blow
2:27 Judgement Volts
2:34 Fury's Bolt
2:42 Thunderstorm
3:07 Executor Summons
3:17 Crippling Blow
3:27 Stepped Leader Twister.
3:40 Judgement Volts
3:49 Fury's Fourteen
4:21 Centaur's Charge
4:38 Fury's Bolt
4:46 Stepped Leader Annulus.
4:56 Chain Lightning
5:04 Crippling Blow
5:16 Judgement Volts
5:28 Executor Summons
5:36 Fury's Bolt
5:45 Thunderstorm
6:05 Stepped Leader
6:19 Crippling Blow
6:27 Judgement Volts
6:34 Fury's Fourteen
7:08 Centaur's Charge Includes horizontal Gallops.
7:19 Fury's Bolt
7:39 Stormcloud Summons
7:55 Levin Force
8:06 Judgement Volts
8:21 Chain Lightning
8:29 Crippling Blow
8:42 Judgement Volts
8:57 Stepped Leader Random chance of casting Fury's Bolt immediately before (switches to annulus); otherwise twister.
9:04 Fury's Bolt Beginning of soft enrage.
9:13 Judgement Volts Fatal without Surge Protection.
9:25 Judgement Volts
9:33 Fury's Bolt
9:42 Judgement Volts Fatal without Surge Protection.
9:53 Judgement Volts
10:04 Judgement Volts
10:11 Fury's Fourteen
10:28 Stratospear Summons
10:29 Judgement Jolt Hard enrage.

Musical themes[]

"Twice Stricken" plays while fighting Ramuh. The track is an arrangement of "Thunder Rolls", which plays during the battle with the original Ramuh in The Striking Tree.