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Eden's Promise: Eternity, known by players as E12, is the fourth wing of the Eden's Promise raid in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers.



The entity formed by the fusion of Mitron and Gaia seeks to create a utopia where time has no meaning. Should this plan succeed, not only will the vast quantities of aether absorbed by Eden drain the land of life, but Gaia as you know her will be lost forever. Ryne makes a desperate bid to send you in pursuit, though there is no way of knowing what manner of danger you will face.

Normal description


Following your adventures in the Empty, a crystal has been found that bears distorted memories of your recent encounters. As if facing such nightmarish foes once was not enough, you now have the opportunity to experience these struggles anew, though far more perilous than you remember...

Savage description



In the story mode version of Eden's Promise: Eternity, players will battle the titular Eden's Promise, appearing as a large humanoid idol with a large tree on their head. Eden's Promise attacks the player by drawing from their memories of their journey through Eden, utilizing attacks from Titan, Ifrit, Garuda, Leviathan, Ramuh and Shiva as part of their Final Fantasy VIII-reminiscent abilities: Stock, Cast and Junction. Eden's Promise also has unique attacks of their own that add difficulty to the fight.

Once the player has reached a certain point in the fight, an intermission plays out where Eden's Promise attempts to destroy Gaia's memories. The player fights off various enemies as they attempt to shatter the crystal representation of her memories. Once the memories have been protected, Eden's Promise resumes attacking using the primal memories, this time combining them in pairs.


The final Savage turn of Eden comes with two phases, including a secret boss fight. Unlike sepulture savage and refulgence savage, this fight has a checkpoint between Eden's Promise and the Oracle of Darkness.

Eden's Promise[]

Shortly after being pulled, Eden's Promise will cast Maleficium, a heavy raidwide AoE. It will follow with either Junction Titan or Junction Shiva. For Junction Titan, all players must stack into light parties with their healers; if it casted Junction Shiva, everyone must spread. Either attack deals very heavy damage and applies their respective elemental damage vulnerability down debuff. At the same time, Eden's Promise will cleave the left or right half of the arena with Rapturous Reach before the Junction damage goes off. After this, it will Cast using two primals' abilities; it will cast Temporary Current AoEs to its sides if it tethers to Leviathan, a Judgment Jolt AoE around the boss if it tethers to Ramuh, Conflag Strike covering large sections of the north and south side of the arena if Ifrit, or Ferostorm hitting the cardinals if Garuda. Ifrit and Garuda casts will never be together, leaving out of the boss's hitbox or in, intercardinals or sides, or in the case of Leviathan and Ramuh, north and south. Head into the safe spots while also resolving the Junction mechanic a second time, as it will repeat. After these resolve, it will cast Formless Judgment, tankbusters that hit the first two targets on the threat list, which applies a piercing down debuff and a slashing down debuff on each respective tank. To survive this, both tanks must mitigate and swap during the cast bar, while one tank uses their invulnerability so that the healers can focus on the other. Eden's Promise will then follow with another Maleficium.

Junction Shiva[]

The boss will cast Junction Shiva, followed by Diamond Dust, which must be mitigated. When the floor becomes slippery two safe spots opposite of each other will spawn, while at the same time two healers will be targeted by a stack marker. Players must split into light parties: One tank, one healer, and two DPS. One group must take a safe spot from West to Northeast, while another takes one from East to Southwest corners. After the stack markers go off, players will be targeted by a purple marker, which gives a physical vulnerability debuff, which will kill anyone overlapping the AoE markers. People must slide into one of the two different directions without clipping each other. Tanks and healers will slide clockwise, and DPS counterclockwise. Tanks and melee DPS should gapclose on the boss to make it easier to bait the AoE markers. Once it goes off, pillars will spawn, tethering random players. If a player dies from the damage from the pillar placement, one random person will be tethered to that pillar. The boss will then cast a knockback and two safespots will spawn, again opposite from each other. Two seconds before the knockback finishes, the AoEs will spawn on the safespots, which by then players should use knockback immunity and spread as much as possible so their tether doesn't clip other players. If a tethered person dies before the pillars go off, their tether will instead do an AoE damage which also inflicts a physical vulnerability up debuff. The boss will then cast the Maleficium AoE damage after the end of the Junction Shiva mechanic.

Junction Titan[]

The boss will cast Junction Titan, followed by Earthen Fury, which must be mitigated. There will be three bomb patterns for the mechanic and players will be given three colors: Orange, which must be shared by at least two people; Yellow, which must be soaked solo, and blue which will blow up the circle they're standing on and the other circles adjecent to that player. The bomb pattern will do the following:

  1. Three Yellow (healer, tank, DPS), Orange (One tank, one healer, two DPS); and blue (one DPS)
  2. 2 Blue (it'll be two random people) and 6 oranges (players that weren't targeted by blue color)
  3. Two yellow (Tank/healer and DPS), 2 Blue (Tank/healer and DPS), and 4 orange (people that didn't get either yellow or blue)

Players will go to specific spots for the following patterns:

  1. Yellow healer, tank, and DPS will go NW, N, and NE respectively; Oranges East and West; Blue south
  2. 2 blues North and South, oranges East and West.
  3. Yellow Tank/Healer NW, Yellow DPS NE, Blue Tank/healer SW, Blue DPS SE, Orange North

The big add will spawn and boss will cast Maleficium once the Junction Titan phase ends.

Guardian of Eden[]

The boss will cast a primal combo, but players must prioritize the east, southeast, or southernmost spots depending on the combo, because once the cast bar is finished, the Guardian of Eden add will use Obliteration on a random player, requiring the party to stack. The boss will then cast a Maleficium AoE, and the main tank should then move the boss a bit south. The boss will cast Stock, which will save the primal combos she tethered to for later, and two healers will then be targeted with a stack marker that spawns two untargetable Classical Sculpture adds and the assigned light parties will stack north and south. The statue will then spawn and damage the stacked players and tether 4 players. The tethers is a line AoE that inflicts a light resistance down and will kill anyone that is clipped by it twice, and must be baited north and south in order. Before the first tether, the boss will cast a half cleave, and during the second tether, the add's hand on one side will glow purple, which will start a knockback after the 4th tether. After the third tether, the boss will teleport center and cast release, which by that time players must go to the safe spot before the cast bar finished. After that she will cast a Maleficium AoE and tank busters.

Final phase and enrage[]

The boss will cast stock and Lions will spawn. There are 4 small lions, which will tether either 2 tanks and two healers or 4 DPS, and big lions, which will target the closest player and leaves a puddle on their current spot, which players that are not tethered should be baiting. The players will do the mechanics in the following manner:

  • Tethered should be a bit on the intercardinal spots on the opposite side of their small lions in order to prevent them from clipping other players. (i.e NE Lion baits SE, SE Lion baits NE, NW lion baits SW, and SW lion baits NW).
  • The ranged DPS/healer should be baiting the first and third puddles, first in middle, and third on side not used, while melee/tanks bait the second.

The mechanics will be executed in the following manner:

  1. The boss will do a half cleave. After the cast, players will run in to their spots and lions will go off.
  2. The add will do a knockback, which everyone must use immunity for, and the second lions will go off.
  3. The boss will do a release cast, which everyone must identify the safe spots. After the cast is finished, players run back to their spots and third lions go off.

The boss will cast Maleficium, then cast Stock, then cast Junction Shiva/Titan. They will then cast a new primal combo, not the release stack, and after the cast goes off, the Shiva/Titan mechanic will go off. Boss will do another Shiva/Junction mechanic that she didn't use the first time, then cast release from the earlier stock, then the junction will go off. They will do another tank buster and two Maleficium casts after. If the boss is not down 5 seconds after the second AoE, it will become untargetable and cast a Paradise Lost hard enrage. Otherwise, they will do a small knockback and the transition will start.

Oracle of Darkness[]

The boss fight is mostly Relativity and Apocalypse mechanics. All of the Relativity have AoE damage that depends on how many players are still alive. The more players that are dead, the more damage it does.

Following a cutscene, the Limit Gauge will reset and a checkpoint will be recorded. The main tank should begin by pulling the boss just to the south of where she starts. The Oracle of Darkness will begin with Hell's Judgment, reducing everyone's HP to 1. Everyone must be topped off and mitigate the Shockwave Pulsar raidwide AoE that follows. She will then follow with either Spell-in-Waiting: Dark Eruption or Spell-in-Waiting: Dark Water III, followed by the other one. If it is Dark Eruption, all players must spread while the second cast is happening. If it is Dark Water III, players must stack in their light parties directly to the boss's southwest and southeast. She will follow with Darkest Dance, a tankbuster on the furthest player, followed by a knockback covering approximately half of the arena. All players except for the targeted tank must stack underneath her hitbox, while the main tank must move back to the group after getting hit, then the group must take the knockback that follows. The second Spell-in-Waiting cast will then go off after a short while. The Oracle of Darkness will then cast another Shockwave Pulsar, and then cast Basic Relativity.

Basic Relativity[]

Players will receive the following debuff during Basic Relativity:

  • Two DPS Ice, two DPS fire (One of the debuff will be long and the other short)
  • Two water stacks and two gaze (The healer will get one of the debuffs and tanks get the other)
  • All players return

The hourglasses will also spawn in 7 directional areas. 6 red, one yellow. Using the yellow as true north, one directional area will always be empty and opposite side of that color. 4 hourglasses will be tethered as well. The east and west hourglass will always be yellow, and two hourglasses in SE/SW or NW/NE will be purple. The yellow will tether speeds up the hourglass while the purple slows it down. The mechanic will be executed in the following manner:

  1. The ice DPS will always bait the yellow tethers, regardless of whether or not they have long or short duration. If the fire DPS have short, they must position themselves away from the party, including ice DPS, and not clip each other, then run to the yellow hourglass while still near boss.
  2. The healers will go NE and NW of yellow hourglass and bait the far or near purple tether hourglass, while the tanks position themselves closer to yellow hourglass. During this time the return mechanic will be placed where all players last stood.
  3. After the purple tethers resolve, tanks will go to the untethered hourglass and bait them away from party. If the Ice DPS is long duration, then everyone stacks under the boss during this time.
  4. The return mechanic will activate and a knockback will activate, which deals more damage to two players closest to yellow hourglass. Everyone then stack on top of the water stack healer/tank.

Singular Apocalypse[]

The boss will do another Shockwave Pulsar AoE, then cast Singular Apocalypse. She will then cast face one cardinal direction and cast Catacalysm, where she will then jump after the cast is finished. There will also be a dot that will either go clockwise or counterclockwise. Players must run to the opposite side from where she's facing to avoid getting clipped. She will then case Black Halo, which is a shared tank buster, but should be invulned and faced away from party. Immediately after, the AoE from the dots will be activated in the directions the dot went to, with the middle always being first. After the middle is hit, the boss will cast Shell Crusher, which must be stacked and mitigated. She will then cast Spirit Taker on a random player, which must be taken solo. Players should spread to the same side as the dot went to to avoid getting clipped. After the AoEs resolve, the boss will cast another Shockwave Pulsar AoE and the main tank should reposition her to center and have her face north. She will then cast Intermediate Relativity.

Intermediate Relativity[]

Players will receive the following debuffs during Intermediate Relativity.

  • 8 Dark fire damage; all will go off simultaneously.
  • 4 ice, 4 aero (4 DPS will receive one of them, and tanks and healers will receive the other)
  • 3 flares, 4 gaze, 1 water stack (For flares it can be 3 DPS, one tank and two healers, or two tanks and one healer, and the player that got neither gaze nor flare will get the water stack.)
  • All players 3x return

Players will receive 3 different debuffs and return, but the duration of the debuffs except for return are random. The shortest debuff is on the left side, while the longest is on the right side. Players should read them from right to left in order to place the debuffs correctly. Debuffs should be executed in the folowing manner:

  • 8 Dark Fire: Spread
  • 4 ice go directly to center of arena, while 4 aero go to their assigned clockspots (tanks and healers cardinal, DPS intercardinal)
  • 4 gazes and water stack must be under boss and still look away from each other, while 3 flares look away from center and go to their assigned clockspots

Dual Apocalypse[]

The boss will cast Shockwave Pulsar, then Dual Apocalypse. Similar to Singular except there will be two dots instead of one. She will then face a random cardinal direction and cast Catacalysm. Players must wait until the middle hits then run to center. The boss will then cast Somber Dance, which is a two hit mechanic. One hit will hit target the farthest player, and the second will hit the closest player, but it never targets the same person twice. The first one must be baited either NW or NE depending on whether the dots went clockwise or counterclockwise. She will then do another Shell Crusher and Spirit taker combo, then cast another Shockwave Pulsar, then start casting Advanced Relativity.

Advanced Relativity[]

The boss will become untargetable during the mechanic and players will receive the following debuffs:

  • 4 Dark Fires (4 DPS or 2 tanks and two healers)
  • 2 Double Aero and 2 water stack (Either 2 healers, two tanks, or two DPS)
  • Two single aeros, two gazes, and two water stack (whoever didn't get the following debuff combos above.
  • All return

6 hourglasses will spawn in the inner part of the arena. Two will be given yellow, and two will be given purple. The size of the hourglass AoE can be indicated by the lines of the arena, and should be used to place the returns properly. The mechanics should be executed in the following manner:

  1. Players split into light parties (1 tank, one healer, and two DPS). The DPS may have to flex, mostly ranged DPS, depending on which debuff combo they got. They will all run to yellow tether first. The double aero players will be on the edge of the arena, while the others stand between them and the yellow tehtered hourglass.
  2. The players with gaze must go clockwise, while the others go counterclockwise, while placing their return near the lines in the Northernmost and southernmost section.
  3. Both the gaze and double aero players will go to the line in the NW/NE and SE/SW most part of the arena, while the flare players place them east and west of the untethered hourglass (Tanks/melee DPS if flexing wasn't needed, near center while still not crossing the lines, and healers and ranged near the edge of the arena.)
  4. Return mechanics will activate, and players should look away from the directions the gaze players are at. The double aero player will knockback players to the opposite sides, then the last two water stacks will go off.

Triple Apocalypse[]

The boss will do another Shockwave Pulsar, and start casting Triple Apocalypse. There will be three dots instead of two, and will be handled differently unlike the first two apocalypse mechanics. There are many patterns for it, but here is one example of the triple apocalypse patterm:

  • Center> North> Northeast
  • South> Southeast> East
  • Northwest> West > Southwest.

She will be casting Darkest Dance during that time. For the pattern above, the main tank should bait it NE. The middle will explode a few seconds before the cast is finished so other players should run back a bit center, then position themselves in the westernmost or southernmost area, but not southwest, as the third explosion from the lone dot will hit there.

Final phase and enrage[]

The boss will do another Shockwave Pulsar and Black Halo. She will cast Terminal Relativity shortly after. After the cast, everyone will be given 3 Quietus debuffs each, with random duration, which deals damage each time they go off and each damage must be extremely mitigated. For every three explosions, she will cast Shockwave Pulsar which gives her a damage up stack. If players are struggling on proper mitigation, tanks can use LB on final set of explosions (Tank LB2 or 3 are more effective) for either practice or if the boss's HP is low enough. A few seconds after the final set of explosions and shockwave pulsar, she will cast Memory's End, which is a hard enrage if the boss is not down in time.

Musical themes[]

The theme for the battle against Eden's Promise is "Promises to Keep". An arrangement of "The Extreme" from Final Fantasy VIII plays during the battle against the Oracle of Darkness in Savage mode.

Behind the scenes[]

Eden's Promise appears modeled after Artemis of Ephesus, a Greek goddess. Appropriately, the Ascian Mitron's non-Ascian name is Artemis. The Savage mode fight is inspired by Ultimecia, whose Japanese name can be romanized as Artemisia.