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Eden's Promise: Anamorphosis, known by players as E11, is the third wing of the Eden's Promise raid in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers.



Having been forcibly fused with Mitron, Gaia is on the verge of being lost to you and Ryne forever. To make matters even worse, the Ascian draws on Ryne's memories to summon forth a foe born from her greatest hopes and fears. Though you have no way of knowing what powers it may possess, it must be vanquished if you are to stand any chance of freeing Gaia.

Normal description


Following your adventures in the Empty, a crystal has been found that bears distorted memories of your recent encounters. As if facing such nightmarish foes once was not enough, you now have the opportunity to experience these struggles anew, though far more perilous than you remember...

Savage description




Phase 1[]

I'm the only one fit to protect her...

The Fatebreaker, after being pulled

Shortly after being pulled, the Fatebreaker will begin the fight by casting Elemental Break and will be surrounded by fire or lightning, which will dictate the subsequent mechanic. First, Protean cones will go off, followed by a partner stack if it's fire, or circle AoEs if it's lightning. The boss will turn to a random party member and follow with Burnt Strike, an untelegraphed line cleave covering his north and south. If his cast is fire, move into the boss and get knocked back, or use your knockback immunity, or if it's lightning, move to the sides away from the boss. He will follow with Bound of Faith with either a fire or lightning cast; if it is fire, the group must stack together with the player marked with a line tether. If it is lightning, the marked player must head to his front with the tanks flanking them, while also dealing heavy damage to both tanks and leaving a lightning DoT on the afflicted player. He will then follow with a Burnished Glory raidwide AoE that must be mitigated with healing-over-time due to its 12-second bleed debuff, then a Powder Mark tankbuster on the main tank, which will follow with a circle AoE after 18 seconds, requiring both hits must be mitigated. The Fatebreaker will follow with a fire Turn of the Heavens cast, spawning fire and lightning rings throughout the arena. As it is always fire, the southeast corner is always safe. The boss can be moved there while the tank afflicted with Powder Mark can keep hitting the boss while away from the party. The rings will go off at the same time as the Powder Mark AoE. The boss will then leap to the middle and cast the opposite Burnt Strike from the one at the beginning of the fight, then the opposite Elemental Break from the previous. He will cast Shifting Sky and become untargetable.

Shifting Sky[]

Phase 2[]

Sundered Sky[]

Your life is mine for the taking!

The Fatebreaker at the start of the mechanic

Phase 3[]

No... she still needs me...

The Fatebreaker at the start of the phase

Prismatic Deception[]

The Light will cleanse your sins!

The Fatebreaker before the mechanic

Final phase[]

Wait... didn't Gaia do something like this?

Ryne at the beginning of the Cycles mechanic

Musical themes[]

The theme that plays during the duty is an arrangement of "The Legendary Beast" from Final Fantasy VIII.